Sree Iyer weighs in Bernie Sanders statement & Qutub Minar

Why do US Politicians make pro-Islamic statements? Is it the funding that is making them do it or is it ignorance? Sree Iyer gives his opinion...


  1. Sir also check the video by a British Lady where this Jimmy Corbyn almost punched a lady for asking him about sexual assault charges this White supremacist Commie pig faces. So much for these Demons concern of women rights..Its only a fig leaf these sexcrazed white maniacs use to rape and attack non white women (though Pakipanjabis, bengalis and Xtains in brown nation will PAY and filthy old white fart for willing .. to have White FDI prd)

      • Thank you for your reply. I read the link but it only says there are three Hindus in congress, and 8 in 10 representatives are Christians. The three seem to be Tulsi Gabbard, Ro Khanna and Raja Krishnamoorthi. Where do I find specific information that mentions Ro Khanna is a Christian?. Did I miss reading it somewhere in this article?. Kindly point me to the exact source saying Ro Khanna is a Christian if you don’t mind. Where did Mr. Sree Iyer get this information?.
        Thank you,

      • Hi!
        I am not sure if my previous reply went through so am re sending it. Please ignore this one if you have my previous reply. Here it is:
        Thank you for your reply with the above link. I went through it but did not find any information saying Ro Khanna is a Christian. The article says there are three Hindus in congress- Tulsi Gabbard, Raja Krishnmoorthi and Ro Khanna. Where is it mentioned that RO Khanna is a Christian? Can you point me to the exact source where I can find this information, maybe I missed reading it, if you don’t mind. Where did Mr. Sree Iyer get this information?.
        Thank you,

    • Maam all Pakipanjabis, the Pakistani 47 slimes are Xtians. For Ro Khanna, he is related to Vishal Arora, and Tehmina Arora, Vishal Arora who in Pakipanjabi Aroon purie channel ran a series against PUTTRAPATHI SAI BABA in 2006 under Italian Sonia rule. He was exposed by an American as a fanatic Xtian, whose brother based in US was a member of OpusDei and some seminary. Bhartian exposed them in 2006 itself in his blog.. This fellow Vishal Khanna closed his site after his entire family was exposed as fanatics Inquisitors


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