Rahul Easwar playing both sides?

Is Rahul Easwar not what he claims to be?

Is Rahul Easwar not what he claims to be?
Is Rahul Easwar not what he claims to be?

Rahul Easwar, the self-styled Hindu activist from Kerala, has been caught red-handed doing spy-work for various Islamic terrorist organisations in India and abroad.

K M Asokan, a CPI(M) worker whose daughter Akhila embraced Islam religion following pressure from her colleagues and whose religious conversion as well as marriage to a middle-aged Muslim person was declared null and void by the Kerala High Court has approached the court with a petition alleging Rahul Easwar as the person who played havoc with his family and the life of his daughter.

Asokan has said in his petition that Easwar, the grandson of the chief priest of Sabarimala Lord Ayyappa Temple, had approached him with the promise of counseling Akhila and bringing her back to Hinduism. Akhila has been sent back to her parents by the Kerala High Court which found that the former had embraced Islam and married the Muslim person, not on her own but under severe pressure from the Islamic fundamentalists.

The Islamic organizations which worked behind the conversion of Akhila to Islam had challenged the Kerala High Court judgment in the Supreme Court, which in turn ordered the National Investigation Agency to hold a thorough probe into the factors which led to the conversion of Akhila to Islam. The apex court, as well as the Kerala High Court, had expressed their displeasure over the investigation held by the Kerala Police which gave a clean chit to the Islamic organizations.

Asokan said that he had no reason to suspect the antecedents of Easwar as the latter was a regular participant in TV channel shows justifying Hindu religion and also supporting Islamic fundamentalists. “What I understood from TV channels is that he is a secularist as well as a liberalist who stood for the causes espoused by the CPI(M). But he was cheating us under the guise of counseling. He recorded the audio and video of my daughter alleging that she was under house arrest and she would not budge an inch from her belief in the Islamic religion. These recordings were handed over to Islamic terrorist organisations by Rahul Easwar,” said Asokan.

Interestingly, the pictures of Rahul Easwar paying obeisance to the dreaded Islamic terrorist Abdul Nazer Madani, a prime accused in the Bangalore serial blast case, has gone viral in the social media. Asokan has mentioned in his complaint to the local police station that he suspects Rahul Easwar of working as an agent for Islamic terrorist organizations like the Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Popular Front of India (PFI).

Though Rahul Easwar claims to be the spokesman of Sabarimala Temple, a probe by Team PGurus found that he has nothing to do with the shrine. “He is the son of Mallika, daughter of Maheswararu, the chief priest of Sabarimala Temple. That’s all. He has no right to represent the temple because it is only the sons of the male children born to the sons of the chief priest who are eligible to represent the temple,” said a Travancore Devaswom Board official. He also pointed out that Rahul Easwar acts as an unofficial spokesman for Shashi Tharoor, embroiled in the Sunanda Pushkar murder case. “The family members of the chief priest of Sabarimala do not represent any institutions or individuals or political parties. Moreover, Rahul Easwar has no knowledge in Vedic studies, a must for persons representing the Sabarimala Temple. Since these channels are all private institutions and do not have any knowledge about the functioning of the Sabarimala Shrine, they invite him for discussions,” said the official.

A senior RSS leader in Kerala said he was not at all surprised by the developments as the Sangh had always suspected Rahul Easwar’s role. “He is alleged to have beaten up his grandfather Maheswararu who had to be hospitalized because of the incident. They hushed up the case using their contacts in politics. Though Rahul Easwar claims that he is an author and a postgraduate in philosophy, there is no evidence to substantiate his claims. May be he might have got the degree by undergoing correspondence courses for which there is no dearth in the country. I hear he is trying to manage a Ph.D. (honoris causa) to strengthen his resume,” said the RSS leader.

Asokan’s petition to the High Court has come as a dampener to the operations of Rahul Easwar as the self-styled spokesman of the Hindu society. “There are no leaders in the Kerala BJP and RSS who speak good English. Those persons with sound knowledge in the language are not willing to participate in the channel discussions. Hence we did not oppose Rahul Easwar who is appearing in the channel shows on his own. Moreover, till now he had not openly said anything against us in these discussions though we do not subscribe to his views and style of life,” said the RSS leader.

A senior official in Kerala Police confided to one of the members of Team PGurus that Rahul Easwar was under their scanner and they would soon alert the concerned officials all details about the alleged young Casanova of Sabarimala.

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  1. What is the age of Akhila. Is she a Minor. If not she is free to take her own decision. What was
    Ashokan doing all the while that he is now blaming others. Ashokan could not wean away his daughter.

  2. Rahul married a christian girl after converting her to hinduism. He was a part of Bigboss mailayalam show where he was romancing another christian girl. Now jihadis in kerala claims that rahul is already a muslim.
    Anyways the has conducted sting operations at akhilas home and sold the vidoes to news channnels

  3. It is really surprising to see how Hindus are marginalised and cheated in Kerala, gods own country.Unless Hindus wake up from the slumber, they will not have any future .

  4. Except few political leaders like Mr. Sashi Tharoor / Premchandran all other leaders are unable to speak either Hindi / English fluently. Hence, in TV debates they perform poor. As regards to Rahul Easwar, he was liberal and secular “faced” spoke person during Republic/Times Now debates till this incident. Money makes man to go with pseudo-secularism. All prominent Malayalam TV channel anchors are left supporters and they will not allow others to speak, especially if you speak majority community !!

  5. Not sure about the allegations , but he is so unconvincing in his arguments and with his typical mallu accent, he make it look funny too.


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