Rajni – Will he or won’t he?

Rajni mulls over entering Politics, one more time!

Rajni mulls over entering Politics, one more time!
Rajni mulls over entering Politics, one more time!

Superstar Rajnikanth, whose original name is Shivaji Rao Gaekwad has been prone to mulling loudly about entering Politics, just around the time his movies are up for release! Will this iteration go the same way of the previous one?

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  1. That rare occasion when Pgurus is confused on whether to toe Subramanian Swamy or S.Gurumurthy’s opinions 🙂

  2. One thing needs to be cleared, it’s the press who often questioned him in the past that whether he will or not, when press people asks, what else he could reply.

    He might not have had interest in the past and due to which, he would have said ‘if God decides, he would’. He hasn’t changed his decision/wordings since there’s no change in his stance earlier – and so, he was keep on telling the same wordings whenever press people asks, who do to increase their TRPs

    Rajni means, hot cake. whether it’s a tv media, newspaper, magazine – any media if uses/says rajni’s name, their business, for that point of time, do get increased, even if it’s a fraction or significant amount. So, press people only so far used his name to increase their business.

    And now, he wants to help the people of Tamil Nadu, who are left with no governance happening in the state due to so many problems. And there’s no proper leader in sight to govern the people. Earlier Cho, had been criticising the JJ and her activities – (Check Thuglak’s 25th Anniversary meeting video) and in the recent past, he had changed his stance towards JJ. For eminent personality like Cho himself had changed in his stance due to the situation change, which is happening all the time, why not Rajini?

    Now, he will come and serve the people. Only Gurumurthy and few people among the journalists support him – because (within the state, local media favors ADMK, DMK, PMK, Naam Thamizhar katchi, all have media support) and (outside the state, national media might not project him since he might incline to be a part of BJP or it’s alliance if he starts own party).

    So, rather than these usual media business, let us know the truth and then speak.

    For Mr. Ganesan’s thoughts about wheeler dealers and controlling them, AAP and Rajini is totally different. With AAP,
    1. nobody/major people know AK before Anna Hazare movement. All, who formed AAP, are joined from the movement only. many not knowing their leader before movement and one who had strong fanbase, is entirely different. how it affects/effects? – for AK, he doesn’t have any image, other than showcasing him as honest, though he’s not really and superstar, who’s massive image, can control his party by throwing the wheeler-dealers. since for AK, for every person going out, loss for AAP and hence he couldn’t take courageous decision but with Rajini case, it’s different. here, Rajini only holds value and hence after throwing out wheeler-dealers, replacements for them would come in party and hence, Rajni need not worry and wont for doing weeding out exercise.

    2. AK himself is corrupt minded and hence he couldn’t control the party. here, Rajini, with spiritual mind, would enter politics only for cleansing the state like PM. Whatever our PM does, Rajini could do – because both are not money minded and would not grow/even tolerate corruption.

    3. Most of Rajini fans, are mature and love him for his simplicity, spirituality, inspiration etc. They’re viewing their leader as inspiration and hence, outnumbered true fans would control the small numbered wheel-dealers (what to do, in Any group, wheeler-dealers are there. but here, massive true fans would control the action of wrong people who pose them as fans but joining politics with Rajini only for money).

    Hope TN too get a salvation from useless politicians like in the centre got.

  3. A good man with good intentions is a necessary condition to be a good CM, but by no means sufficient. He needs to deliver good governance, which is not as simple as it is done in films.

    He had a good friend in Cho who could have been Rajni’s mentor/ FPG, if he’d entered politics long back. Since Rajni hasn’t demonstrated his wisdom on political issues yet, he appears to need a Cho by his side badly.

    But now, whether he has such a balanced mentor-cum close FPG, who won’t act as an extra-constitutional power centre, but give wise counsel, is not clear. He has sent a right message to his fans by saying that he won’t tolerate wheeler-dealers by his side, even if they are his ardent followers. But wheeler-dealers will be too clever to manage. AAP has clearly demonstrated this. If he ends up as an Arvind Kejriwal (even if minus personal culpability), he’s end his political career on a sad note.

    Rajni has quite a lot of planning to do and training to undergo before entering politics, if he wants to live by his own standards.


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