Rakesh Kaul on being left out of Kashmir meeting & what Center needs to do to ensure justice for all

Did PM Modi miss his own message, Sabka saath, Sabka vikas when he left out 3 groups from the Kashmir meeting? Was this another instance of the bureaucracy "forgetting" the existence of one of the stakeholders or was it deliberate? Rakesh Kaul, the Co-founder of Global Kashmiri Pandits Diaspora Group shares his views.


  1. Appreciate Rakesh Kaul’s crisp three concerns unfortunately GOI intentionally left out to buy peace with four Kashmir terrorists supporting Dynasties. Rakesh rightly said Ghulam Nabi Azad as a villain of the piece and PM Modi shed crocodile tears on the day Ghulam retired from RS Membership once can suspect that Ghulam is a BJP’s mole in the untimely meeting while Ram Madhav was kicked out of Kashmir and in politics and dumped him in RSS ! Hence I have been saying RSS and BJPs patriotism is skin deep only. BJP wants only “numbers” in Assembly adn parliament. No justice for Kashmiri Pundits/ Gujjars and bakrawalas! Already media projected Naya Kashmir meeting pf PM as a runaway success at the backdrop of begging Mehbooba to attend instead of boycotting it!


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