Is Ramu Kaka to blame for all the scams?

Is there a concerted effort to try and pin scams on Ramu Kaka?

Is there a concerted effort to try and pin scams on Ramu Kaka?
Is there a concerted effort to try and pin scams on Ramu Kaka?

Is there a concerted effort to try and pin scams on Ramu Kaka? A humorous look at today’s politics.

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  1. The indian politic indian people all involve in every scam and blackmarketing blackmoney holeding ,fake currency printing and use in huge money come to power of politic. if our government mixup with crimer crimenal and corrupt administration and vioparmandal,safe our chair of bjp leadership name of the jan sewak pm.sawash bharat and collect the money from high rate selling things but poor quailty supply forcely in the market name of trade mark and fassi. lotted the people through the indrecit tax and consumption to the richest person on income rebate from driect tax and same the property seller and builder house and finance company. open with the help of maharaja guru and priest person from the common person who work for our faimly and better fature.

  2. Indian politic is not a leadership for the country people who is chooseing leaders for the parliment and assembly. all the political leaders is dealer for sale of the country not need to ask from the 129 crore people .this thing is sale to high rates in the market and how to down this thing rates down the prestiissue of all indian politic have to seen doller rate down in the indian market because indianbpeople and stock exchange trading on doller rates trading not think about the indian currency every time low in the forign market and forignvstock exchange because our banking trading on forign currency for selling every indian product very Nero margin and sell into the indian market every indian product very high rates because the seller told to the buyer this thing is sell in forgin market into the dollar not the indian currency because when indian buyer listen exchange rate margin rate in between dollar and indian rupees then buyer give cost of that thing high value from the indian rupees value.this the reason our indian trader upset in forign market the readon low rates indian ruppes.

    • When he said in respect to 2G scam that it was a compulsion of coalition with DMK .That means the scam was under his nose but couldn’t took any step to save his ministry. To remain PM he allowed loot of public money.

  3. This ‘cartoons’ attempts to prove Ramu Kaka (Manmo-han) was honest & helpless while the Ma-Beta duo were indulging in scam after scam enjoying the benefits. But it is not true. Man-mohan too was an equal & willing accomplice in each & every scam having his share in the loots.


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