The real reason for demonetization according to S Gurumurthy

Gurumurthy on the real reason for demonetization

In a series of interviews and talks, Thought Leader and Political Commentator Swaminathan Gurumurthy explained the reason behind the demonetization move by the government. Economics can be a difficult topic and these series of talks de-mystify it. I suggest you start with his talk at Vivekananda International Foundation and then watch the videos below.

In his interview with India Today, Gurumurthy describes how the triangle of Gold, Stocks and Real Estate went up during the decade 2004-2014, creating an impression of growth but did not result in addition of new jobs. This interview also caused a controversy whereby India Today claimed that the newly introduced Rs.2000 will be phased out in a few years. So what did Gurumurthy say? Was it his personal opinion or was it the stand of the Government?

If you have the inclination and the time, an even more comprehensive talk by Gurumurthy at Sastra University is worth watching. The whole premise of these talks is a look at Indian economy in the past 17 years and how the period 2004-14 was a decade when growth occurred without creating new jobs.

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  1. Brilliant analysis and amazing insights ! very educative. He has rightly used the term “status quo”. A leader needs to take affirmative action to break the status quo to get things moving/to change. Regarding news channels, I have switched back to DD news of late. No use of watching the news dished out by news traders.

  2. What Mr Gurumurthy says about land is true.Land which we were holding was valued at 35lacs in 2005 shot to 2crores in 2009 which puzzled all in my family.When i told them it is true they still did not believe me till a neighbor sold similar area of their land at 2crores.Inflated assest prizes are one way of making people feel great because the minuscule minority which are in possession of land makes fantastic money giving a feeling to vast majority of landless that wheeling and dealing in land is an honorable work.


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