Reign of Terror by PFI in India & more reasons to shelve the Islamophobia Bill: Sree Iyer

A history of brutal killings of Hindus by a radical Islamic group PFI (Popular Front of India) whose university wing Campus Front of India (CFI) is behind the Hijab controversy. Sree Iyer connects the dots

Reference Links:
1. Lankan Terror Attack And Ramalingam Murder Case: NIA Conducts Raids Across TN; PFI, SDPI Functionaries Under Scanner Swarajya

2. PFI members arrested with explosive devices in UP, planned to execute blasts across state The New Indian Express

3. Terrorism related Incidents in Kerala since 2008 since From 2018 to 2008

4. The arrest of Mohammed Azarudeen is the first that establishes a link between Islamic State modules in Coimbatore and Sri Lanka. The Print

5. Harsha murder case: Min Shobha Karandlaje seeks NIA probe Udayvani

6. Twitter


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