Dr. Swamy, Prof. M D Nalapat and Sree Iyer in NewsX on the Chidambaram Aircel-Maxis scam

CBI charge sheet on Chidambaram and how much more of his illegal assets needs to be unearthed

1. Sree Iyer, would like to know whether the Finance Ministry accepted the offer of the US Government in getting software tools to track money going in and out of tax havens. The offer was made in 2014 to both the UPA and NDA governments.

2. Dr. Swamy wanted to know when the government would act against Chidambaram for having “Top Secret Papers” for the Supreme Court prepared by the CBI

3. Prof. Nalapat alleged that Mr. Chidambaram could be scheming with some corrupt brokers to crash the Stock Markets of India and cautioned that everyone should be careful on where they are investing.


  1. If Dr Swamy could do so much as a private citizen, with so many forces in his own party led Govt, imagine what he could have done if he were Law Minister! The entire looter gangs would have been behind bars. Glad Modi acted at least late, in self interest.


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