#Episode45 Sridhar Chityala takes us through the happenings in US and the World

#WeekdayNewsCapsule #Episode45 Sridhar Chityala takes us through the happenings in various states of the US

Sree Iyer: Hello and welcome to PGurus Channel. I am your host Sree Iyer, this is episode number 45 of weekday news capsule with  Sridhar ChityalaJi. SridharJi  Namaskar and welcome to PGurus Channel.

Sridhar Chityala: Namaskar, and good morning sir.

Sree Iyer: Good morning to you sir, there is a lot of stuff to cover. Let’s just go over, what is happening in various states, because now things are beginning to really heat up in terms of what the Republicans are claiming to be electoral fraud in various ways and various means.  And I would like you to just kind of bring us up to date on where things to stand sir?

Sridhar Chityala: Great, in the state of Wisconsin, we listed, you know, the 4 themes was identified in the in the drop box ballots plus some of the systemic issues that came up via the Dominion. So, now, Trump team including President, Mike Pence and Republicans have filed a lawsuit challenging the outcome and challenging the validity of the votes. And the votes are about roughly 200,000 in number, it’s quite substantive in material. So, that suit has been filed.

Coming to Michigan, Michigan initially had yesterday only the legislators met with the affidavit Witnesses, but now, they also met with the Rudy Giuliani for him to make his evidence. So, Witnesses in Michigan testified that they were harassed during the counting process. A poll watcher even went on say, that when they were challenging some of the ballots, they were not heeded to and some of them were asked to leave the chamber’s with the Democratic observers or so & so cheering and so on. So, this is again in the public kind of filing. I think, Sidney Powell is filing a case in Michigan. Also, in Michigan that the forensic evidence points out that the voting machines were open to internet during the counting process.

Pennsylvania, two prom strategy, first is Pennsylvania is going through the process of assessing, a resolution can be taken to the legislature, demonstrating that there were enough frauds to change the material outcome. So, choice of the electoral votes should be to the legislature because they represent the person, that’s one strand of work that is going on.

Ted Cruz has stated that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling contradicts itself and the Supreme Court SCOTUS, this is SCOTUS (the Supreme Court of United States) must intervene and it’s all possible that this Pennsylvania may go to Supreme Court, if the legislature doesn’t make a decision or even if the legislature makes a decision, it must still go to Supreme Court.

As far as Georgia is concerned, Georgia is one of these hot potatoes, so, Sidney Powell’s has now filed a lawsuit, again seeking expedited approval of our case demonstrating that there was forensic evidence. There was also counting issue that happened when republican observers were asked to leave, so they believe that whole 1.2 million or 1 million plus mail-in ballots is under the radar.  And Georgia had ordered limited audit, but they want more thorough audit to be done in the state of Georgia.

Nevada, they did an audit of 45,000 votes, they found 3% of those votes to be defrauded nature, that means they are invalid. So, that would be quite material to change the outcome if they take a look at much bigger sample. So, Trump team is filing a lawsuit with 40,000 people voting twice in Nevada elections as the basis to contest elections.

As far as Arizona is concerned,  they completed their hearings and there is a growing feeling in Arizona that the lurking suspicion of Fraud seems to be coming true and they should be legislative discussion taken up. So, that’s in Arizona.

So, you are beginning to see a fabric of evidence, be it on the systemic side, be it on the affidavit side  be it on some of the allegations. You are beginning to see a pattern, kind of emerging that there is a material evidence growing in terms of the validity of the elections, which prompted President Trump to release a 45-minute video, it is a recorded video, where the two key points that he has highlighted is that effectively stating. Hey, you know, there seems to be an attempt to basically make this whole system dysfunctional and I don’t want to use the word as their attempt to perpetuate some kind of a basic fraud. The second message is given is, how come Democrats were acting and behaving as though, they knew the outcome of the election. So, that statement in conjunct by a sitting president of the United States, however, much you can give a political bias, because he is speaking on behalf of the country to the world, in conjunction with all these activities, makes one wonder where this is going by way of next steps. And what the resolution is likely to be in terms of discovery, there is partial discovery, but in terms of the resolution.

Sree Iyer: Sir, so, now it is very clear, some cyber experts have also joined the Sidney Powell’s team. One thing in your wrap up of various states that struck me, was you said, at least 45,000 people voted twice. Now, when somebody does something like that 45,000 mouths are not going to keep quiet. Somebody is going to brag somewhere saying that I did that. So, prima facie on the looks of it, it appears as if this must have been done by some sort of software. It could not have been that 45,000 people are said here,  you can vote twice in this election. I just find that a little bit incredulously, but that’s just me. Now, before we move to other topics, we have very important topic especially about India coming across, before we move to the other topics. What do you think SCOTUS is going to do as these cases will wind up towards the Supreme Court of the United State.

Sridhar Chityala: I think, what SCOTUS is going to attempt to do, in my view is, they are going to look at state by state or they are going to look at specific States in terms of the each one of these states is going to take it to the SCOTUS. Then, you are going to find SCOTUS looking at the materiality of the evidence is the evidence material. If they evidence is just cursory on contrary to be material, in my view is, they would have to take a serious look because the materiality evidence changes the outcome of an election, that’s the first point. The second that is likely to happen is clearly, there structural issues, systemic issues and procedural issues. There is going to be some mechanism established in terms of making sure that there is a reform  before the next election is conducted that’s number two. Number three, there are constitutional anomalies that exist in terms of the cut off dates, when he is not a resident voters etc.,  so,  you are going to see some of these anomalies as well which has to been under consideration of this SCOTUS to be harmonized. So, that each state chooses is process that’s the legislative prerogative of the state. But, you can’t have constitutional disconnects, for example, in Pennsylvania, you can’t have one week later a postal ballot being received and you cannot have in Nevada on the same day is the cut-off date, you can’t have those. Notwithstanding some nuances, somebody will say Nevada an army state, many people live outside, Pennsylvania is different. All these things, they will look at and come up with some harmonisation in constitutional part of it.

Sree Iyer:  A great man once said that, you can fool some people all the time, all the people some of the time, but, you cannot fool all the people all of the time. So, I think we need to look at this whole election drama in that content sir. This is just my personal opinion. Now, let’s take a quick look at what the United States has said in the Galwan incident.

Viewer, you will remember that PGurus had established some sort of a context about what happened in Galwan the lack of intelligence or the failure of intelligence or part of some agencies to adequately warn the Indian government of the consequences and so on. But, today there has been more additional information from the United States. Can you please share with our viewers what you found out sir?

Sridhar Chityala: Well, I think the Galwan incident, the US panel at that point of time had done the assessment, while the preparedness as well as the intrusion into the Indian Territory was pointed at through all the kind of satellite imagery. What they have now, thrown light is the specific incidents of this rock pelting and other stuff that happened during that Galwan Valley which resulted in manual hand-to-hand combat and skirmishes was deliberately orchestrated by China. What did not anticipate was the disproportionate response, that the Indian army kind of inculcated damage on the Chinese PLA, they did not expect it. Some of the incidents and photograph that you saw were quite gruesome in terms of the loss of the soldiers which actually hurt the world audiences and Indian army bravely responded and they were significant casualties on the Chinese side the number is not yet clear but some say 50, some say 55 and some say even it could be upto 100.

That’s what made Chinese pause and talk about disengagement. Even during the disengagement process, they were not quite. And the US report also states that this is not just isolated to India, there is a consistent pattern of incursions that has happened right throughout that region, be it the South China Sea, be it South Sea, be it the East China Sea, everywhere, you have seen an orchestrated method. We even saw it in Nepal which we covered in PGurus, in one of these shows that they had after having a deal with Oli they had occupied parts of the boundary which then the Nepalese began to object to. But nothing of this is covered by the tech platforms, nothing of this is covered by mainstream media. All seems to be orchestrated towards only non-Chinese countries like India and so on, but not with the Chinese incursion and belligerent behaviour, which prompted somebody to say in the social media yesterday, ‘Why doesn’t Twitter’s ink run blue on red’ implying why is it? Is there a subjective bias or they have a specific opinion where they don’t want to apply the same fact-checking principles on the Chinese.

The same thing you can take about Hong Kong. The suppression that has happened, three of the Democratic Alliance members have been put behind bars, very less media coverage.

Sree Iyer: Sir, let’s take a quick look at China’s involvement, there are some allegations that some Pro-CCP organizations influence the elections in the United States. What are your thoughts on that sir?

Sridhar Chityala: Well, there are three things that are going on with regard to that specific topic. One is that some of the people who were questioned appeared to have links to the Chinese CCP. And this has been investigated by the US government and either the people have decided to leave or have left, that’s one.

The second thing that has happened is that there are at least 43 companies, who have been targetted and listed who don’t follow due principles that the United States follows on everything -accountancy, transparency, etc. It looks like they may also kind of you know already…

Sree Iyer: Sir, we were talking about 43 Chinese companies.

Sridhar Chityala: 43 Chinese companies, we also talked about 80 companies which seem to have had an alliance with the PLA  in terms of sourcing materials and that is going to be blocked. By the way, Biden seems to endorse, he says he is not going to change immediately any of these policies as it relates to China. So which means that the question which you have raised – what’s my view? My view is anything is possible given the CCP’s track record around the world. When you take a look at the track record around the world, the question that you are raising has some validity in terms of reality. To further extend this point, when the joint press conference with the Japanese foreign minister was hosted by Wang Yi who is the Chinese foreign minister he skirted the issue on Senkaku Island and the Japanese fishermen being unduly harassed in their own territories. This irked the Japanese and this is an issue which should have been resolved if China is honest in terms of brokering and harbouring peace.

Sree Iyer: So we have a couple of minutes and I have a couple of topics that I would like you to touch upon. To start with, let us look at the economic stimulus. Where is that headed, sir?

Sridhar Chityala: I will give you 2 sentence answer. 98908 billion of Schumer and Pelosi declined. Steve Mnuchin has made a statement which is to say that we don’t pay for the past. We pay for the future and Mitch McConnell has said I’m not going to have this wish list of things to, so, I have spoken with the president. This is Mitch McConnell and he will sign-off on a much-needed stimulus which is about 500 billion or less than 500 billion targetted at four specific segments, which is the PPP program which continues the unemployment insurance extension which makes sure that all the affected people get their cash, the third is the mass testing that needs to happen for covid and fourth is the deployment of the vaccination program to that extent Dr Saluhi has also stated that close to 100 million people will be vaccinated by March, April time frame. So the money will be allocated for that purpose and when the new congress and the new senate comes in then a new budget or a new fiscal stimulus program may come out.

Sree Iyer: Sir, there is an evolving story in India that I would like you to briefly touch upon. I just want you to tell us your knowledge about the Development Bank of Singapore. Are you aware of this bank? How big is it? What is its reach across the world?

Sridhar Chityala: DBS is one of the four large banks in Singapore. Obviously, OCBC, UOB, ICBC and then the DBS. DBS has got a very good retail footprint, and they have been expanding. A good chunk of the management team comes from Citibank. Piyush is ex-Citibanker, a former colleague and I think that DBS is now trying to expand its footprint into the ethnic-segment markets that align with his retail customer base. So I think it is looking to acquire, this is the right time to buy assets if you have the model. So whether the DBS will become a next Citibank or a combination of Citibank and Amex which are the two major institutions, which have been very successful globally in expanding their footprint. So I see DBS probably following that type of a model.

Sree Iyer: Thank you very much, sir. We are just about to be done with this. If you could just give us a quick wrap-up of what you think is going to happen tomorrow. And then this weekend appears to be a very busy one. So, please go ahead sir and then we will bring this program, this episode to a close.

Sridhar Chityala: A quick wrap-up is that we will begin to see a much more active engagement of the legislators. That’s what we have seen in the last 24 to 48 hours across all six states taking a very active interest because of the mounting evidence, both affidavits as well as the evidence, that is coming up. I have a feeling that either the courts may have an expedited process, because December 16th is an important date. So you may see some expedited hearings completed this week and maybe accelerating its way towards the Supreme Court and where there is a possibility like Pennsylvania is more advanced than most other places, maybe Arizona may follow suit, you may see the legislatures, the legislative branch taking ownership of what it is responsible for and turning the outcome. So that’s what I see in the next few days and more will happen in the next week.

Sree Iyer: Thank you very much Sridharji. And viewers, we will back again, tomorrow, same time, same channels and Namaskar.

Sridhar Chityala: Namaskar. Thnak you ji.


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