Ashok Chawla must resign

With his name in the CBI charge sheet on Aircel-Maxis scam, it behooves Ashok Chawla to step aside from all his roles till the investigation is completed

With his name in the CBI charge sheet on Aircel-Maxis scam, it behooves Ashok Chawla to step aside from all his roles till the investigation is completed
With his name in the CBI charge sheet on Aircel-Maxis scam, it behooves Ashok Chawla to step aside from all his roles till the investigation is completed

The wheels are beginning to come off the carefully constructed strategy of Mr. Palaniappan Chidambaram, who was trying to lay the blame on the officials of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), fell flat with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) charge sheeting 18 individuals along with Mr. Chidambaram in this illegal approval[1].

Also named in the charge sheet are five government officials, one of which is Ashok Chawla, the current Chairman of the National Stock Exchange (NSE). Mr. Chawla is also on the board of Yes Bank[2] and according to The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), he is the current Chairman[3].

First off, it is mind-boggling that one individual can be on so many demanding jobs. Second, now that he has been named in the CBI charge sheet in the Aircel Maxis scam, it behooves him to step down for all posts until the investigation reaches its logical end[4].

I had written earlier on how a few select individuals were being placed in critical positions in the financial markets or regulating agencies[5]. The C-Company minions were carefully placed by Mr. Chidambaram to ensure that they will “manage” his affairs. What is baffling is the current government’s going along with the same set of “questionable” individuals. Why should it be the media’s job to unearth venal babus? Doesn’t the government get the Intelligence dossiers on these candidates to the critical appointments? Who in the current dispensation is willing to go along with tainted elements? What happened to Na khaunga na khane doonga? (Will neither eat nor allow anyone to eat)


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  1. The pace at which these probes are proceeding is very disturbing. What is taking the law enforcement agencies so long to unearth the evidence? It will serve no purpose that folks such as Mr Chawla relinquish their positions, as whatever tampering with the evidence they could do, they would have done that by now. On the other hand if they suo moto relinquish their positions, they will be able to take a moral high ground and become heroes – if the govt make them relinquish then they will sing the vendetta tune. It is best that we stay focused on getting these criminals as soon as possible, and not sidetrack the narrative with calls for their resignations.

  2. Sir, i think Ashok Chawla must be from the Administrative service. There should be service rules which should automatically remove him from all positions until his name is cleared.

  3. Its easy to loot and join band of corrupt especially corrupt has an establishment of 70 years. it is almost impossible to go against such establishment. ppl who blame NM don’t even understand how tough it is. Look at all other news papers like TOI, HT, NDTV and see “how well” they covering these news.
    Kudos to pgurus and NM and above all India is forever indebted to one man Swamy for relentless pursuit of these cases.

  4. If Ashok Chawla has so much concern for etiquettes, ethics, propriety he would have colluded with CHIDAMBARAM to promote his LOOT INDIA AGENDA

    Observe that shameless lady Chandra KochAr who was shamelessly sticking to the chair till being kicked out

  5. We have to blame ourselves for being fools to believe politicians. For all the praise that NM may deserve, he is still a politician. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours will be the approach even though he personally may not do so. Its plain disgusting that we are all made to believe corruption would be weeded out with high decibel emotions speeches wherein very little if any to show as return for the faith that we pose. Sad part is that there is no alternative


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