RVS Mani on IAS officer getting training in Pakistan and how some sections wield massive influence

During the UPA rule, the #1 candidate in IAS written exams was pipped by Shah Faesal, who was 90 marks behind! How did this happen? Faesal topped IAS in 2009 thanks to? and showed his true colors by quitting the service in 2019 and blaming the GOI. How many more are buried? At least a couple more are discussed in this hard-hitting conversations.

Rejoinder from Amir Subhani. Additional chief secretary. Government of Bihar

Mr Mani, Namaskar. I have just come across a video talk given by you on YouTube channel wherein it has been alleged that I had been to a mysterious HRD training course in Pakistan in the year 2012. For your kind information, I was part of an official delegation led by Chief Minister Bihar, duely cleared by MEA and assisted by Embassy of India in Pakistan. Chief secretary of Bihar, several secretary level officers and ministers were part of the delegation. We had official meetings with constitutional dignitaries in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. We also visited historical sites like Takshila, mohenjodaro, katasraj temple and the sacred Gurudwara near Lahore fort. You could have checked the facts with me before speaking against me in social media. Yet,I believe that you will be kind enough to make corrections in your talk which is still available on YouTube channel. Thank you.


  1. Dear Mr Iyer,
    a)Your programs with RVS Mani remind me :
    Mr Joginder Singh, retired IPS officer. He lives somewhere in Greater Chandigarh (Haryana part ? Punjab part ?). He used to write for some magazines. He was pro-active and is thus an experienced officer who can enlighten the public.

    b) Recently, while I was reading articles on Pgurus, the following publicities appeared :
    Koran courses offered On line by a website in UK.
    Islamic organisations seeking contributions.

    Good wishes.


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