RVS Mani on where Tahir Hussain could be hiding

The killing of an Intelligence Bureau officer could have only happened with information from Counter-intelligence of Pak, says RVS Mani. As more facts emerge, the inaction of Delhi Police stands completely exposed. Watch till the end to know the solutions.


  1. Why Central govt’s hands are tied by Delhi govt…

    1. Central govt. controls Delhi police, but Delhi state govt. gives prosecution approvals & conducts prosecution.
    2. For Delhi police to arrest someone, Delhi govt. should first give permission. They denied it for Kanhaiya Kumar & Omar Khalid in JNU sedition case. Sharjeel Imam was arrested because it was Assam govt. that acted.
    3. Even if Delhi police arrests someone, Delhi govt’s prosecutor could deliberately lose the case & let the accused go free. Nirbhaya’s mother is still suffering because of this.
    4. If Delhi police acts strongly on rioters, NGOs will file complaints of “police brutality” & Delhi govt’s prosecutor will win the case to destroy policemen’s lives.

    SOLUTION: Either same party should rule Centre & Delhi state or Delhi should be a Union Territory.


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