S K Srivastava on how fast CBI filed charge sheet against him – govt got 30 approvals in 2 hours! P2

The real reason NDTV went after Modi and Shah when they were respectively the PM and HM of Gujarat is explained in this hangout. The antecedents of Prannoy Roy on how he was born a Catholic. And some questions for the Revenue Secretary and CBDT chairman. Also see what some Babus in power did when they could not find proof of corruption.


  1. After watching Part-I & 2, hangouts with S K Srivastava, its unfortunate that PM Modi heard only one side of the crooks version and still favoring them and did not care to listen to S K Srivastava’s version. This is unacceptable. S K Srivastava will be helped by Almighty God.

    Since 2014, PM Modi and his party-men have been siding with corrupt gangs to run his administration and win elections and ignores honest officers (and insults elders,) who became victims of criminal plots as shown in movies!! Sorry to say, I started to dislike PM since 2016 due to economic mismanagement even after six years, sweeping massive corruption cases of UPA 1&2 under the carpet, merging banks and massive NPAs are hiding/vanishing in economic jargon, unemployment, lack of agriculture, health and education policies……………………..Cross boarder war like situations with Pakistan and China has been salvaging his image.

  2. Great warrior is Shrivatsavji. Why couldn’t, Modi or Shaw or N Sitaraman help the upright officer. The incident proves there is a mafia operated by bureaucrats and nothing can be done by BJP politicians. This is the difference between UPA and NDA politicians where in the former colluded with bureaucrats and destroyed the nation. Can’t Modi act based on Sri Iyer book and punish James Roy ?


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