Sabarimala row: Hinduism’s moment of Draupadi Vastraharan

Dharma is always Dharma, but the law need not be dharmic

Hinduism moment of Draupadi Vastraharan
Hinduism moment of Draupadi Vastraharan

Hinduism only says you will get what you sowed –which is a universal concept

Never in the 70-year history of free India has Hinduism faced an existential threat as it is facing now in the State sponsored and judiciary abetted desecration of the temple of Ayyappa at Sabarimala. Threats have been happening over the years ever since foreigners intruded this country thousand years ago with the first ever worst assault on Somnath. Millions of our forefathers sacrificed their lives in saving Hindu temples and Hindu culture, with the result that Hinduism was able to thrive in the face of and in spite of all odds.

When the Mughals came, we knew who our enemies were. When the English came, we knew whom we have to protect ourselves from

At the crucial moment when India should have been declared a Hindu nation, it started well with a Constitution, the original document of which displayed the rich Hindu past of India. This handcrafted document has the scene of a Vedic Gurukul in the beginning of Part II on Citizenship, in a thoughtful portrayal of where we, the Indians trace our sense of belonging.
But all this is past and forgotten in such a short period of independent India compared to a thousand-year-old struggle against invaders. Liberty, the second clause guaranteed in this document in terms of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship sounds non-existent to Hindus today but is used deftly against the interests of Hindus only. Once secularism entered the nomenclature of the Constitution of India, it is no holds barred affecting the interests of Hinduism. Temples, the edifice of Hindu culture had suffered the worst with systematic looting of temple properties, successful alienation of several communities from temple services they were associated with for ages and manning temple administration with non-Hindus.

With all these we, the Hindus, the practicing ones at that, had silently put up but the last straw happened with the abuse of tradition at Sabarimala initiated by the judiciary, executed by the Government of Kerala with an unseemly zeal and supported by the media while all through this a definite game-plan of pitting non-Hindus against Hindus was well orchestrated much to the shock of the unsuspecting Hindu lot, notwithstanding the fact that an early hint of Hindus versus non-Hindus was thrown by the actor turned politician Kamal Haasan in a TV debate as the narrative for 2019 general elections. So what is originally the identity of this land with a long history is sought to be openly trampled upon for the benefit of political ends and desert cults.

When the Mughals came, we knew who our enemies were. When the English came, we knew whom we have to protect ourselves from. But in free India we have absolutely lost our sense of judgement as to who works against us – is it the politician or the non-Hindu or the very Constitution that is supposed to protect our rights and our tradition or our own brethren, the fellow Hindus? The damage caused by the ignorance of our Hindu brethren is no less damaging than the collective effort of all those pitted against Hinduism. It is regretful to hear the Chief of a Mutt saying that there is nothing wrong in the judgement on Sabarimala.

The height of ignorance of diverse ways of the Hindu tradition was demonstrated by a much respected spiritual Guru who welcomed the verdict initially but did a volte face after opposition to the verdict grew. The irony apart of persons like them seen as custodians of Hinduism influencing modern day Hindus, there are numerous others leading various sects of Hindu thought who have not even bothered to open their mouths, with the least realisation that what is seen now is fire in the next door which can engulf them anytime soon with all the inimical forces waiting to fan the fire to destroy Hinduism in its own country.

Hinduism brimming with well thought-out and worked out paths of relevance cutting across times is now being made a Draupadi mainly because the assaulters, as well as the majority of the assaulted ones, are ignorant of what and why of the many ideas of Hinduism!

Judiciary, politicians, fellow Hindus in slumber – with all these having a part in hastening the pace of desecration of Hindu space and Hindu traditions, an average Hindu who is able to foresee the things to come is absolutely lost as to what to do, what next going to happen, how to defend himself and his faith and how to survive in the midst of all-round assault on himself and his only source of visible connection with divinity – the temples.

Millions of Hindus undergoing the pain and sense of loss on seeing the State orchestrated pilgrim tours of non-believers to complete the process of the havoc caused by the judgement of the Supreme Court have no idea of what to do next and how to react to this. The devout had reacted – but in an unfortunate way; the breach of the sanctity of the abode of Ayyappa had caused them to abandon their vrat midway – a reaction much awaited by the assaulters of the tradition.

There are others shouting for help at all directions, fretting, fuming, praying and tweeting but nothing else at their disposal. They almost look like the hapless Draupadi who wanted a Dharmic answer to her simple question after the Pandavas lost the dice game and staked her after losing themselves. She wanted a Dharmic answer and not a lawful answer, for Dharma is always Dharma, but the law need not be dharmic.

When she asked the same question to Bhishma, his reply was on law and not Dharma – something similar to what we are experiencing now. He just relied on power, authority and numbers on the side of the one who issued the decree when he replied that what is called as Dharma by a strong man in this world is regarded so by others, however otherwise it may be; but Dharma spoken by the weak man is scarcely regarded as Dharma, however correct it may be. Bhishma didn’t side with Dharma but with the brute power of those in authority which is absolutely unexpected and unbecoming of a person of his stature who avowed to protect the throne of authority.

Today Hinduism is disrobed like what happened to Draupadi. From all sides the wicked and the mighty are colluding to rip her apart. To name the salient ones:

  • The 4:1 judgement is akin to the power of numbers in the court of Dhritarashtra – the 5th voice, that of the female (Justice Malhotra) was trounced by the power of the mighty (majority numbers), similar to how Draupadi’s voice was ignored.
  • Draupadi was in her menstruating season at that time – the very issue that is being used now to disrobe Hinduism. And that was the foremost reason for her refusal to come to the court. The menstruating women never mingled with anyone in this country since time immemorial. Then what to say about going to a temple?
  • The question raised by Draupadi addresses the issue of gender equality – the focus of Sabarimala issue today. Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pandava brothers lost his four younger brothers in the dice game and finally staked himself and lost too. After losing himself he staked Draupadi and lost her. Her question in simple terms was whether the wife was a property of the husband or an individual entity by herself – a question that exposes the level of feminism and respect for female gender prevalent in the Hindu society even at that olden time.

Hinduism brimming with well thought-out and worked out paths of relevance cutting across times is now being made a Draupadi mainly because the assaulters, as well as the majority of the assaulted ones, are ignorant of what and why of the many ideas of Hinduism!

Dharma and the mighty.

In the above-listed issues, whatever the mighty says is not correct if it is not Dharma. And a law not addressing the underlying Dharma is not correct and hence untenable. Bhishma sided with the strongmen of the court accepting their word as Dharma which is completely deplorable. If the one at the helm, who is in a position to uphold Dharma, fails to do it, he is bound to suffer for that. This is not a curse but Natural Justice. Hinduism does not condemn anyone as a sinner –but the sinner is the core concept in the religion that worships a dead body and another which condemns to death everyone other than themselves. Hinduism only says you will get what you sowed –which is a universal concept. Bhishma paid for the dereliction of what is expected of him at the arrow bed 13 years later. What Draupadi felt all over her body when disrobed was felt by him with every inch of his body constantly pierced by arrows.

One may give any kind of justification for him to have chosen the arrow bed, but that was the manifestation of Natural Justice for his failure to safeguard Draupadi. So there is something beyond the law of the mighty, and that is Dharma. When the law is different from Dharma, only Dharma must prevail and prevail it will sooner than later. In the course of it, those who harmed Dharma would stand to undergo Natural Justice.

Can there be any better statement on gender equality as being part and parcel of Hindu culture, and above all supported by Dharma?

Menstruation issue

On the second issue of menstruation, there are reasons why women don’t enter a temple during menses and why women of menstruating age are not going to Ayyappa temple in Sabarimala.  A temple is not just a building but an abode of the deity in the form of Vigraha which means special embodiment that is made possible by mantra, yantra or tantra. So far experts have looked into the plan of the temples as well-crafted ones in alignment with natural forces. But an experiment done way back in 1980 and reported in Indian Express on 31st December 1980 has something more to say. (The experiment and its results were displayed in a stall at the Trade Fair in the Island Grounds in Chennai that year) It says,

Teachers and students of Parasakthi College, Courtallam, through a set of experiments using laboratory gadgets, make a scientific interpretation of the chanting of slokas, abhisheka of the idol and offering of fruits and leaves. “Temple worship has definite scientific reasoning behind it“, the assistant professor in charge said”.

While this reveals the beginning of an unknown science of temples, the Athirathram Yajna was already within the purview of scientific scrutiny with results proving the benefits of the Yajna. Similar tests conducted on Agnihotra Homa that was found to have saved two families in Bhopal Union Carbide gas tragedy revealed the scientific nature of the Homa wherein it was found that the expected results did not materialise when a menstruating woman touched the homa vessels in use and conducted the ritual herself.

This is an area requiring serious scientific study but what this reveals is that these yajnas must have come into existence after a series of studies and experimentations. The time needed for the experimentations prior to their formulation pushes back the origins of Hinduism farther back in time. Any advanced and civilised society would only like to preserve them and subject them to more scientific scrutiny without spoiling any of the features – one of them being the restriction on menstruating women – and not barge on the community to disrupt the traditions, as the Kerala Government is doing now. With so much scope for the probe into scientific aspects of these issues, what scientific or logical reason has been cited by anyone including the judges to show that ‘sanctity’ of the temple would not be breached if women of that age-group enter the temple? The burden of proof is on the prosecutors and persecutors of this tradition that nothing of the temple chemistry was breached by the biological conditions of the woman during her menstruation and no harm to herself during her menstruating age.

On the other hand, the proof of the pudding is in the inbuilt process of maintaining equilibrium in the temple chemistry. The ritual of Shuddhikaran is one such proof aimed at restoring sanctity when the women of restricted age-group entered. Shuddhikaran is not something invented recently. It is part and parcel of the rules of the temple when the deity was consecrated as an embodiment of a universal principle.  The very existence of this remedy shows how the temple science has been perfected long ago.

Gender Equality.

On the third issue of gender equality, by staking Draupadi after he lost himself, Yudhishthira, one of the three acclaimed as knowers of nuances of Dharma (Vidura and Bhishma being the other two) had given the message that women are not to be treated as property of or subservient to men but are free entities on their own. Bhishma failed to voice this openly; But Vidura was unequivocal when he said that “If Yudhishthira had staked her before he was himself won, he would certainly have been regarded as her master”, but that he didn’t show that the wife was not a property of her husband. She was neither lost nor won by anyone, which means that she was a free woman – always.

Can there be any better statement on gender equality as being part and parcel of Hindu culture, and above all supported by Dharma? Can such a culture shaped by the tenets of Dharma discriminate women on an issue unless that is Dharma-based? But why did Hinduism reach such a state as to be disrobed by too many Dussasanas today?

In the larger picture, all the heads of different paths of Hinduism must be brought under one umbrella and they must raise their voice every time an assault is made

Redeeming Hinduism from Draupadi moment.

The story of Draupadi vastraharan shows a way out. When Dhritarashtra offered to grant her boons, she sought the release of Yudhishthira and then the other four Pandavas. When prodded to ask for more boons, she refused to oblige saying that covetousness brings loss of virtue. 

The five Pandavas released from slavery stood with her to pay back for the harm done to her and to restore her dignity. They are the five senses of each one of us released from the clutches of covetousness, with Dharma as the sole torch bearer. Let’s consciously stand by Dharma in whatever we do, and none of what we do should make Hinduism a Draupadi. We cannot stake her in the course of any work we do. He be the Tantri or the Prime Minister or the Chief Justice or a pilgrim or a common man – each one must do what is Dharmic in the situation.

A Tantri cannot allow himself to be cowed down by a contempt threat in as much as a pilgrim cannot afford to abandon the pilgrimage, for, more the pilgrims, stronger will be the deity’s power. The Vigraha is made a ‘special embodiment’ by the devotion of the pilgrim too in addition to mantra, yantra and tantra.  The sound effect of chanting plays a crucial role in transforming a temple into a divine abode much in the same way the Vedas create vibrations by the recital. The above-mentioned experiment by Parasakthi College proved that. So never stop going to the temple and never stop chanting his name aloud. We need more temples, almost in every street to make this sacred motherland of ours a divine land.

In the larger picture, all the heads of different paths of Hinduism must be brought under one umbrella and they must raise their voice every time an assault is made. Draupadi was able to win only because everyone in this land was drawn into the fight – whichever side they may be – but it must be known which side that one is seen, on the side of Dharma or Adharma. Let us accept the emerging narrative that it is Hindus versus non-Hindus and work for victory for Hindus. Victory for Hindus means victory for Dharma, What else is needed to restore the honour of Draupadi?

Dr. Jayasree Saranathan is a researcher, writer and astrologer with a Ph.D. in Astrology. Her research areas include Indology, Hindu Epics, Tamil Sangam literature and Astro-meteorology.


  1. Dr Jayasree Saranathan , Thanks for your erudite analysis on the Sabarimala imbroglio happening due to modern day Kauravas represented by congress-I, patronaged foreign funded activists, urban naxals equally supported by few womanizer film stars and coupled with modern day Shakuni’s avoidable judicial pronouncements on Sabarimala, times immemorial religious practices and verdict wickedly executed by the criminal Communist regime in Gods own Country, the Kerala State ,having rs.25,000 crores deficit, poor law and order record, women are not safe, huge unemployment, dependent on money from Middle east!

    Your observations on Dharma and Law, Draupadi on the Sabarimala and its’ presiding Deity is praiseworthy. I follow, Veda Vyasas Bharata.

    Draupadi Eka vastraharan happened when she’s a Rajaswala. Sanatana Dharma represented by Pandavas. Vidura Niti gone for a toss. Another scholar Vikarma’s question on Dharma was not answered by elders. Karna now represented by Moslem and Christian/ Converted ones too said “bandhaki Draupadi”, while Dusshasana media-men habituated with proverbial “three Ws” – wealth, wine and woman, dragged Rajaswala Draupadi Eka vastraharan at the center of the court.

    At the end, Draupadi/Hinduism is not a “daasi” of other religions or super powers nations and will never die in-spite of earlier 1000 years of Moghuls rule, 200 years Brits rule followed by mid night deal with Brits by power hungry Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.
    Unfortunately Pandavas “forgot” Lord Krishna while Draupadi remembered Lord Krishna to save herself! Druapadi’s after the trickery dice game queries were not answered by elders just like the Indian voters during elections as on date!!

    Secularism in our country is akin to “maaya dice game” . Druapadi did not loss on her own…. she was a free woman – always just like her curse should become voters participating enmass to defeat wicked people. Dharma will burn wicked people. When Dhritarashtra offered to grant her boons, she sought the release of Yudhishthira and then the other four Pandavas. When he suggested to ask for more boons, she refused and took only two boons due to norms and Dharma prevailed then. Defeat of Shakuni and Duryodhana lead Kauravas, Dharmaraj won in “reality”.

    Between Age group of 10 to 50 are not allowed in the Celibate Deity Swamy Ayyappa temple due to periods/menstrual cycle. I am unable to post here the picture of a sign board as is in vogue in Bali Temple, Indonesia. Urban Naxal journalist Barkha Dutt wrote a nonsense article in Washington Post few days ago.

    It is true that Communist leaders world over send their progeny to Capitalists countries to pursue higher education and due to their bad ideology still destroying Hindu majority community with Muslim league, Cong-I and the Christian parties. They say religion is the opium of the masses! On 31/10/2013 Alan Watts said “ one might say that if religion is the opium of the people, the Hindus have the inside dope” !! One should study Article 14, 25, 26 and 27 to take the battle into the enemy’s camp.

    With regard to Sabarimala or any other well-known temples in our country, it’s a known fact that Deity’s are of “swayambhu/Self originated” in nature especially on the “top of a hill” only possessing a divine power with reference to “Sthala Purana” or based on divine scriptures thus defining its’ sanctity and “distinct identity” backed up by the holy scriptures.

    Every Hindu Almighty Goddess or God, stone deity/Vigraha will have “moving atoms” embedded within based on mantra shakthi at the time of praana prathistha hence, we do stipulated circumambulations (pradakshinas) for that particular Deity praying to remove Tamoguna , Rajoguna and bring in Satwa guna in us to be pure and follow Sanatana Dharma. Its’ true Mantra-Yantra and Tantra prevailed then. Temple worship with a Dhwaja Stambha installed opposite to Deity in any temple is of great significance. Agama shastras must be respected. One should make note that Samhita born first not Science.

    Why did Hinduism reach such a state as to be disrobed by too many Dussasanas today? It is regretful to hear the Chief of a Mutt saying that there is nothing wrong in the judgment on Sabarimala. Such bad comments are made due to financial inducements, for instance to save immoral government in Karnataka former PM Deve Gowda with family, plans for a “shatru (104 BJPMLAs) vinash homa” in a Mutt supervised by his elder son and minister HD Revanna while CM HD Kumarsway runs around the Rahul and Sonia in the name of secularism!!

    It’s evident that lack of unity in Hindus is the present “cause and effect” end results. In 2014 BJP lead government should have tried to declare India as a Hindu nation. In due course of time, Hinduism will win at last if we follow 795 kms long diyas held in both hnds by Keralites on a vast canvass of India too (Commies sponsored similar thing was a failure) Otherwise through Ordinance on Mathura, Kasi and Ayodhaya. As you sow so shall you reap.

    Dharmo Rakshti Rakshitaha.

  2. Sorry to say, but I disagree with this article. Hinduism had always been a way of life. It had never been an aggressive religion (unlike others whose sole aims are to bring everyone under their wings). That is why now it feels like to be under siege. But, every religion has their pros and cons. Hinduism , if compared to others has the least but not completely flawless. These flaws have to be handled by the Hindus themselves and corrected accordingly , rather than making them a laughable stock to the world. Today Sabarimala is under scanner because some fanatic had filed a case in the 90’s to not allow women in the temple. So, if at all this Draupadi correlation as above is placed , rearrange the context, and you will see that fanatic to be coming out as Bhisma!!!

    • // Today Sabarimala is under scanner because some fanatic had filed a case in the 90’s to not allow women in the temple. //

      Please get your facts right. The restriction got legal ratification from the court in 1991 for a practice that was already in vogue from an undated past. Even as early as 1820, the restriction was reported in the Memoirs of the Survey by the British (Ward & Connor). In the past, women in post-partum period had gone to the temple for first-feeding of their kids – a fact that T.K.A.Nair had expressed thinking that it is proof against the restriction. But his mother had done it in 1939 – a time period when women were breast feeding their kids for more than 1 or 2 years that delayed the onset of mensuration after delivery. It is not so in the present generation and therefore no female devotee accompanies the kid for the feeding ceremony nowadays. Please understand these are the ways of life of Hinduism.

      This restriction comes from the very basics on which a deity is consecrated. The form of the deity determines the kind of worship. In Sabarimala the Vigraha is in a celibate’s posture, because the deity is a celibate. So he must be worshiped in ways that suits that form. That demands a celibate vrata for a mandala which a woman of reproductive age can not undertake. It is as simple and logical as this.

  3. Every hindu should pray daily for the establishment of dharma and for the release of all temples from the clutches of government…
    Make this prayer part of your daily prayers, my dear Hindu brothers and sisters…

  4. Jayashree Mam …
    Words can’t tell how glad I feel to see such a write up..
    Thanks a lot…
    Let’s all pray for restoration of dharma, in other words Hindu faith…

    (I specially like the part you used to say about sinners and the worship of a ghost (dead body) culture aimed to destroy ours..)

    Two questions raised by Draupadi were too good… In a tradition that has always regarded women as Shakthi and worshipped them (Navaratri), we see other religions commenting on gender equality to be followed in temples…

    Mam, solution is .. don’t just fight .. raise both the hands and call for Krishna …
    When people fail, when our individual efforts fail…in making people realise dharma, raise your hands and seek Krishna’s help….
    Everyone of you, Hindus… Pray to Krishna to establish dharma in the holy motherland of ours….
    He will definitely give a temporary solution (give vasthra ) but after 13 years (less or more), we Hindus have to fight our own battle…to establish dharma… Krishna can guide but we have to fight the battle..
    It maybe against our own Indians (of other faiths), our own Hindus ( brainwashed by secular education- Hindus in name only), crypto Christian groups or crypto Muslim groups…
    Yet we have to seek Krishna’s help and fight our own battle..

    • Why Krishna and not Swami Ayyapan be asked ? It would be better to ask Swami Ayyapan himself as to what kind of pilgrims he would want at his Sabarimala Temple? Is he not the 2-in-1 embodiment of Shiva and Vishnu and it would not be proper to miss out asking Shiva.

  5. A perceptive and timely article. Helped take a long perspective of a disgusting series of events unleashed on Sabarimala in the the name of gender justice by the CPM government. One good outcome is that it has united large sections of the Hindus of Kerala–women and men– to fight for their religious and spiritual freedom. Much good is bound to come out of all this in time. A Hindu awake is a Hindu militant.

  6. The courts and governments go crazy with their efforts to send women into Sanctums of Hindu temples. A simple question, if there is a building which is open to tourists, entering into which
    – does not hurt the sentiments of any community
    – has no adverse effect on National security
    – or cause any damage whatsoever to society
    Do we have a right to enter and view all parts of the building? In the view of the not so honorable Supreme Court judges concerned, apparently not. No entry son, thats what they decide but dont even have the guts to word a verdict clearly saying so. They simply dismiss it as nuisance. The building in question is Taj Mahal.
    P.N. Oaks case was dismissed by the not so learned judge labelling it as “misconceived” and “Somebody has a bee in his bonnet, hence this petition,” was the remark of a Division Bench comprising Mr Justice SP Bharucha and Mr Justice Ruma Pal when the public interest litigation (PIL) came up for hearing. Scroll down to read PTIs report here

    So the dishonorable court decides we cannot enter into sections of Taj Mahal, but temples are places for Maoist female (Mrs. Dogs) to enter. Rank Hypocrisy.


  7. The tale of Draupadhi is a gut-wrenchingly true metaphor for the situation in which “Bharatha Dhama” aka Hinduism finds itself. But what can we, I, do? Other than talk, write, vote? I, like most of us, are a consequence of centuries of patience, pacifism, pusillanimity. Even if I want to and am willing to “do or die” I just do not know “How”. As you rightly bewail all our religious leaders have failed us. All right, they have shown their feet of clay, but cannot we just ordinary people do something?
    My small battle against those communities that systematically are attacking, weakening, destroying our Bharatha Adharma is to BOYCOTT them. Where I have a choice, I do not deal with them, I do not buy from them, I do not extend them the small charities I can afford, I have stopped dropping contributions into hundis of state controlled temples, but find other ways of reaching the people and institutions that need the help, and little things ike that. Will invite ridicule, but imagine the consternation if even 50% of “Hindus” do this. I am saying “I” but I am persuaded that there are thousands like me, who “want to but do not know ‘How'”. This I say and do with no malign intent towards any individual, but with concern over the survival of Sanathana Dharma.

    • Temple hundis … In a way yes… But most of the charity institutions are run by missionaries…and it’s better that you give to temples – oil, flowers, money to pujaris on plates (who don’t have sophisticated life as that of other religious preachers…who don’t have work like our pujaris ….who have a lot of work in chanting mantras, decorating etc…) , Donate to nearby small temples…
      Don’t put your children in missionary schools, get food from christian shops etc…

  8. Thank you so much for this post. As a devotee it feels like it’s the end. Last few months were depressing and I couldn’t find why this is happening to us.Our CM is the worst. He will face all the consequences.

  9. Open agression on Hindus like sabarimala issue is better. Otherwise our idiotic Hindu community stands fragmented on caste and other lines
    Subtle aggression by evangelicals are far more dangerous Most Hindus don’t understand and fall as prey

  10. Another saying followed by many Hindus “Everything happens for good” Many Hindus in Kerala, TN are getting Unitedand will be motivated to vote for BJP

    What Subramanian swamy has been saying to motivate Hindus to vote against Congress through Ayodya issue, this sabarimala issue should motivate Hindus to stand united

    • Voting for BJP is fine…
      But Hindus should be united to pressurise BJP to take suitable measures for the welfare of Hindus and temples…
      Voting out BJP is not the only thing ..
      Hindus must feel responsible for hinduism and must work for the betterment of Hinduism ..
      Many Hindu welfare centred political groups are needed…apart from spiritual groups…
      We can’t be fooled always…
      If your only aim is to vote BJP and stay relaxed, then evangelists will install their hidden agents in BJP too…
      We should keep working on educating masses on Hindu values and traditions and identify the Evangelical groups and caution them to public…
      I was so angry when I found that Ramakrishna mission – Chennai (stated for Hindu awareness) was celebrating Christmas….
      Will any christian celebrate Ganesh chaturthi or Rama Navami …? Why should such Hindu institutions celebrate Christmas? Melmaruvathur adiparaSakthi temple has decorated Ma Shakthi as mary … How idiotic…
      Even if we consider that jesus existed, his mother is just a mother … (Like Kaushalya or yasodha or Devaki) and how idiotic to equate an ordinary person to the goddess…
      Hindu institutions are gradually penetrated by crypto Christian groups….. We should find these and alert public… Or educate those Hindu institutions…what their duties are….

  11. Madam, this government is described as Hindu right wing dispensation. I never understood why. After first few months of this government, I realised that money and money alone is their God.
    Perhaps, Indian civilization and values might make a comeback outside India. In India, we can only hopelessly watch. We trusted those who were utterly untrustworthy. We will have to face the consequences.

    • Reply is the article itself:
      //Let’s consciously stand by Dharma in whatever we do, and none of what we do should make Hinduism a Draupadi. We cannot stake her in the course of any work we do. He be the Tantri or the Prime Minister or the Chief Justice or a pilgrim or a common man – each one must do what is Dharmic in the situation.//

    • Anti Hindu congress has to be wiped out. So BJP is favoured … By Hindus…
      Congress n communists should be cleared from India for the establishment of Dharma…

  12. Brilliant analysis! Well done.
    Hinduism is certainly under siege, being abandoned by her very protectors, some of whom have even turned predators. But what goes around will come around, and the day is not far when this ‘Hinduism’ will regain it’s original Parashakthi form of Sanatana Dharma and see that justice is done.


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