Satish Sharma on Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension for Anti-Semitism & LTTE trying to get off Terror list

Sensational news coming from the UK as the Labour Party has suspended its former leader Jeremy Corbyn for anti-semitism. Another leader Claudia Webb too is suspended. The Ministry of External Affairs of India (MEA) inaction a concern as LTTE is trying to get off the Terrorist list and Pt. Satish K Sharma hopes that on his next visit to the UK, the Indian Foreign Secretary will give the required documentation. All this and more!


  1. Satish Ji,
    We need to be guard for the reintroduction of caste through lawsuits in the US.

    This issue will be a constant with our enemies.

    Our response must include the ashrafs, the Christian Dalits and how one sided the caste is within other communities of India. This can’t be about Brahmins only.

    Others have worse Brahmins.


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