Income Tax raid unearths huge cash and more than Rs.500 crore hawala operations by self styled Christian denomination head KP Yohannan of Believers Church & Gospel Asia

IT raids on Christian denomination head K P Yohannan, who operates about 30 trusts registered across the country, most of them exist only on paper

IT raids on Christian denomination head K P Yohannan, who operates about 30 trusts registered across the country, most of them exist only on paper
IT raids on Christian denomination head K P Yohannan, who operates about 30 trusts registered across the country, most of them exist only on paper

IT raids on Christian denomination head K P Yohannan

In a nationwide raid at many States, the Income Tax department unearths huge cash and more than 500 crores illegal (hawala) money swindling by self-styled Christian denomination head K P Yohannan, who is running Believers Church and Gospel Asia. These organizations for the past few decades routing millions of dollars to India for religious conversion, basically Hindus from lower castes and facing a lot of allegations. This Kerala based evangelist had raised his own denomination and self-appointed as Metropolitan and Income Tax from November 5 conducting raids at his offices in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Karnataka, Chandigarh, Punjab, and Telangana. Income Tax found that he floated more than 30 trusts and even deposited money in Kolkata based shell firms for money swindling.

The headquarters of K P Yohannan’s organization Believers Church is in Thiruvalla in Kerala. The group operates places of worship, a number of schools and colleges across the country, a medical college, and a hospital in Kerala. Raids were going at 66 places of Yohannan’s Churches and other establishments who enjoy big clout and having associations with many top political leaders. For the past 30 years, this group was getting huge money from the USA, Canada, and many European churches for conversion in India.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is also expected to probe into the huge money laundering and routing by this controversial evangelist.

“The Believers Church and Gospel Asia group operates about 30 trusts, registered across the country, and most of them exist only on paper and have been found to be used for routing the unaccounted funds and for accommodation transactions. It has been found that the modus operandi of the group is to systematically inflate expenses with the help of other parties, who would return the inflated amount in cash through domestic hawala channels to the functionaries of the group. Some of these other parties were also covered in the search action. The search has led to the unearthing of a number of real estate transactions involving unaccounted cash payments,” said the Income Tax officials explain the modus operandi for the self-styled Metropolitan K P Yohannan. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is also expected to probe into the huge money laundering and routing by this controversial evangelist.

“The evidence found so far indicate that the siphoning of funds in cash may be running into hundreds of crores of rupees. Unexplained cash of approximately Rs.6 crores has also been found during the search, including Rs.3.85 crore in a place of worship in Delhi. Substantial electronic computing and data storage has been found, which is being examined. Further investigations are going on,” said the tax sleuths.

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  1. True and well said. We need to introspect ourselves. I have served as social worker for 18 yrs at grassroots level and felt that all my efforts are going in vain because of the political ill-will and discrimination that exist in our own society.

  2. This is all Nonsense talk. The Vedic India originated in Kurgan culture of the Central Asian steppes. Indeed, the Vedic religion, including the names of certain deities, was in essence a branch of the same religious tradition as the ancient Greeks, Romans, Persians, and Germanic peoples but Jewish religion which precedes Christianity dates much before that period in India.
    With all this information at the fingertip still people are so DUMB.

  3. Absurd. Do you know there are dalit christians. If they are welcoming why there is a caste called dalit christians. Come out of the subversion. Kerala even has a department for serving people who are converted from Hinduism. Go to govt web site and check.

  4. When will people come to realize that they have been participating in the greatest ever Ponzi scheme in the history of mankind !

    That is the root cause of conversion and other problems around the world like loss of ethics, morals, reason etc

    Conversion will stop when realization comes and the onze scheme stops.

  5. All the problems in the world is because of worshipers of God,don’t worship God, worship humanity and all your problems will be solved.

  6. We are deviating from the news Topic. It say someone Christian father has brought foreign money into the land and helped/converted the poor.

    Why are we so against them. Look at what the real scene is .
    1.In the dollar it says , In God we trust..which means every Hindu Indian who is in America, believes that Jesus is God. So its Sundar pichai, Satya nadella.
    All the Iyers and Iyengars who settled in US all believe Jesus, directly or indirectly.
    We should stop this first.
    2. Every IT company is in the US, so we earn through the dollar..again a christian God. Let’s throw away all the IT company’s from India.
    3. Let’s stop writing in English as this is from British language. Stop sending your child to English medium school. Stop sending them to US , UK for higher studies.
    4. Why did the poor embrace that religion ,bcos they were welcomed by them..Why do we have caste system in India. Stop this 1st please. Our system is only based on caste, we should spread equality. Come on my dear friends grow up..we need to clean up our own system.
    5. Why should we put petrol from Muslim countries. Stop it 1st…Let’s make our own Petrol.
    6. Call back all our Iitians who study here to serve other God’s. Stop this.

    Hope all my friends will work towards these points. Let’s not find fault in others when we need to change ourselves.
    Jaihind JaiBharat

    • First remove 4 Jains who are running India.
      While you talk of Muslims and Christians they have used this opportunity to control.
      Then you can check the source of “money” after which you can decide who is to blame.

  7. This news will fade away … This is only a small amount….more similar rides to be carried out to tear away many masks………

  8. As if Hindu religious ashrams are apostles of virtue!
    A few months back we heard of IT Raid on ‘ Kalki Bhagwan Ashram’ where similar amounts were unearthed and cash of over Rs.100 CRS were seized.
    In India using Religion to make money was a wonderful tool of 20th century and is an even greater success in 21st Century.

    • Hindu ashrams also have Money , but they are not using that money for spreding hate towards other religions and for spreading CANCER(CONVERSIN) as these FRAUS MISSIONARIES are doing from last 70years

    • This happens in all religious groups. The authorities have a life time of work to unearth misuse and misappropriation of such funds. The auditing of all these accounts is needed on large scale.

  9. Please dont tell this cock and bull story of Christian’s giving education to India. This is the land of Vedas and Upanishids and Arthasastra which are being analysed by western Christian’s and steal them also. So dont brag like this. With this money you can discredit Hindu community with the help of leftists and the socalled secularists and you hound saints like Sankaracharyas by pumping money to our third rate politicians who are ready to betray anything for money. These people must be mercilessly hounded and brought to book. Unfortunately in Kerala the leftists must be shitting in their pants because they can attack only Hindus but not other people pandering to communal politics for votes.

  10. No where is this news flashed on TV channels or print media. This shows how biased our media is. They only work to spread what their foreign masters tell them. The conversion business thrives in interior parts of India. The money obtained from other countries is used for conversion and defaming key relegious Hindu leaders. The Hindu community should stand united against such conspiracy and not repeat mistakes done in the past.

  11. God did no make religion
    Man made religion
    To obtain power over others using the fear of death and the thereafter.

    All one has to do is follow the path of being righteous.

    Politicians have made a ridiculous situation where bribing and corruption is the name of the game. Sharing the loot /spoils with God is their way to salvation.
    The question is who is more of a criminal.

    This is Kali Yuga.

  12. Faith is a personal issue, similar to political ideology; everyone must have the freedom to choose their faith, just like they choose their political ideology. Are we planning to stop people from changing their political ideology?

  13. Well this article and a new YouTube video from Mary Suresh Iyer on the alleged criminal behavior by and at the LEF church shed light on how bad things are.

    Keep exposing these criminals.
    Keep confiscating their assets.

    • This is as fake as it can get. There is no good work but only fake work. If 500 crores is found then it is a big news but nothing on the news channels and newspapers. BULLSHIT ARTICLE.

  14. You are the bjp chelas, without christians india will not develop like that, if christians will not introduced education in india, scientists will not introduced by our countary, mind our own language and talk.

    • This country educated the world centuries before christianity came into were the Christian crooks of England who swindled us and converted your forefathers and corrupted your minds.

    • Yes you are right! Before Christian missionaries Indians were illiterates. Who gave zero to the world? Your great great grand fathers in England always thought that the earth is flat and one can go off the cliff.

    • Astrology, which is part of Vedas, deals with 7 planets. Earth was referred to as Bhukhol. Earth’s attracting power was found mention in undated manuscripts. Damn it. Learn history first, of course not the history framed by British.

    • This is what centuries of brainwashing does to non whites,become subservient to Europeans masters, when Galileo was being punished by fanatic flatearthers
      India was familiar with geography or Bhugol, round earth….
      Now since east India company doesn’t dictate what we can manufacture, Britain or Italy manufacturing is all but collapsed. Work on your inferiority complex or try fairness cream if that helps.

    • Fooling people will not go for ever. Christianity n other religions came just within 2k+ years only, but Hinduism had it’s roots even before yr so called Christianity etc came into being. Hinduism gives all mental peace, it had not changed it’s Vedas n relics depends upon convenience n necessity. It is not a religion, it is life. All Hindu principles were based on life experiences n adherence by self discipline. It will not vanish on the thin air like other religions. Hinduism spreads on its own not by caste, cash or creed.

    • Please dont tell these type of false stories. India was a land of wisdom moved 5000 years and western Christian’s are astounded by the scholarship of vedhas and upanishads. With this money one can definitely discredit Hindus and saints with the support of leftists and avaricious politicians.

    • Please dont tell these type of false stories. India was a land of wisdom more than 5000 years and western Christian’s are astounded by the scholarship of vedhas and upanishads. With this money one can definitely discredit Hindus and saints with the support of leftists and avaricious politicians.

  15. It is high time the Midi Government invokes a stringent section under the IPC and make religious conversions a serious crime punishable with life imprisonment and cofiscating the property of these Christian missionaries. More than that, there is a need for we Hindus to start respecting and underatanding our religion and culture more stringently and educate our fellow Hindus before it is too late.

  16. Christianity should be banned in India & Conversions – forced/induced should be made punishable by death

    It is the Christian raskals – who destroyed Indian Culture, Farming, Education more effectively than Muslims.

    To destroy Indian Farming – on the advise of Queen’s advisors Indian Gomata & Nandis were slaughtered

    In the name of Green Revolution – Harmful Chemicals were thrust on us in the name of Fertilizers & poisonous pesticides were forced on our lands destroying our Soil Fertility by this Christian Mafia

    In the name of White Revolution – Genetically Modified Pigs were sold as Jersey, Holstein Cows that give white poison in the name of Milk. This resulted in the mass slaughter of our Gomatas & Nandis.

    India needs a benevolent dictator like Yogiji who will ban all other religions & make India a Hindu Rashtra

    • “In the name of Green Revolution – Harmful Chemicals were thrust on us ”

      And in the name of development, our women were and are being steriled. But no sterilization for global majority communities. In fact global majorities are incentivized to breed like rats.

      Check out Melinda Gates video on population control.

    • I totally agree with u but make sure when u kick out all the Christians all those Hindus return back to their home land India…. Because being a Hindu & with all thing started first here ie from Education to zero’s then why all these Hindus go to European counties, Australia, USA etc….. Be Indian & stay in India don’t run around the world

    • U said it right Sir… All Christian’s should be kick out of India but then all Hindus those who are settled or running around to settle should come back to India land of Hindus where it all started first from Education to Zero’s… Why those Hindus run around world to settle out of their in Hindu land India….. Be a real Indian & stay in India…..

  17. Why we don’t read this in the mainstream media either in the print or the tv? The fact that most of the media is controlled by foreign entities such news gets blacked out ! It’s well known that funds keep flowing from both Christian dominated countries and gulf countries for conversions in India, but the governments of the past were unconcerned. Conversions is a big business with targets and incentives for those who indulge in this business and it’s time to expose these people.

  18. Religion and Faith are very personal to every individual. I never understood this conversion business by the Church and the Islam.

    Offering money to convert is CRIMINAL more so to the downtrodden

    I hope that the Government brings in suitable LEGISLATION

  19. Imagine how many thousands of crores these churches may be having all over India? These people are loyal to the Vatican who want to follow Vatican guidelines to bring India under the Bible by 2050 This is what Pope John mentioned in New Delhi in 1965. let us bring a central law to ban religious conversions. If it is proved that some one was converted with bribes, or threat or by any other criminal way, the person converting must end up in jail. This will send a strong message. Love jihad and missionary conversions are destroying sanathan dharma in Kerala Hindus must take an oath not to vote for Congress or communists who both have joined hands with missionaries and jihadis.

  20. Dr Dutta,
    Dangerous yes, but much of this is plain criminality. Hopefully constantly seizing of their assets and confiscation of they property will help deter some.

    We must revoke the passports of those involved so they can’t just pack up and leave to continue their work somewhere else.


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