Prof RV sees room for another Hindu party, given that the BJP only gets 30% of an 80% Hindu vote

The only reason the majority religion voters vote for regional parties is because they want someone other than BJP, as a counter to what can easily become a single party system, given the propensity of Congress to self-destruct. Prof RV explains in his erudite yet witty style why this is an imperative, given the policy of many regional parties to loot Hindu temples' wealth and distribute it to minority religious institutions. A must watch!


  1. May be this is right time for revival of Rajaji’s Swatantrata party which stood for free enterprise and traditional values as propagated by Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan.

    • But did Rajaji serve Sanatanis any beneficial purpose with his Swatantra Party–DMK concoction? Didn’t he, in reality, end up opening a Pandora’s box full of evil and extreme DK elements and letting loose on Tamilnadu, and thus the whole of Bharat, an unending inundation of anarchist, antisocial and anti-Sanatani forces?

      • Rajaji was fighting against Congress, which destroyed Indian economy, those days. By then Anna Durai came out of the influence of Periyar. So those politics need to be seen in the context of those times. If Rajaji could defeat Congress in national elections he could have turned India into a developed economy like Japan long ago. Unfortunately Congress then and BJP now are perpetuating poverty economics. Only for a brief time PVNR followed Rajaji to liberate Indian economy.


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