Prof RV on why these 3 Agri bills from the Modi government is in the right direction

Just like the GST unified taxation and made it faster to move goods, a unified Agri market will benefit the farmer as well as the consumer. Onions will cease to be an issue in elections and corrupt middlemen and political meddling will be removed.


  1. I wonder if (Commenter) Narasimha, with IVF, is analyzing the market with the Variance Inflation Factor, or warning the world with the Virion Infectivity Factor against the ‘bio’propaganda (= a ‘bioterrorism’ tweak) by the brahminical Sanatanik DNA, or else, exposing Prof RV as a sheer RSS/S. Gurumurthy’s mouthpiece with the term Virtual Inter-Face.

    I suspect that, in reality, by strangely straitjacketing well-meaning wellwishers like Prof RV, he is taking irreverently mean potshots at a nation united in its desire, strategy and attempt to achieve a strong, peaceful and progressive revival of its age-old dharmik, sociocultural, technologic and scientific literacy and prosperity.

      • Your are welcome to your opinion on the comment.

        The age old dharmik way of life you speak off , is not existent in today’s world. We have moved along. Globalization has ensured this.
        Without help from the locals we would never have been subjugated.
        The age old dharmik values of honesty, truth etc did nothing to help.
        And please note that the dharnik way of life is left to the Individual – not an organisation

  2. I wonder if Prof Vaidyanathan is a Professor of Politics or Management. Beats me
    I believe he is part of the VIF headed by RSS Gurumurthy.
    Wonder if he is RSS too !


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