Pt Satish K Sharma shares insights on his interactions with Dr. Swamy and his fight for the truth

Taking a dig at the entrenched ecosystem of Bollywood or those who indulge in verbal diarrhea, without any basis, spewing venom, and untruths, Pt. Satish Sharma says these are Macaulay’s Minions Sepia Sepoys. A lot of information to digest in this must-see video!

Watch Sweden – Wake up and smell the COFFEE! with Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist


  1. According to a UN Report (UNI) :
    By 2030, Sweden would be one of the poorest countries in the world.
    Sweden_Wake up and smell the coffee
    What Ms. Carlqvist told Mr Iyer ( verbally is backed by details and pictures (other sources).
    Ms. Carlqvist was articulate, presented correct ‘word pictures’, but still short of overwhelming real life experience, for example sight of a brutally beaten to pulp a 60 years old woman or gang rape of a minor.
    Are not pictures, a reasonable evidence (as opposed to conclusive) ?
    Sweden’s slide downhill started sometime 20 years ago, under Socialists.
    Within EU, any country which opted for socialist policies is going down the drain.
    Apparently, Socialists in Sweden have lost the ability to reflect back, introspections.
    It is unfortunate, but a fact.
    Why did Facebook and/or Tweeter took Pgurus to task ?
    Presumably due to their political inclinations and shine of gold.
    And more realistic, Facebook and Tweeter owner have nerves of steel, and look upon human beings as objects. While Indian born Mr Iyer melted seeing pictures of Swedes held in concentration camp like conditions (organised terror) by their very guests.
    Swedes may not be angels, or God ; but they were for sure just the opposite of terrorists who entered Sweden as guests.
    Formulate questions, speculations in synthetic form ?
    When conduct of Facebook, Tweeter is opaque, we have the right to speculate.
    We shall try to answer those querries- based upon library research.


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