Who is Journalist Rajeev Sharma, caught spying for Chinese Intelligence?

A pro-Congress journalist, Rajeev Sharma was always trying to make a quick buck, say veteran journalists who know him

A pro-Congress journalist, Rajeev Sharma was always trying to make a quick buck, say veteran journalists who know him
A pro-Congress journalist, Rajeev Sharma was always trying to make a quick buck, say veteran journalists who know him

For the past 24 hours, Delhi is abuzz with the arrest of veteran journalist Rajeev Sharma (61) in the spy case. He was arrested along with a Chinese lady Qing Shi (30) who is linked to the Chinese Intelligence agency Ministry of State Security (MSS) and her Nepali associate Sher Singh alias Raj Bohra (30). Who is Rajeev Sharma? Rajeev Sharma was actively seen as a journalist till 2008 and worked with the news agency UNI and then in the Tribune and Sakal newspaper, covering Defence and External Affairs Ministries. After leaving active journalism in 2008, he was continuing in journalism as a freelancer, researcher, and columnist including for several foreign magazines. From 2010 onwards he was writing for the Chinese media platform Global Times. His last article appeared in the last week of June 2020.

Chinese lady and the JMU connection

Police said the Chinese lady, Qing Shi was also taking courses in the Jamia Milia Islamia University in Delhi since 2013. Was this her cover?


In journalist circles, Rajeev Sharma is seen as a pro-Congress person and was actively associated with the party’s media management and published many pro-Congress articles, supporting the UPA Government. Many journalists say that Sharma boasted of his proximity with Ajit Doval from 2014. “He used to wax eloquent that he had just met Mr. D (Doval) and would try to pass off his opinions as Doval’s and would send commands to many young journos,” said a veteran journalist covering foreign affairs. He said that Sharma was eager to enter in several parties of many Embassies and engaged in visiting many countries for the past 12 years.

During the meeting, George asked Rajeev Sharma to write/ inform about Dalai Lama related issues. For this Rajeev Sharma was offered 500 USD per article/ information.

He used to write articles in the bulletins published by the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF), a think tank closely associated with Doval. Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, and Maldives affairs are his favourite subjects. Rajeev Sharma shot into limelight last year by declaring the spying by Pegasus software, pointing fingers at Israel agencies. He declared to media that his phone and WhatsApp messages were also tapped claiming that a Canadian research firm confirmed it to him. This was later seen as a ploy by the Congress party as Sharma planted news that Congress leader Priyanka Vadra’s phone was also hacked. The entire news was based on Rajeev Sharma’s declarations[1].

Money making mentality

Many veteran journalists who worked with Sharma say that after 2008, his motives changed completely to money-making. “He was a man of the System regardless of who came to power, though his political ideology is with Congress. He loves making a quick buck and loves partying. Whichever party came to power Sharma is seen with Officers and Diplomats,” said a veteran journalist. Sharma also wrote five novels and was eager to make them as movies.

Caught for accepting Rs.30 lakhs from Chinese lady Intelligence Agent

From 2010, Sharma was a regular visitor to China and would meet with several Chinese officials. Here are the excerpts from the Delhi Police Special’s press briefing about Rajiv Sharma: “On interrogation, Rajeev Sharma has disclosed his involvement in the procurement of secret/ sensitive information and further conveying the same to his Chinese handlers namely Michael and George, based in Kunming, China, through different digital channels. He further disclosed that he was about to send/ convey these recovered secret documents to his handlers. In the past also, he had sent several documents in the form of reports to his handlers and got a handsome remuneration for the same.

“During the period 2010-2014, he wrote a weekly column for GLOBAL TIMES, widely known as a mouthpiece of the Chinese govt. Observing those columns, one Chinese intelligence agent named Michael from Kunming city of China contacted Rajeev Sharma through his LINKEDIN account and invited him to Kunming China for an interview with a Chinese Media Company. The entire trip was funded by Michael. During the meeting, Michael and his junior Xou asked Rajeev Sharma to provide inputs on various aspects of India-China relations. Between 2016 to 2018 Rajeev Sharma was in contact with Michael and Xou. He was tasked to provide the information/ inputs on issues like Indian deployment on the Bhutan-Sikkim-China tri-junction including Doklam, the pattern of India-Myanmar military co-operation, India-China boundary issue, etc. Subsequently, Rajeev Sharma had meetings with Michael and Xou in Laos and Maldives once each and gave briefings on the above-mentioned topics. Besides these visits, Rajeev Sharma was also in contact with Michael and Xou through e-mail and social media.

“In January 2019, Rajeev Sharma came in contact with another Kunming based Chinese entity George. He visited Kunming China via Kathmandu and met George. George was introduced as a General Manager of a Chinese Media Company. During the meeting, George asked Rajeev Sharma to write/ inform about Dalai Lama related issues. For this Rajeev Sharma was offered 500 USD per article/ information. George told Rajeev Sharma that they will send him money through his company’s sister concern based in Mahipalpur, Delhi being operated by a Chinese lady Qing. Rajeev Sharma has received more than Rs. 30 Lacs from George in about 10 installments from January 2019 to September 2020 for the information provided by him. Rajeev Sharma had further meetings with George in Malaysia and again in Kunming City, China.

“During the investigation, it is revealed that shell companies are being operated by foreign intelligence to transfer funds to Rajeev Sharma. It is revealed that Chinese nationals namely Jhang Chang and his wife Chang-li-lia were running the companies MZ Pharmacy and MZ Malls, under fake names Suraj and Usha. They are both presently in China and on their behalf, another Chinese lady Qing Shi and one Raj Bohra, a Nepali National (both directors of MZ Pharmacy) are presently operating the business from Mahipalpur. Both, Qing Shi (age 30 yrs) and Sher Singh @ Raj Bohra (age 30 yrs) have also been arrested. Further investigation with respect to the Chinese shell companies based in Mahipalpur is in progress.

“Forensic analysis of seized mobile phones and laptops is being conducted to unearth the entire network and conspiracy in this case. Identities and roles of other foreign nationals involved in the conspiracy are also being ascertained Further investigation is in progress.”

Rajeev Sharma and the other two accused are facing charges under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) currently in Police Custody will be produced before the Court on September 22.


[1] The Big Phone HackNov 8, 2019, India Today

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  1. Good he is caught & hope he find himself in some underground dungeon without sunlight. Traitors are to be treated like this only. India has many such traitors amongst existing politicians – MLA’s, MPs….etc.. They are all modern day Jai Chand. India remains unsafe till all these Jai Chand are identified & sent to dungeons. there cannot be any defense secrets when these traitors are moving around freely.

  2. Really funny to think of this happening.
    Ajit Doval has been fooled all along, all these years. Perhaps the smoke surrounding Doval kept him from finding out.
    A very nice NSA for India.
    Ensures India’s safety !!!!!!!
    Here we go. Jioooooooooooooo

  3. Spy rackets are thriving inside ruling party and its affiliates All previous busts in the country proved it. There is a reason why handlers choose them. Earlier BJP IT cell member Dhruv Saxena, other Bajrang Dal and saffron leaders were nabbed by MP ATS. This a55hole Sharma was a well known sanghi affiliate more specifically connected to Vedanta Foundation a sanghi outfit. They speak nationalism to others and their gene is of traitors. Shame on you for blame it on congress or mullas …

  4. It is time to crack the whip.
    Would the Ring Master avail of this opportunity ?
    There has been countless slippages in the past, rendering Indians as glutton for sufferings, torment and torture.
    Enough is enough, put your foot down, stand-up and be counted.
    Indians have been living from hand to mouth for generations, and worst for the last 3 generations. They also deserve two square meals a day and a night’s sleep.
    Ring Master can order ‘stay put’ to anti-India elements across the frontier (no entry visas to loafers, airport and airspace out of bounds etc.) who have gotten used to treating India-a Dharamsala, Indians as guinea-pigs and Indian Civil Service as a ‘Spring Board’. Such elements used the neck of naive Indians to launch themselves in their dream space, while strangling the gullible Indians.
    Their underground dark tunnel to enemy of India George Soros :
    Examples :
    Installed one-self as Civil Servant, but worked for anti-India elements. Joined NAC, and when the underground bridge was ready, sprung to George Soros.
    Secretary in and outside NSA, but within the upper echelons of power/decision makers :
    Please, look back at all the threats, deprivations to Indians of his/her life & liberty since 2000. Now the same leeches pontificating India from high podium supplied by George Soros.
    A significant number of bureaucrats withdrew their salaries from Indians but anchored their future to UK, USA. These pliant ‘Rubber Stamps’ traded India’s, Indian’s future by supplanting the advice of their ‘Secret Owners abroad’ as their work, for welfare of India. These leeches have gotten accustomed to sap Indians and use them as guinea-pigs and Indian Civil Service-a laboratory.
    The environment, eco-system these elements have created to feed their greed reminds one of
    ‘Coup d’etat in Chile-1970’s’. By mass vote, popularly elected President Salvador Allende was assasinated’. There is a small difference now ; there was no role played by George Soros then-but by his mentors.

  5. Journalist Rajeev Sharma, caught spying for Chinese Intelligence. Well done Indian agencies.
    Mr.Sharma must be hanged.

    When will agencies take action on Journalists Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt et al?

    When can we expect the concerned agencies and Lok Sabha Speaker prosecuting Nehru Gandhi families at the back drop of entering into MOU with China? Are Sonia and Rahul immune to prosecution?

    When can we expect Rajya Sabha Speaker censuring Sanjay Raut openly abusing and publishing against Kangana Raut?

    • How do you know Sharma is the only journalist spy ? Watch TV debates and you can identify foreign influenced journalists and panelist’s, ctriticising their mother land. We are a country where the evil people have upper hand over righteous and judicial system is reachable only by rich. What will people do if police, politicians and foreign powers collude with each other. Even Krishna was fed up with Immoral Yadavas and destroyed them. Unless the righteous raise their voice, people will suffer and they will equally acquire bad karma. Forget Buddha and Gandhian ideals, they are redundant and only choice is to act like Arjuna .

      • Dear venkat, nowhere I stated that Sharma is a lone Spy who loved China!

        There are innumerable in all hues hence I was also one among many doubting internal security at the backdrop of many islands/pockets of anti national colonies disturbing tranquility spontaneously. During my college days three and half decades ago suggested to have ex-servicemen not politicians as Governors of States and UTs with Marshall powers if we continue to have Westminster system.

        I spend hardly One hour on noisy TV channel debates.I prefer noiseless articles published online and a bit on Pgurus/Sangam/Rajiv Malhotra…..!

        I agree that it is clearly visible reading online how minds of the educated are being corrupted with commies ideology peppered with Nehruvian nonsense an proverbial Three Ws (wine, woman and wealth). In fact many big and medium educational institutions and organizations are still under rogue ideologies and GOI funding still continuous with more lust and vigor!

        Even in USA many Universities were under leftists cabals and liberal idiots. They copy paste our Governmental data and walk away with Noble Prizes!

        TV anchors brings in shouting brigades without having any substance and shouts and counter shouts drown everyone thus none prove a point-on the debating Topic or a Theme! Some anchors are good and try to speak the Truth but slapped with cases/ censuring proceedings are given/ assembly calls him/her to surrender/apologies ……are we implementing Laws of the nation under HM GOI or Governor of a Sate whose state is under Drugs-Hawala mafia?What kind of Good Governance is this?

        LS Speaker/ RS Chairperson looks the other way when Sanjay Raut et al speaks gutter language on Kangana an instant case. How about tweets from Rahul Pappu who is immune……..

        Janma and Karma theories are applicable as per as you sow so shall you reap dictum. You have referred Arjuna. But after Mahabharata he was born as a Kannappa to repay his karmic debts.

        We need Intellectual prowess having experienced nationalists irrespective of age, caste and creed to finish anti nationals spread deep into the institutions burdening tax payers and not poorly educated fellows attending this or that drill or comes from a corrupt stable or happens to be political weathercocks cum turncoats.

  6. Spying and snooping on foreign countries is an old art. Worst are those planted as spies to do internal sabotage of a nation like Jaichands or Mirjafars. In the modern day where jet travel and speed communication is available, the spying network engulfs all nations across globe.

    The most qualified people to become a spy are Journalists and celebrities and next in line are certain politicians and diplomats. These type of people have access to a range of information at power centre, and can openly interact with enemy agents and electronic surveylance is the best tool to catch them. We have many traitors living amongst us, and every citizen has a moral duty to keep a watch and inform the agencies about suspicious people.

    • Editors Guild of India must undergo reforms or GOI abolish it otherwise take them to task.
      GOI should reissue accreditation cum ID Cards to Print and Visual media journos.
      GOI should ban anti national Print and Visual media journos from covering LS and RS sessions too.
      Official Secrets Act (OSA) should be amended to take Journos such as Barkha et al writing against India.

      In spite of blacklisting three lakhs companies, it is surprising that still shell companies are continuing in our country!

  7. What is the national punishment for such traitors, in my opinion they should be publicly hanged to death for betraying our country and the countrymen. No merci, no merci petitions. Wake up India.


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