Tablighi Chief Maulana Saad who preaches a simple lifestyle caught with a plush farmhouse, swimming pool, and high-end vehicles

The lavish lifestyle of Maulana Saad shows that leading a simple lifestyle is only for others

The lavish lifestyle of Maulana Saad shows that leading a simple lifestyle is only for others
The lavish lifestyle of Maulana Saad shows that leading a simple lifestyle is only for others

The absconding Tablighi sect Chief Maulana Saad Kandhlawi’s posh lifestyle stands exposed, while he preaches his followers to lead a simple life and stay as much as possible in a mosque. Photos of his palatial farmhouse with a swimming pool and posh vehicles are now out in the public domain. The controversial Maulana Saad (54) is known for his plush lifestyle, never mind what he preaches his followers (perhaps his sermons come with a present-company-excluded clause). His huge farmhouse is in Kandhla town in Shamili District in western Uttar Pradesh. Several neighbors of his farmhouse shared with PGurus his huge farmhouse photos and vehicles and a larger-than-life style of living.

Maulana Saad farmhouse
Fig. 1. Maulana Saad farmhouse

Maulana Saad farmhouse swimming pool
Fig. 2. Maulana Saad farmhouse swimming pool

Maulana Saad farmhouse expensive car
Fig. 3. Maulana Saad farmhouse expensive car

Maulana Saad’s audiotape of the speech at the Markaz is now out in public domain. He was telling the congregation of 1000s of Tablighi preachers that Corona is a conspiracy to close down the Masjids and everyone must come to Masjids five times a day, regardless of the lockdown rules imposed by the Government. He told them, even if one were to die at a Masjid, consider it as a better option. After Delhi Police registered the case, Maulavi Saad is absconding. Now he tells Delhi Police that he will join later as he is following self-quarantine.

Maulana Saad Kandhlawi is the great-grandson of the founder of Tablighi Jamaat. The controversial organization is getting huge money from abroad from various countries, say many Intelligence Bureau officials. At present, the Government of India has decided to blacklist 960 foreign Tablighi preachers that landed at the Nizamuddin International headquarters for the Markaz.

A majority of the foreign preachers blacklisted are from Indonesia. As many as 379 persons are blacklisted from Indonesia, followed by Bangladesh (110), Kyrgyzstan (77), Malaysia (75), Thailand (65), Myanmar (63, Sri Lanka (33), Iran (24), Kazakhstan (14) and Philippines (10) Even six people are from China in the blacklisted category. These Tablighi preachers violated visa norms by landing on a Tourist Visa when they were supposed to have come through the Missionary Visa route. The Bureau of Immigration is checking the records of more than 3000 foreign Tablighi preachers. The blacklisted persons who are currently in quarantine will be deported and would be permanently banned from entering India. The county-wise list is published at the end of this article.

The Tablighi movement was started in India in the late 18th century in Mewat in India. This orthodox sect of Sunnis concentrated on teaching people about the Quran and religious conversion. They travel to hinterlands and rural areas for their mission. There were reported activities of their links with the terrorist organization Al Qaida and some of the members were even taken to Guantanamo Bay by the United States forces.

Former Intelligence Bureau chief Asif Ibrahim wrote an article on the nature of the working of Tablighi Jamaat. The former IB Director wrote: “The arrogance comes to the Tabligh men from the belief that they are doing God’s work, and God is their refuge. Care and caution, the advice of medical practitioner, a directive of the Government – go hell. The situation reminds me of the Bible…..”[1].

Nearly 22,000 Tablighi Jamaat members and their contacts have been quarantined across the country so far, a Union Home Ministry official said on Saturday. During the daily briefing, Punya Salila Srivastava, a joint secretary in the Union Home Ministry, told reporters that the Union government undertook “massive efforts” in coordination with states to trace the Jamaat members and their contacts to contain the spread of COVID-19.

At least 30 percent of India’s 2902 coronavirus cases can be linked to members of an Islamic group congregating in Delhi in mid-March, said the Government on Saturday. Lav Aggarwal, joint secretary in the Health Ministry, said at the same press conference that 1,023 coronavirus cases in 17 states were related to the Jamaat’s congregation. “Around 30 percent of the total cases are related to the religious congregation so far. We need to understand that we are as strong as the weakest link,” he said.

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Union Minister for Minority Affairs, last week called the Jamaat’s congregation a “Taliban crime”. “When the entire country is together to fight coronavirus, in such circumstances, such a thing is a crime. Not just the law, but even the Almighty will not forgive such a thing. It is very unfortunate that the lives of so many people were endangered because of such a careless approach,” he said.

A First Information Report (FIR) was also lodged against Maulana Saad and six others for holding a religious congregation in Delhi allegedly in violation of the lockdown orders and not maintaining social distancing to contain the spread of Covid-19, officials said on Thursday. In a nine-page response to the notice, Maulana Saad, who is absconding, expressed his inability to respond to the questions asked by police as has self-quarantined. He said that since the Nizamuddin Markaz is closed, he will respond to the questions when it is opened again.

The country-wise list of 960 blacklisted Tablighi Jama-at preachers is published below:

Country-wise list of blacklisted Tablighi Jamaat preachers
Country-wise list of blacklisted Tablighi Jamaat preachers

[1] Tabligh, Religion, And CoronaApr 4, 2020,

Team PGurus


  1. Again Indian media proved bias, and secret agencies failed also givt. failed to tackel situation honestly but we are proud of our Judiciary that decided the matter with justice and saved Indian image on international platform

  2. This is all hype created by Media, Ijtama was suspended long before lock down, and people got stuck due to lack of transport, understand whole earth along with this country belong to God and No Modi with all his shameless acts can stop minorities from living and prospering here.

  3. Allthe tablighi should not be given treatment let them die without treatment they are terrorist for this country. why govt behave wth politely. I request to govt pl donot treat let them die. they are anemy of the country. Donot behave good. beat them and put into jai and recover the heavy loss of economy in the country


  5. 72 hoors
    80 thousand servants
    Are missing. It means he is alive. Catch him, torture him, give him a life times’ lesson.

  6. @Zahir Jee – that’s one of the most sensible statement I have seen in a long time. We need more Muslims to stand up for true Islam.

    The pseudo seculars and liberals are hell bent on forcing every neutral person on this planet into a islamaphobe. When the intention is to simply call out the common culprits.

    I personally would love to drive a campaign to drum up support for a Islam as you describe it. Social Media has generalized Islam as well all over the world, and as often is the case, this bonding has happened over the worst things possible.

    Best luck may your tribe grow!!

  7. The central govt must question ambassadors/counsellars why visas in bulk were given to Tabligi jamaat members from so many countries when the govt has already issued notification about the spread of Coronavaris; no tourist would venture to visit at this critical time. If this step had been taken at the outset Delhi Govt would have saved lives and exposed Kejrivali’s favoured approach. What a shame?

  8. The PM and the HM should be charged with genocide along with the Makaz morons. PM and HM either deliberately or by derilicktion of duty allowed the congregation knowing fully well the risks.. they should be punished as much as the Makaz.

    • Pm and HM has no role here. They have thousand other work rather than following what these idiots were doing. It’s like how many jihadis you and other antinationals are keeping in hiding how PM and HM will know.
      Now it is time to eliminate antinationals one by one. That’s what our system is doing.

  9. Don’t our country’s laws permit the police to raid and arrest such a cunning offender like the Maulana? If so, it’s a commentary on oui5r country’s very soft legal system that, in turns, arrests us from stern action. We, as a nation, must stop appeasing a community — in all respects.

    • There is no other go except to bring all religion places of worship under central government watch for their activities though the finance part can be left to individual institution. This only can save the country from catastrophic proportion of civil disturbances of near future as the nefarious activities of inimical forces will not cease their designs unless strong dose and strong arm actions are not applied.
      At the same time eliminate once for all the external forces agianst the country which alone can save it from loosing the democracy and it’s secularity. Country has to sacrifice for achieving it and this is the right time.

  10. Quran does not call Hindus as Kafirs.Quran only talked about the people of Makka, Madina and the surroundings. Quran never spoke about people of India.
    Quran says that all humanity has one God.
    Secondly Quran does not tell Muslims to go door to door to do preaching. Also it does not command to make large gatherings like that of Markaz. It says that few peope should go to knowledge centers seek knowledge and come back and settle at native place.
    Also Prophet Mohammed
    says that all the earth is a place where worship can be done. Travellers were told to pray on the animals on which they were riding. Depending on emergency situation prayer can be performed at house.
    The Quran does not command to wear kurta, pajama and skull cap.
    God says that O mankind we have sent you dress so that it covers your private parts and be a pleasent looking (deciration) for you.
    As per this standard majority of human beings follow Quran in their dress code because they cover private part and decrate themselves.
    Finally people do not have correct information about Islam because Muslims do not practice it.

    • What is point in writing comments here? If a non-muslim says EXACT same words (e.g. prayer can be performed at house.) then the whole gang will call that parson islamophobic.
      Why don’t YOU being a muslim (IF you writing your real name ) say the same in public domain and ask your leaders.
      Due to so called “secularism” only Hindu bashing is allowed in public.

    • Your understanding of islam is basically that of uneducated fellow.

      Rather shut your mouth as your statements are going to be held against you in the court of Allah.

      • Why are you commenting like a stupid idiot without understanding what the other guy is saying? Has he said anything wrong? And he is not going to the court of Allah because he is not a muslim, he is a Hindu, so Allah is not going to interfere in this matter.

  11. Why should one become religious head if he cant enjoy the resources available and get respected for the preaching of sermons applicable to innocents and gullible.?

  12. Yes, Govt must come out with full disclosures and prosecute the guilty. They should confiscate all such ill-gotten properties and assets and not just close cases after punishment to a few individuals. In all fairness, the same treatment should be meted out to such hypocritical fraudster Gurus of other Faiths as well without exception.

  13. Highly condemnable of highest order & utter disregard to country laws. But our Govt. (home ministry representing “GOODNESS ) should win them (BADNESS) by goodness as follows: call an closeddoor meeting with all religious leaders (hindu,christian,sikh,jain,budhist & few top muslim leaders involved in the nizamussien congregation in Delhi & coduct the effect of this congregation & videorecord it. At the end of session ask Tablighi religious leaders to summarise the effects. If it is positive all of them to be asked to speak to channel for telecast to the nation.If they are negative video record to be kept later to go to court for punishment bit not now.

  14. Tourist e visas have been abused since they were introduced and HHA and MEA were sleeping. There is no mechanism to check these “ tourists “ and officially the state govnt CID have to monitor their activity and report to MHA. It is time to ban e tourist visa to ALL Muslims. After all why would a Muslim visit India a land of kafirs .Also this visa is being misused by Christian organisations.

    All Moulanas stick by rules of Quran and don’t believe in democracy and Indian courts. Very little option is left to India, but to bring UCC, 2 child policy and invoke NSA against law violators.

    All religious heads in Islam and Christianity lead a posh life. In fact pastors in Indian churches extract money from followers in Sunday church meetings.For them business as usual.

    • You are accurate in stating the ground reality. All e-visa to Muslims should be stopped forthwith by govt. Putting them in quaratine is not enough to contain the spread of deadly corona virus.

  15. Horrendous. A complete fraud, advocating simple living to his followers and living it up with total luxury himself. People who keep themselves open for infection by not following government guidelines should have their properties confiscated to meet the expenditure for treatment. If they exhort their following to disregard government guidelines then related expenditure also be appropriated from them

  16. Bangladesh Indonesia and Malaysia have big numbers and this convention got hundreds of people from these countries. Now all his speeches and actions are sufficient to ban this organization. let us prosecute him after 15 days of quarantine ends. As the govt has spent lot of money towards taking care of these people, his group must be help responsible for making payments. confiscate his properties and cars and other assets. Tough times need tough action. Hope the govt won’t respond to leftist psedo secular mafia in the press and media.


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