Abhijit Iyer-Mitra on how Israel has managed Gaza and West Bank

Abhijit Iyer-Mitra discusses how a small country such as Israel has been able to control the dissident populace in Gaza and West Bank. A must watch!


  1. Abhijt Bhai was awesome. Thanks for bringing him to debate guruG. we need to learn a lot from Israel no doubt and compared to Israel we have many advantages and dis advantages. we must be merciless and use extreme force when we have solid evidence. Now This Delhi Islamic convention has been exposed as a terrorist group that came to hurt our people by ignoring all rules. let us be open and give all info to trusted TV channels and let the nation know that Indian Muslims have no loyalty to our country and their loyalty is to Islam first and Islam last. Sab Ka Saath Sab ka Vikas is a political vote-catching slogan. when a group wants to destroy peace, create riots and dream of bringing back mughal rule in India all over again. we must come with a para military force with NCC cadets and keep them ready to act and support local police when these kinds of things happen. These people must be out of the local judiciary and they must be answerable to special defense courts only. we must ban this Tughlaqui Jamat association immediately. let us give max publicity to all the corona victims and show how anti people ,anti national convention was that of Tabliqui Jamaat.


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