Savio Rodrigues on Modi Government’s one-year performance

As Modi 2.0 completes one-year here is Savio Rodrigues presenting some pros and cons of the Modi government and explains why he thinks that the biggest failure of the Modi 2.0 is effective communications with the people of India


  1. Good one. The govt of India is not good at communication at all. In all cases, it has been reactive be it CAA or article 370 or economics or almost anything. Fake news get projected in all media be it WhatsApp etc, and the govt is clueless. The news seem so genuine, that even family members believe them and of course because of that there are bitter arguments assuming one person who is not naïve does not subscribe to the fake propaganda and the rest fall for it.

  2. Savio Rodrigues on Modi Government’s one-year performance. Good conversation. Savio is entitled to have his opinions/views.
    In my humble opinion :-
    1).first term wasted by Modi and in fact Govt was run by late Jaitley and PC hijacked by few dynasty
    2).Corrupt crooks are leading luxurious life styles thanks to Majboot Sarkar
    3).Majboot Sarkar likes to run its government with corrupt bureaucracy and likes power point presenters!
    4).Majboot Sarkar enhanced Tax terrorism on its own vote bank!
    5).More slogans and event management with 80% talent less minsters!
    6).Two top leadership should trust few more to speed up reforms, give better governance, and let others
    few also earn name and fame too !
    7).Economically negative pre-covid19 and post covud19 is a disaster, massive joblessness but militarily
    strong wont work for too long
    8).Majboot Sarkar should come out of international ratings agencies scanners and fiscal deficit phobia
    9).Majboot Sarkar should know that age group 45s to 65s BJP leaders are of no use before 80s
    Dr.S.Swamy’s memory power, good health,second highest popularity/followings without being in power!
    10).Majboot Sarkar should go back to 2015 article written by Dr.S Swamy about the Indian Economy deep
    nose diving’s but the Govt is still struggling to understand the difference between DEMAND and SUPPLY
    11).Majboot Sarkar has become a mute spectators with regard to Temples and its massive wealth
    12). Majboot Sarkar should realize overrated 1991 economic reforms and Gujarat Development
    model….covid19 striped both NAKED!!
    13). 20 / 21 Lakh crores announcement should have been presented in Parliament during Monsoon
    14). GOI/ Majboot Sarkar should know that humane Indians fed migrating labors and covid19 sufferers did
    more distribution of groceries/food packets than the GOI/State govts/Municipalities.
    15).Covid19 tests should have been enhanced/taken to task on certain erring state govts not doing enough

  3. Though i am happy with Modi getting 303 in 2019, the winning curse has been the total going cold on the high profile corruption cases which brought the Modi gov to power in 2019…it’s obvious that due to the cozy relations of the Left/Liberal Lutyenites and the RW Lutyenites that all the corrupt are in the process of going scott free and are going to enjoy the ill gotten wealth..P Notes continue only for the benifit of these people. We supporter’s of NaMo gov have to accept this sad reality because the alternative is even worse…Secondly and more worryingly Hindu agenda is not going anywhere …even the freeing of Hindu temples & educational institutions remains a pipe dream because of which anti hindus are having a great time. One shudder’s to think what will happen to the Hindus of the country when the Modi era comes to an end and is replaced by a anti hindu gov (God forbid) ..May be states like Andhra Pradesh are giving us a hint if we are ready to acknowledge it!


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