Secularism in India

Spirituality is at the root of all facets of Indian life.

Secularism in India
Secularism in India

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he Holy Land of the Rishis, Vedas, Upanishads, ancient temples, various art forms deeply rooted in spirituality – this is the true nature and identity of Bharat, aka Hindustan and India. ‘Spirituality’ is at the root of all facets of Indian life, whether it is the birth of a child, mourning the loss of a family member, celebration of a milestone achieved or the ground breaking ceremony of a new construction project, opening of a shop every morning, prelude to a dance or music performance; a community puja or meditation in solitude.

Secularism sounds rather nice in theory. However, it does not work in the manner it is implemented in India. In fact “secularism”, as it is practiced in India, is a very anti-democracy concept. Democracy is based on individual freedom which includes that of religious and spiritual beliefs and practices. It is sheer insanity to expect citizens of a democracy to renounce their rights to beliefs, rituals and expressions of their deeply rooted faith, spirituality and religion. Democracy advocates the religious rights of each and every citizen, not just the minority or the most aggressive group.

Religious equality does not and should not mean violating the religious rights and freedom of one group at the expense of another. Religious equality definitely does not mean ridiculing, abusing, taxing or ignoring any particular group whether a minority or the majority. It is not realistic for anyone to expect a civilization with deep and rich roots to forget its true nature and appease a pseudo secular agenda to squash its spirit and identity.

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Article published here after due permission from the Author.

Ravinder Kaushik is an Advocate, enrolled at Bar Council of Punjab & Haryana. His Social Media links are:


  1. Very nice rashmi. ..n kaus
    I am glad that Hinduism is being looked at with such respect….

    But I also wish to include Christians in your minority list…
    Most of the schools which were started by the British made us feel inferior about our religion and the schools which have continued after independence are still doing the same thing to the students. ..especially downsouth…

    This has been spreading like cancer… religious conversions in tamilnadu, kerala etc… but the thing is that minorities threaten majorities because of the lack of unity among Hindus. ..

    Kids are not taught about the richness of our culture and traDitton. ..
    Something has to be done to capture the young minds early before they are poisoned by the minorities and the so called secularism in India. …

  2. Well said Rashmi / Kaushik.
    Yes ,lets say it that during the Congress Raj , there has been appeasement of minorities
    ( read Muslims ) at the expense of majority ( read Hindus ).
    If there is one religion ( re ligate , that which reconnects one to the origin ) in the world or there ever was , it is the Hindu Sanatan Dharma ,which is most advanced and comprehensive .It leads one to the ultimate state of Self-Realization where the seeker becomes THAT , Sat-Chit-Ananda . ,Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.
    Hinduism is the truly secular , if understood rightly.
    And yet ,the superficial and the uniformed pseudoseculars from us have neglected and belittled this great Faith to please others for their vested interests.

  3. Please note that the correct title of my article published here is “Secularism in India”. Apparently, it was altered without my consent. Please edit it to the original title or remove the article in its entirety. Thank you Ganeshanji and Roxnaji for your kind words!

    • ॐ नमः शिवाय ॐ, रश्मि

      नासमझी में जो ग़लती हुई उसके लिए संपादक महोदय और मैं क्षमा-याचना करते हैं, अब आपकी रचना का शीर्षक वही है जो होना चाहिए था।


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