Shiv Sena – BJP split; A Dangerous Development

Break up of Shiv Sena - BJP alliance could hurt Mumbai in the long run

Break up of Shiv Sena - BJP alliance could hurt Mumbai in the long run
Break up of Shiv Sena - BJP alliance could hurt Mumbai in the long run

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he breakdown of the Shiv Sena – Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) alliance in Mumbai and elsewhere cannot have taken place at a more inopportune time. At a time when there was an urgent need for the consolidation of patriotic forces, two nationalistic streams have decided to part ways. This has extremely serious implications for the nation in general and for the country’s commercial capital, Mumbai.

What is more ominous is the fact that the AIMIM is the political heir to the Razakar’s of Hyderabad who wanted the princely state to be a part of Pakistan.

The split in the saffron alliance is to be seen in the background of the determined bid by Asaduddin Owaisi’s All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) to emerge as a powerful political force in the metropolis. In his very first speech at the launch of his party’s campaign for the February 21 elections to the Mumbai municipal corporation, Owaisi set a brazenly communal agenda by demanding the allocation of Rs 3,000 crores (of the annual civic budget of about Rs 40,000 crores) for Muslims of Mumbai!! The AIMIM is clearly aiming to consolidate Muslim votes in the metropolis which were hitherto going to the Congress, Samajwadi Party and the National Congress Party (NCP) in varying degrees. The AIMIM’s agenda is clearly to divide the city on communal lines. What is more ominous is the fact that the AIMIM is the political heir to the Razakar’s of Hyderabad who wanted the princely state to be a part of Pakistan. It is the same party whose leader, Akbaruddin Owaisi, who openly declared not long back that if the security forces do not interfere for 15 minutes then the Hindu population will be wiped out!! If this venom is allowed to spread not only would it make mince meat of Mumbai’s secular ethos, but also destroy the commercial capital of the country. And that has deep implications for the Indian economy.

If this national disaster is to be averted then the AIMIM’s insidious agenda has got to be thwarted politically and that can be done only and only by the Shiv Sena.
Let’s face facts. The BJP is not at all strong enough in Mumbai to capture the BMC on its own. The Shiv Sena with its powerful network of shakhas is organizationally much more powerful. In 1993 when the ISI acting through its proxy, Dawood Ibrahim, unleashed riots with a view to destroy Mumbai, it was the Shiv Sena which powerfully countered the sinister plot. And now one more attempt is being made by vested interests to communally cannibalize Mumbai. Should nationalistic forces join ranks during this hour of need or split over a few seats here and there? Dr. Subramanian Swamy always held the Shiv Sena in high esteem and for solid reasons. The BJP would do well to think politically like Dr Swamy.

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Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
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  1. I am amazed at the author’s premonition of danger. This danger has already come about a decade back. This is not a new development – this was in the offing the moment Uddhav was made the heir apparent by Balasaheb. Udhhav is a slightly more aware version of Rahul Gandhi. Being the offspring of the Sena Pramukh is his only qualification. Coming to this decision – How could Sena demand a senior role in the alliance when they have not pulled their weight the last few years. Some amount of pragmatism is also required on part of the Sena. They have been resting on past laurels, and how could they expect to be the driver of this alliance.

    With regards to Owaisi and the other secular (ahem) forces – this will change only when Hindus stop being apologetic about being the majority. If the Muslims can vote en bloc then so should the Hindus.

    Finally, Dr. Swamy appreciate the Sena because of who was at its helm. I am sure if you ask him now, he will probably say “Udhhav, who?”

    • No, I don’t agree with your views.One should always sort out differences with ones long time ally even if the leader of your ally not in favour of you.Instead if you start seeking “new” bandicoots like “power”, you show your true worth as a shortsighted opportunist you are.Same mistake was made in the case of Nitish who was instigated by fellow travellers in party to go against party’s choice and it should have been nipped in the bud.Miscalculations are plenty in the new govt. 56″ loyalists should do well to understand what is going on than just carry the can for the leader.There are only headlines and side tracks.see reason- all countries which has made progress have done so on the basis of ensuring zero tolerance at ground level towards corruption.If you think you keep away from collaring the crooks,you are only playing the crooks game.Ultimately they will come back to devour you.Demonitisation is a populist measure badly handled and bungled.It may win some favour short term but if the crooks continue to roam freely, 56″ will get booted out by the voters.Voters are not bhakts.

  2. Absence of a tall leader in Shivsena after Balasaheb’s death has caused this avoidable step, the Sena under Uddhav has been acting immature, impractical, fidgety, inconsistent and an unreliable ally.
    Unfortunately this has been the forte of Hindus through its journey in history, division, subdivision, playing into the hands of enemy,disunity in politics, armed and religious responses have been marred lack of unified purpose.
    If some people have been of the opinion that only the Britishers united Hindus and India there seems to be a grain of truth somewhere.

  3. 56″ is not a friend of Uddhav nor Uddhav looks at 56″kindly.Who can forget Uddhav’s pitch for Sushma as PM?Their personal animosity must have a reason and journalists like Balakrishnan would do well first to understand what the reasons for animosity between them before peddling a long article.56″ is a power monger and will do deal with anyone who he thinks will keep him in power.Giving padmadosai to that power is a clear intent that he is a guy who will sign a pact with the devil if it benefits him.What acche din for the masses?


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