Sree Iyer on Did the Delhi voter choose wisely?

Is the Delhi election going to be decided based on the Anti-CAA/ Shaheen Bagh protests or is the electorate going to look at AAP's 5-year performance? What about BJP? How was their Law and Order record in Delhi? A thought provoking talk by Sree Iyer


  1. Yes. Modi and Shah are now drunk with absolute power. They left economy to winds and just hanging on to their threat of Pakistan, which is not at all of any consequence now. It is high time they respect dissent and take measures to revive economy by taking the counsel of Swami.

  2. Yes, they did. Note that AK isn’t afraid to recite the name of Hanuman or Vande Mataram.

    Now, try and get out of your rich American ivory tower and do something for the benefit of sanatan dharma instead of merely wearing a jacket of sanatan dharma.

  3. Shahhen Bag is an experiment of blackmail politics to subjugate Parliament, Govt or Supreme Court and is a threat to not take any action in the national interest. This happened during Shah Bano case also when Parliament was used to subvert Supreme Court decision. Kejriwal, Mamata Banerjee, Mulayam or Sharad Pawar are partner in crime along with Congress to subvert constitution for vote bank politics.

  4. 12% population has sucessfully held the rest to ransom…thats the only thing we should takeaway ….all devlopmental schems will be of no value if demography is not in control!


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