Sree Iyer on the impact of fake currency and his book Who painted my money white? at HEF

Addressing the Greater Cochin & Tripunithura chapters of Hindu Economic Forum, Sree Iyer, author of the bestselling book Who painted my money white? discusses the economic implications and why he wrote this book.


  1. Enough of this.

    All I care about now is knowing Kamala Harris views on CAA.

    What’s her position?
    Also, what’s her stance on Indias democratic leader like modi?

    • I have my answer from wion news. She supported pramila jayapal and is against the CAA. She’s also against the abrogation of article 370 therefore not my candidate.

  2. Sir, For protecting livelihood of a thousand people, our government would not hesitate to sacrifice, over-burden or steal from 10 lac people for the simple reason the former are well connected lobbyists and the latter illiterate and or ignorant, rueing their fate for their difficulties and misfortune.


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