Sree Iyer on why are states like Punjab and West Bengal rattled with more power to the BSF?

Why are Bengal and Punjab opposing the Centre on the BSF rule change? Why is it necessary for the GOI to increase the range of BSF from 15 KM to 50 KM? Sree Iyer shares his views on the future challenges for India

The Union government had recently amended the BSF seizure and arrest within a larger 50 KM stretch, instead of the existing 15 KM, from the international border in Punjab, West Bengal and Assam.

The increase in BSF’s geographically extended jurisdiction will cover around 25% to 30% of the state’s territory and include several important cities.

The West Bengal assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution against the Centre’s decision to extend the jurisdiction of the Border Security Force (BSF) from 15 KM to 50 KM of the international borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh, becoming the second state to oppose the move through its state legislature.

Last week, the Punjab Vidhan Sabha passed a resolution against the Centre’s notification that extended the jurisdiction of the Border Security Force (BSF) up to 50 KM inside the international border.

Sree Iyer shares his views on the politics and the future challenges for India


  1. Punjab and west Bengal are ruled by parties who want to treat their neighboring countries as if they are states next to them with in India. This has lead to many anti national illegal activities that are hurting India on many fronts west bengal under Begum mamata has allowed lakhs of illegal bangladeshis to settle down. These people have quietly forced Hindus out of all border districts . Drugs, weapons and illegal immigrants have grown did begum mamata hide all the foreigners who got exposed to Covid virus after attending the conference in Delhi? In Punjab Sikhs believe they live in old lahore where They were all neighbors of Muslims Now opening of kartar pur saheb has allowed thousands of people to visit Pakisatn and plan on doing business with fake currencies, drugs weapons etc. This is a serious security issue. Congress and akali dal have made the state very corrupt and a dangerous place for good families to live


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