The real Chennai Cricket Lover is the loser

Sree Iyer's Take at Newsx on Sales of tickets of matches postponed and Chennai police refuse to provide security

There is no doubt in my mind as to who the biggest loser in the shifting of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) home games is – the nuanced Cricket lover of Chennai. The appreciative crowd of Chennai has been known to applaud friend and foe alike for their acts of brilliance. For the true lover of the game, nothing beats the rush of blood that comes when you are watching a game alongside thousands of fellow citizens. As the game unfolds in front of your eyes and the collective adrenaline courses through your veins, you live and die by every ball bowled, every catch made and every six scored. You cannot sense this, sitting in front of the Television.

Who are the disrupters?

A bunch of lumpen elements. The police officials in Tamil Nadu (TN) are believed to have told the Indian Premier League (IPL) management that it was impossible for them to deploy more than 4000 cops for security duty whenever the IPL matches are held in Chennai. Tuesday’s match between the CSK and the Kolkata Knight Riders  (KKR) saw the unprecedented deployment of policemen for security duty.

Senior BJP leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy had a suggestion for this – he said deploy Central troops to ensure smooth conduct. Did Vinod Rai consider this option?

The agitation demanding constitution of the  Cauvery Management Board (CMB) is managed by Tamil chauvinistic groups, Left Wing extremists, Islamic fundamentalists who do not have anything to do with farming or industrialization. This was purely an attempt to rouse people’s emotions to try and make it appear as if every Chennaiite was concerned about the farmers who need Cauvery water.

Cauvery is a seasonal river

Cauvery only flows in some months of the year, especially after the monsoons set in, around June to December. To say that precious water is being used up for the ground is plain stupid. This is an organized cabal, out to create trouble and should be nipped in the bud[1].

The agitations in TN are peculiar because all these are motivated by secessionist forces. The demonstration against India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO) is amusing because nobody has succeeded in explaining to the common man about the repercussions. Most are professional protestors who will agitate for anything, for a price of course.

DMK – Hypocrites?

Interestingly, the INO, the Hydrocarbon projects of the Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC), the Methane Extraction Project were all signed during the regime of the DMK. Further, some of the luminaries of this Dravidian party are co-owners of the Hyderabad Sun risers. That they will object to matches of CSK in Chennai but want all their home games to go on reeks of hypocrisy.

It must be remembered that the  DMK was in power either in the State or at the Center during the period 1999-2014 and did not utter a single word demanding the constitution of the CMB. All it is now interested in is to lay the blame at the doorstep of the ruling AIADMK government.


[1] Jallikattu is here… But the anti-nationals would not budgeJan 23, 2018,

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  1. While all protestors are secessionists, author is blind to the fact that many young voters are dejected by incompetent and pompous pradhan sevak.

    Like stone Pelters in jk do not represent jk
    Patidars in gujarat do not represent gujarat
    Nasals in north do not represent north
    Protesters in tamilnadu do not represent tamilnadu!

    Upload sc verdict and the rap received by center for non formation of CMB from SC..

    PGurus is turning out to be darbari style reporting, reporting or painting anyone as hypocrites and doing karnal sevak for Modi….. blunders by center in CMB is way too apparent….

    • Here it comes in may 8 – and sc r reprimanded center for not forming CMB. We knew who these DMK / ADMK / Congress are… now add BJP … or PGuRUS least accept the failure of chacha nam0hru (namo + Nehru)!

  2. Engineered protests are getting more common. Unless there is strict punishment to those who organise any movement that disrupts public life – monetary and sentences there will be no change. The facts must be brought out simply and succinctly by media in such a way that every citizen of TN knows it. Win the crooks in politics by clear and loud communication on facts and extremely harsh punishments with huge penalty to pay. Cost of disruption of economy during the period of protest must be recovered. Otherwise with no risk of penalty nothing stops for the crooked to get paid protestors with no price to pay and face to lose

  3. That time the Supreme Court had not asked the Centre for constitution of a Scheme or Board whatever it is. BJP is playing politics and opposition also is doing likewise and you are not balanced in your analysis.

  4. Shri Iyer’s description about PROFESSIONAL PROTESTORS is superb. Congratulations Sir. There are a group of people in Tamil Nadu whose main occupation is protests. They will protest against anything and everything, starting from atomic energy to solar energy!


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