Stressful time for Hindus in Tamil Nadu in India

Millions of Hindu are convinced that DMK is misusing its power, authority to achieve its goal of decrying Hindu religion

Millions of Hindu are convinced that DMK is misusing its power, authority to achieve its goal of decrying Hindu religion
Millions of Hindu are convinced that DMK is misusing its power, authority to achieve its goal of decrying Hindu religion

Tamil Nadu: Hindus experiencing severe mental agony with feelings of distress

In Tamil Nadu state in India, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) party came to power after the state election in April 2021.

The founders and the present leaders of the DMK party during the last more than six decades of the existence of the party have never concealed their hate feelings for the Hindu religion and have been decrying the Hindu Gods at every opportunity. Idols of Hindu God were broken, Hindus were described as thieves, and Lord Rama, the most revered God of Hindu religion, was decried, asking “in which engineering college Rama studied” for constructing a bridge between India and Sri Lanka when Lord Rama fought against Ravana to liberate Sita from Ravana’s captivity.

For a period of ten years before the present ruling DMK party came to power in Tamil Nadu, the AIADMK party led by M G Ramachandran, Jayalalitha and others respected the sentiment of Hindus and they showed by their behaviour and talk that they respect Hindu religion and their ethos and traditions.

As of now, the Hindus living in Tamil Nadu are experiencing very severe mental agony with feelings of distress.

When the DMK party has come to power in the month of April 2021, the leadership of the DMK party has been targeting the Hindu religion with some sort of venom and targeting to belittle the religion.

In the last five months after coming to power, the DMK government has been trying to uproot several traditional practices of the Hindu religion and even preventing the temples to function with devotees entering the temple on some days citing the Covid issue. The COVID-19 crisis appears to have been seized as an opportunity by the DMK government in conducting its campaign against the Hindu religion.

Now, even though the intensity of the Covid spread has markedly reduced in Tamil Nadu, liquor shops, cinema theatres, and educational institutions, etc. have been allowed to function, still, there is the restriction on Hindu temples permitting the devotees on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday every week. This step has really caused distressed feelings amongst millions of Hindus living in Tamil Nadu.

The traditional methods of appointing archakas (priests) in Hindu temples have been uprooted by appointing those who do not belong to the Brahmin community and who do not have training strictly under agama sastras (Hindu temple procedures) as priests and replacing the Brahmin priests, who have been functioning with meager income for several decades as per the tradition. The Brahmin priests in temples in the past continued to function so long as their health would permit. Now, the Brahmin priests who have completed 60 years of age have been forced to go on retirement and have been reduced to the level of daily wage earners.

Ever since the DMK came to power, not a day has passed without the government claiming that it has recovered the land belonging to temples, which are said to have been occupied by encroachers. There is no way to ascertain the veracity of the claim made by the government since some of the lands that the government claims have been recovered could be owned by genuine owners for the last several decades, who may not have proper land records.

Now, what would the government do with this land? It is said that the land would be used to construct schools and colleges. Later on, it may even use the land to construct shopping complexes or cinema theatres, or memorials for politicians and others.

Obviously, a lot of corruption will inevitably happen when the government would use the temple land for non-temple purposes with politicians entering the arena and making money. Politicians who belong to the ruling party will have a big advantage in making money in unethical ways as contractors or leaseholders.

To add insult to injury, the DMK government has said that all the gold and jewels in possession of the temples would be melted and converted into bars and deposited in the banks to get income for the government.

These gold and jewels just like the land have been donated to the temples in the past by several thousands of devotees and the government has absolutely no right to take possession of the land and jewels belonging to temples. The government is not the owner of the temples but is only responsible for general administration.

Millions of Hindu are convinced that the DMK government is misusing its power and authority to achieve its goal of decrying the Hindu religion.

It is also noted by the distressed Hindus that the DMK government does not interfere in the religious affairs of the Christians and Muslims and does not lay its hands and the properties and other holdings that are with churches and mosques.

Hindus in Tamil Nadu, most of whom are sincere devotees and want to lead a peaceful life, do not know how to react to the present situation when the Hindu religion is being targeted by the state government.

As of now, the Hindus living in Tamil Nadu are experiencing very severe mental agony with feelings of distress.

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  1. I see a useless comment above, as can be expected of brahmtards. I don’t know if brahmtards run PGG too, but you idiots, stop saying “yindhuism is in danger from dravida mudaliar kazhagam” you retards. Have *some* political brain, please. The time is very very very bad for you and political understanding needs time to sink in.

    The problem of Brahmins with Dravidian Movement is the brahmin hate. Why do you say “tamils have to wait for another stressful 4 years”? If you open your eyes, you will see that half of all the voters, crores of people, voted for Dravida Mudaliar Kazhagam. And the ones who didn’t, didn’t ‘not vote’ for DMK because they are anti-hindu.

    Does it never strike to the Brahmtards that they are the only morons saying “Deemoogaa is anti-yindhu”??

    Your problem is brahmin hate. Know about that. Not DMK, not DK, but

    Nattukottai Nagarathar
    Saiva Vellalar
    Thondaimandala Thuluva Vellala Agamudaya Mudaliar
    (+Kaikolar Mudaliar)

    built Brahmin hate, and Dravidian Movement, and the personality cult called ‘Periyar’. ‘Periyar’ was not a person. Not just that person. ‘Periyar’ was the name of the personality cult built by Chettiar + Mudaliar + Pillai.

    Dravidian Movement = Chettiar + Mudaliar + Pillai Movement,

    and Aravindhan Neelakandan, who wrote ‘Breaking India’ saying ‘Church’ built Dravidian Movement, is a Pillai himself. He obviously knows very well that his very ilk are the seed of all the Brahmin hate in Tamil country for a century. They are the source of the Brahmin hate of Periyar, Karunanidhi, DMK, DK and Karthikeyan Sivasenapathy and so on. One hundred years. Not enough to pierce the thick skull of brahmtards. “They are anti-hindu”. ada pappara mutta koodhigala. Do you see what Aravindhan Neelakandan is doing? He is diverting people from the truths. There was vellala malice and lies inside tamil sphere, and now there are vellala lies outside, and those lies are about the inside world. Brahmtards are the recipients of that hate, and they have absofuckinglutely no clue. More than the Brahmin hate, the haplessness and stupidity of brahmtards hurts me more.

    The problem for Brahmins is Brahmin hate. Talk about it. That way, you won’t have to attack it from the right. It is common to both left and right. The political Right in Tamil Country doesn’t indulge in Brahmin hate not because it doesn’t approve of it. It does. It is either indifferent, or has tacit approval. They have simply outsourced the hate to the left.

    If you call it anti-hindu, you automatically make good people of all the remaining hindus. But the most hinduest tamils built Brahmin hate and Dravidian Movement. Why doesn’t that never enter your thick skulls?

    Calling them anti-hindu might aid in BJP/Indian RW’s agenda because then they can tell India “see how we destroyed anti-hindu forces in TN and upheld hinduism there”.

    Calling them anti-hindu is Indian Right’s way of attacking Left. One way. Maybe, I don’t know. Just saying. Or, more likely, its a way for Tamil groups to silently exit from the Nagarathar-Vellalar (Dravidian) fold and break free. You might ask “Isn’t that a good thing if they break free from #drav, and enter hindutva”?

    Good for whom? For Indian right maybe. But what’s happening is, the tamil criminals, the vanniyar, nadar, konar, gavundar (who abound in TN BJP) are silently burying their past. Dravidian Movement was a pact between the upper shudras: – Chettiar + Mudaliar + Pillai, and the lower shudras vanniyar + nadar + kondar + goundar. TN BJP is filed with the lower shudras, who helped keep chettiar-mudaliar-pillai (dravidian) movement, and its brahmin hate alive for a century. They are burying their past, and in denial mode. Attacking them for an irrelevant reason, like being anti-hindu, is to keep the real truths from coming out. You don’t realise that you are only helping them escape.

    Are you so thickskulled as to think that to be deeply devout hindu, and to have a deep and visceral brahmin hate are mutually exclusive? Both can’t exist together? Hinduizing TN will automatically erase Brahmin hate? You have no clue about the tamil society, tamil people, and nagarathar-vellalar (dravidian) movement. If you ascribe Brahmin hate to anti-hindu forces, you let the real source of hate (chettiar/mudaliar/pillai) escape.

    The problem is not anti-hindu. The problem is ‘tamil’. Don’t use the ‘anti-hindu’ line of attack.

    TheWire, SwarajyaMag are compromised by vellala mafia. Understand the game. Tamil Country has been, and is unique. A unique vile, hateful, vindictive society of veritable demons. They are trying to talk of things as if everything is normal. To see tamil country as left/right, as elsewhere in India, is a great crime. Don’t be *so* stupid, brahmtards.

    DO NOT call Dravida Mudaliar Kazhagam, and Nagarathar-Vellalar (Dravidian) Movement as anti-hindu. You will pay for it dearly. Politically, it is a path of least resistance, a nondi-saakku kinda thing. Don’t do it. Be diligent, and read the ground.

  2. Vanakam NS Venkataraman, thanks for your update on the affairs of TN State Temples. Its everyone’s concern and it’s true that in TN State, also in Gods Own Country Kerala is being ruled by revolving two groups of devils and of late in AP State too temple properties, presiding Deities have been desecrated, temple land banks encroached and devotees have been at the receiving end under atheists/rationalist tomfooleries mouthing values of secularism leaving other two vetoing dominant religions safe and sound! Stolen idols/ artifacts/antiquities reveal poor governance in the country for 74 years! One should appreciate TN State resident Vijay Kumar’s NGO India Pride 15 years of documentation and working 24/7/365 days to get back the said 157 antiquities from USA and in the country!! Will the DMK Govt pats him or …… remains to be seen!! Vijay has been getting emails from his TN state to save temple idols in TN. Watch Praveen Mohan’s efforts nearly got banned by YouTube!! Govt of India must provide them safety and security!

    TN State FM claimed that Madurai Meenakshi Ammal idol was donated and installed by his great great grandfather 400 years ago and booed at Dr.SS and has been taking pot shots at GOI! He runs his ministry as a CFO of a software company taking consultancy from five imported US citizens’ to set right TN State finances at the back drop of 84% of revenue goes towards salaries and pensions so what is there to “plan” with imported experts? As long as TN State Dravidian parties disrespects temples and Brahmins and livestock the State economy will never grow! A cinema based politics will take TN State nowhere.

    If I am not wrong in Tanjavur during January every year Thyagaraja Aaradhana is still organised under Congress-I GK Mupanar family controlled temple Committee! Pre and Post elections in TN State the Country’s leadership knew that DMK will grab power in April 2021 who prevented them to set right AIADMKs two warring camps two years in advance? What happened to Mannargudi group / Shashikala? She’s demonized for a year before 2021 elections but she would have been a safer leader …..Decision seems to have been postponed to use her in 2026 elections by that time DMK’s cancerous governance will damage the State beyond repair. DMK is closer to both the national parties and a few surprise visits to Union Govt doors every now and then will calm down the frayed tempers and situations as is also reported such happenings in two Telugu speaking states for over two years now!

    Had majority community come out and vote enmasse all over the country one can safeguard swayambhoos/self-originated temples and such other temples constructed by our Kings and Queens as their seva contributions for the socio-economic, education, fine arts and allied welfare of the people of their respective provinces. The then Madras Presidency the only culturally rich Southern Province still preserves ancient culture and still nurtures Carnatic music reminding me late Madurai Mani Iyer who performed at UN in 1950s and not to forget Noble Laureate Mathematics genius CV Raman!

    Funny thing is that everyone wants Brahmin priest’s chanting mantras on every event in one’s life from “womb to tomb” (phrase borrowed from prof RV on Pgurus), to take Oath as a minister or as a chakravarty of a state or a nation and to dig deep into family based rule for more than a decade chase Brahmin priests to perform Chandiyagam for them in a hush hush manner! But none of the political parties want Brahmins vote because of social engineering done on only 80% of the voters and hence they are being chased and confused with doles and freebies and make them depend on alms at the cost of tax payers! Since Independence State and Central cabinet ministers are made based on caste based vote percentages!

    I feel it is better not to trust RSS/BJP combination also that have become more secular than the Nehru Gandhi’s party with enhanced religious budgets and the central leadership three weeks ago said India’s freedom movement started from AMU! PM during his US visit said ‘Kamala Harris is an inspiration ……………..” does he want all Tamil people to migrate and convert and become leaders in USA, in TN State and in rest of India also? Most of the school dropouts from mother RSS leaders are not sophisticated except Dr.S.Swamy, Nitin Gadkari and Late Manohar Parrikar, Govindacharya and few others…..RSS/BJP misunderstood Vasudaiva kutumbakam and overly using Mahatma Gandhi while our enemies are growing North-NW-SE and kicking on our butts!

    In Uttarakhand BJP led government nationalised 50 temples and God punished the so called Hindutva party forcing them to change CMs three times in four years! Hence BJP top leadership has become a role model for the entire nation and making India economically a “white elephant” under a cultism and corporate political culture! Why blame other political parties on misuse of Temples and temple funds?

    As far as melting of Gold and other ornaments proposed by the incumbent DMK government to earn interest on it, copy pasting Chidambaram and Sonia’s idea on such a proposal on Padmanabha temple rich assets, the UPA government defeated and I feel that as soon as 24KDM temple gold gets melted at 1063 degrees Celsius the DMK Government longevity gets reduced if not Government folds up! Hence Tamil voters should wait and watch for another stressful four years!


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