Subramanian Swamy urges Tamil Nadu Governor to summon Chief Secretary and take action against the attacks on Brahmin community by rogue DMK, DK and pro-LTTE elements

Brahmins being targeted by DK, DMK and Rump elements of LTTE

Brahmins being targeted by DK, DMK and Rump elements of LTTE
Brahmins being targeted by DK, DMK and Rump elements of LTTE

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Friday urged Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit to take strict action against the recent attacks against the Brahmin community after the new DMK regime came to power. Swamy in a letter asked the Governor to summon the State Chief Secretary and seek a report on the attacks against the defenceless section of the Brahmin community.

“I write today to draw your attention to the current situation of tension in Tamil Nadu arising from the defacto implicit support of the recently elected Government namely that led by the DMK leadership of Mr M K Stalin. The targeting of Brahmins in the State and a verbal terrorizing of this hapless disorganised community is today much like as happened during the early period of the Nazi government led by Adolf Hitler in Germany. I am getting reports from persons living in the State of Tamil Nadu, that Teacher and Pujaris are specifically targeted because they are Brahmins,” said Swamy accusing DMK cadre of unleashing attacks on the Brahmin community and their institutions.

Swamy in his letter accused rogue elements in Dravida Kazhagam (DK), ruling DMK and rump elements of the LTTE is behind these attacks against the Brahmin community and their Institutions. “Since this situation is in the earliest stage after the new State Government came into being, therefore it is too early for me to suggest that Article 356 is presently applicable.

“It is important however now to nip this in the bud for which I request you to summon the Chief Secretary of the Government of Tamil Nadu and ask him to prepare a report of all the grievances of these defenceless sections of the Brahmin community are suffering and subsequently, Excellency may take what you consider to be appropriate action,” said Swamy.

Subramanian Swamy’s letter to Tamil Nadu Governor is published below:

Dr Subramanian Swamy’s Letter Tamil Nadu Governor by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. Tamil Brahmins are too much liberal.Majority of them think by paying tax regularly the state will protect them.The educated ones are migrating out.What will remain in TN will be ultra rich liberals and very poor conservative priests.This will be less than a lakh in couple of decades!

    The remaining middle class should migrate out before it is too late!Go North and merge with other Brahmins and relative community.Be practical ..

  2. Brahmins in TN have been the target of DK/DMK/NT and in fact every party since long. The variance of torture was felt when the administration got into the hands of Jayalalitha as she herself was a Brahmin. She had not supported the cause of Brahmins even to a minimum degree, but the atrocities receded on Brahmins, merely due to psychological reasons as the police force was active in taking action on the hooligans.
    Brahmins are eing attacked purely by the goons engaged by the Christian and Muslim community and the lead if investigated can go a very long way to even foreign countries. It is the monetary funding by the foreign agencies as a gift for conversion of Hindus. Even the so called mother, Terrasa, was involved in child trade for reducing the Hindu population as much as possible. Lot of money was paid to the brokers as well as the victims from Hindu community. TN can be called a successful areana in large conversion activities. Though, this act of conversion was continuing for a long time, the full force could be felt only in the past few years as the political party leaders having been fully influenced by the enormous money from foreign countries, carefully cntrolled the important places like Police, Temples Educational Institutions etc. As I said, TN is the most infectious part as far as the conversion is concerned. It may be possible that all these elements jointly seek a disintegration after driving out the Hindu population. Already, a sizeable number has moved out of the State either to foreign countries or Other States in India. Interview with Brahmins living in North India will reveal this fact. All avenues for livelihood, education etc. have been intentionally blocked by whichever government came to power after the original congress rule. I heard that Kamarajj sent a circular to the educational institution not to give any preference to Brahmins in admission. Is it not an intentional forfeiting of the fundamental rights? Brahmins could not raise their objection for all such attrocities by EVR, Annadurai, Karunanidhi and their hundred of followers. They had the direction to destablise this community who was strictly keeping Hinduism alive all these years. If once this community is eliminated, the Hindu religion and the community would face a natural death in Tamil Nadu. This is the main cause for attacking a week community by the representatives of other agencies.

  3. I request the public not to fall as a prey to these kind of political and Religious motivated incidents and letters. Hope the TN people haven’t forgot the Shree Kanchi Shankar Acharya arrest by AIADMK Govt. Whether it’s a Hindu, Muslim or Christian, who ever has done a child molestation kind of crime has to be brought to justice. I think the objective of this letter is to try escape the culprits by painting cast and religion against it. Let’s be sensible. Each one of us should realise that people in TN are leading most peaceful life in India. Pls mind the France and Rwandan Genocide where they massacred 8 lacs people in 1994…if any law and order situation arises, pls deal it as a law and order issue only rather than a cast and Religious issue. Why BJP is always critising Muslim but not the Christians, are they afraid of US, UK and France. Infact they are the one who convert the Hindus by exploiting their poverty and situations.

  4. Since independence our country is inflicted with Yatha Raja Tatha Praja syndrome. Nehru Gandhi’s spoiled the social fabric and politics are controlled by as many as two dozen families with poor educational background coupled with cultureless parental upbringing with patented formula “proverbial 3Ws” — Wealth Wine and Woman!. Not with Frank Worrall -Wes Hall-Clyde Walcott the then West Indian ace cricketers!!

    Not only in TN State but also in the country temples, temple priests have been suffering majority of them are Brahmins. Question is why politicians of any political party need a Brahmin to perform namakaranam ceremony in their respective families, Annaprasanna for under one year old child, pre and post wedding and after death ritual the said community services are needed and here one should not forget immersion our departed netas Urn/ashes in Gangs or any one of the seven holy seven rivers and or in the nearby 393 tributaries in the country with a family purohit or a Brahmin priest chanting appropriate mantras! If I am not wrong Nehru Gandhi’s went a step further and did sprinkle urn/ashes of our netas on the Himalayas under secular garb too! In our country political setups dominated by certain caste/religion or a combination of both hybrid regional parties much worse than China Wuhan Virus.

    Dr.S.Swamy writing a letter to TN State Governor is a routine ritual and he helps one and all. What will Governor do? Simply he keeps it in a file and forwards the same to CM. The state CM usually will not have time to scratch his butts/look into it and the Cabinet Secretary keeps it on his desk stumbling up on from time to time without archiving it! Of course Dr.S.Swamy keeps a copy of it and does his work perfectly. Unfortunately his RSS breed political outfit BJP does very little on the above said attacks on Brahmins because PM Modi-Shah needs both DMKs MPs support to pass this or that Bill in the Parliament under “numbers game” democratic module and certainly not on merits of debates based voting! BJPs duo believes in Social Engineering on which both failed in South India thrice ( except Karnataka due to BSY!). In the recent TN elections duo followed Tughlak only to become a Tughlak for the third time again! Sorry Bhakths!

    There is no point in trusting present day RSS with some of its poorly educated netas leading from front blind folded, its defunct Swadeshi Jagaran Manch (kumbhakaran manch), VHP, Durga Vahini et al.

    Initially and to start with instead of claiming believers in Vishnavites / Shivites and belonging to Advaita (non-dualism) / Dwaita (dualism) / Vishista Advaita (qualified non dualism) school of thoughts Brahmins are already now under BPL and the need of the hour is to arrive at a solution may be by forming All India Sanatana Dharma Trust for Brahmin’ children’s future education and placements wherein all Brahmin community voluntarily pool their excess financial resources if any on their own volition. Later other Hindu communities can be admitted based on economic status. Along with worshiping the Mother Nature and Brahmins also we will never economically prosper. Pgurus subscribers can through some light on such trust(s) if any already existing in our Country. I am also searching too!

  5. Modi has been silent somewhat on west bengal TMC violence on hindus who voted for BJP. But so far, Modi has taken no action on mamta. In tamilnadu, intentionally, brahmin schools, brahmin kanchi mutt etc are targeted by DK/DMK to defame and make brahmins extinct. It is time, Swamy takes the matter to supreme court. I have lost hope on BJP, a party i support and adore. DMK is clear , present danger to brahmins.

    • Sir what about N.Ram, Kamala Haasan, Sitharaman Yechuri, Ramachandra Guha, all born in noble Brahmin families who blatantly project anti Hindu stand ?

      • Venkat Ji, Gora Sastry in AP State too! In fact most of the Commies are Brahmins no doubt!

        Causes of this perverted tendencies should be investigated. I read that hard core communist BLITZ weekly editor Mr.Karanjia (not a Brahmin) before his death washed off his sins by accepting Hinduism and met BJP leader such as LKA and ABV. If we look at their palms life, heart, education lines shows inverted ! Meaning rationalist/agonstics and their lives are being saved by their respective better halves doing daily pooja at home and in temples! Such lines at the time of birth are not normal as found in majority people! (I am not a Palmist but glance books of all kinds) Brahminical arrogance is as easy as duck takes to water!

        If one looks at RSS 70% of them are Brahmins and work for the nation but certain groups from within quarrel among themselves thus denying our nation quality Governance, bringing reforms in policies and procedures, social order and strong internal security first! RSS breed politicians preach Hindutva when occupying opposition benches and when gets into the shoes of political power and pelf sing secular songs leaving its hard core supporters red faced which is in plenty since November 2016 DeMO and now second wave Covid pushing under BPL! I do not think RSS is making note of this! Reforms are needed in RSS.

    • Sir, if we watch the you tube contents which are widely getting published, there is no control. simply hatred is stuff is being spread. Nothing educative and no value. Is it not under the purview of the authorities to take suitable measures to bring things under control, leaving aside the cast, religion, political party etc etc.., dignity of the general public who are not interested in man-man politics should be protected which is good for the society…hence such letters from MP may help the people to think…never ending tug-of-war is not good…some one has to initiate steps to moderate.

      • Radhakrishnan Ji Vanakkam, truly said full of abusive contents without control having a minimum of ten lakh subscribers and a minimum of two lakhs views! Funding such anti-nationals may be one of the reasons and further getting ads adds to their coffers.True nationalist’s self funded channels are just a dozen struggling to upload and meet expenses! RSS baby BJP adopts use and throw policy and hence nationalist frets and fumes! Their anger can be seen on youtube with regard to WB State post election violence and covid second wave.

        Since my school days, I admire late Nanaji Deshmukh,late Parrikar, Gonvindacharya I support nationalist Dr.S,Swamy because he is sincere as RSS follower and he gets good respect in the country and abroad.Within BJP/RSS who call him a maverick themselves are mavericks having skin deep patriotism. There is no quality left in RSS and they are after power and saving UPA scamsters.

  6. The efforts of Dr.Subramanian Swamy is highly commendable. He has aptly compared to the present state in TN with early stages of Nazi Germany. TN Governor should summon Chief Secretary of TN to understand the reality. It is high time TN Governor should warn the DMK government, so that the lumpen elements in the party should not let loose their attack on Brahmins.

  7. Brahmins are being targeted everywhere in the country. BJP was formed and developed by Brahmin leaders like AB Bajai and LK Advani. But now Brahmin leaders are marginalised in BJP. One never forget the Brahmins are the backbone of Hinduism. If they are annihilated Hinduism will be deeply damaged. This is the reason behind targeting Brahmins.

  8. Only people like Swamy can save Iyers and Iyengars. BJP will show little interest in saving them from the attacks of so called Dravidian goons. It is high time for RSS and BJP to invest grass root organisational development in Tamil Nadu instead of parachuting some leaders without followers. Meanwhile the Brahmins of TN need to shed their narrow mindedness and put up a united front by encompassing all i.e. Shivaites, Vaishnavites among them and other communities of Tamil people to fight anti national forces.

    • Hindu consolidation is gathering steam in TN and even in Kerala. But people see BJP having a hidden Hindi/North-Indian agenda and DMK/Left are exploiting this sentiment.

      Revive Hindu Munnani as a political force that is 100% Hindu, 0% Hindi. No better person than Subramaniam Swamy to bring this into existence. Until then, this grassroots Hindu awakening will not translate to political power.

      • Excellent suggestion. Why depend on Swamy alone ? Hindu leaders of the South Indian states should take the initiative and revive the Munnani.

      • First let us be clear definition of HINDU
        Lot of confusion without knowing who is HINDU
        only brahmins are HINDU

        what about SHIVA worshipers are they not attacked
        SHAKTHI worshipers are not attacked
        Are they not attacked for conversion


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