Subramanian Swamy and Madhu Kishwar release NDTV Frauds in Delhi

NDTV Frauds launched in New Delhi

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]N[/dropcap]DTV Frauds, the book exposing the manipulations and illegalities committed by New Delhi Television Ltd. was launched in New Delhi by Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy and noted activist-writer Madhu Kishwar. The function convened at Constitution Club on March 27 evening was attended by people from different walks of life in the Capital city, except the media world.

Some Shakuni was trying to save NDTV. But now all that has changed and actions are on the way. We all will unite to see that the corrupt persons going to jail,” he said.

Speaking after releasing the book, Subramanian Swamy aptly said that there would be 100s of people from journalists representing all media houses at the functions attended by him. “However I can’t see any one from media houses, as this book is about their frauds. They might be thinking after NDTV Frauds, some other book will come on their frauds too. That might be the reason that all media houses were united in absconding from the function,” said Swamy, igniting a big laughter from audience from all walks of life.

Speaking at the function, Madhu Kishwar narrated how NDTV hunted her by filing a defamation case for exposing their frauds in 2013. She said that after coming to power BJP Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not enthusiastic in taking actions against the “open and shut cases” of illegalities committed by the TV Channel. Madhu Kishwar narrated her talks with Modi earlier about the NDTV channel’s malicious propagandas against him “But somehow actions are missing now,” she said, adding that all must unite for finishing this corrupt channel, which often peddles anti-India propagandas.

Cooling the temper of Madhu Kishwar, Subramanian Swamy said that he would help her in settling the legal issues. “Don’t worry Madhuji, we are all with you. I am sure the actions are coming soon. Some Shakuni was trying to save NDTV. But now all that has changed and actions are on the way. We all will unite to see that the corrupt persons going to jail,” he said.

Virat Hindustan Sangam (VHS) leaders Jagdish Shetty, Aseervatham Achary, Suneel Maggo, Harish  Sharma, T G Mohandas, Varun Veer and Zaheer Ansari were present in the function.

The book written by Sree Iyer is published by Rare Books. The books are available in Amazon in eBook and Hard Copy format. It is available in leading book stalls also. The book launch will also be conducted on Mumbai on the 30th of March, Chennai on the 31st and Bangalore on the 2nd of April.

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  1. This sort of Media House should immediately expelling by Ministey of Broadcasting, though they are behind with every Antinational Agendas, like NRC, CAA, Elections, and any public events internationally have an importance like US President visit etc or any Army related activity their journalist how reached at sensible places is a big dignity question who allow them to access to be also investigated, because of this Channel Doordarshan become a National Joke in the name of entertainment, they have close Nexus in PTI, will become mock over this channels complaints should also be punished, why their anchors spreading anti national agenda news fakely crtiscizing higest citizen of this nation Hon President of Republic Inda, should ban n locked downbpermanently

  2. This was due from a long time. On the name of free media this channel was involved in only doing negative and biased reporting. One of the worst kind of free media one has ever witnessed. If you follow their type of news and aim you can make out they are not self motivated but externally motivated with a communist agenda. This TV needs to banned right away without even much of enquiry. NDTV is a shame in the name of media. They operate with a dirty agenda and that too to demonise the country. An action has to come by this other media houses don’t dare to walk the path of Anti-Nationalism

  3. There’s only room for journalism that blindly supports the government now. Ask uncomfortable questions and thou shalt be called a fraud, anti national etc. But none of those uncomfortable questions will be answered. Citizens, ask yourself if this is what you voted for? Tomorrow it could be you at the receiving end.

    • We wouldnt be…everyone is intelligent today…they know who is before backing tjese frauds…you should think million times.

  4. If Swamy is a right emotional brain of Modi stirring up sentiments,ethics,global outlook etc then Jaitley is his left-anaytical cognitive brain. So all these jugalbandhi between Swamy and Jaitley may confuse an average readers but these are well orchestrated to control media/TV channels so as to sing along prescribed tunes set by current Govt and not to stray from it.

      • why do u think i praise it,
        Doesn’t look nice for those people who are in such powerful positions in ruling party to keep attacking it which shows intentions are something else.
        And why so much of venom is spread on it by people close to ruling party like writng a dedicated book on it etc as if to silence it completely? If the media entity had done financial frauds of whatever proportion it may be why not silently take action on it rather than attacking it on social media as if it is a political party?

  5. MEDIA unprofessional and unethical in their duties in keeping away from an even like this. Media is not some body’s grand father’s property to use as they feel convenient, like grand father Farook Abdulla phermaised.

  6. Very disheartening and depressing. No action has been taken in yet another open and shut case of the maran’s illegal telephone exchange exposed by shri gurumurthy. Is the bjp waiting for the 2019 elections.

  7. Well done by Dr.Swamy and Madam Madhu kishwar.This particular Channel with political patronage from few antinational Political leaders including Prestitute journalism brigade has been tarnishing the image of Hindustan led by Modiji.They must be taught a lesson so that others get alerted not to venture into antinational criminal activities.


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