Subramanian Swamy’s 10 questions to Delhi Police on Sunanda murder probe

List of probing questions asked by Swamy of the Delhi Police in connection with the murder of Sunanda Pushkar

List of probing questions asked by Swamy of the Delhi Police in connection with the murder of Sunanda Pushkar
10 questions posed by Swamy to the Delhi Police on the Sunanda Murder probe

While arguing in Delhi High Court, Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy had posed 10 questions on the shoddy probe of the Delhi Police in the mysterious Sunanda murder probe. Swamy’s first question on the status of the Vigilance probe ordered by Delhi Police about its first probe team’s dubious activities was a hard punch. The BJP leader’s questions were point blank on the lacunae and the destruction of evidence that happened during the tenure of the then Joint Commissioner Vivek Gogia. The silence of the Delhi Police on these 10 questions was deafening. Here are the 10 point blank questions that Swamy asked during his arguments in the High Court on July 20:

1) Was a Vigilance inquiry ordered by the Delhi Police on the delay in proceeding with the Sunanda unnatural death case? If so, what is the outcome of the inquiry?

2) Besides why the Delhi Police was lax following the Post-mortem Report of the Medical Board constituted by AIIMS, concluding death as unnatural and due to poisoning after a violent struggle by the victim, and the FBI of USA also confirmed the poisons in degraded viscera submitted 1½ years later?

3) AIIMS post mortem report submitted to Delhi Police on January 20, 2014, and further updated reports dated September 27, 2014, December 29, 2014, and January 12, 2016, have clearly mentioned Delhi Police’s lack of cooperation, such as in not handing over the crime scene photos and bed sheets, pillow cover and tablets from the crime scene to AIIMS Forensic Department.

4) The Economic Offences Wing of Delhi Police also opined that the murder was prima facie connected to Indian Premier League (IPL) bidding for the Kochi franchise. Testimony of journalists in touch with Sunanda also confirmed this. Why was the ED not alerted to register a money laundering case?

5) Is it a fact that Delhi Police on very next day of murder gave back deceased Sunanda’s one mobile phone collected from the Hotel Leela and which was given to Shashi Tharoor at his residence? If so who authorized this extraordinary destruction of evidence?

6) To which Police Officer was Sunanda’s own phones found in the room entrusted? Are these phones now data wiped clean?

7) Are CCTV recordings the floor where Sunanda was a resident of Hotel Leela blank or wiped out? Since when, because until Jan 17, 2014 – 23:57 hrs, visuals were available on the Hotel’s server. The CCTV footage of Main Porch of the Hotel is available till 17:44 hrs of January 15, 2014. Thereafter only from January 27 from 12:12 hours. Why?

8) Did any Delhi Police Officer access the recordings before it was wiped out?

9) Is it a fact that no medicine or tablets were seized from the room on Jan 18, 2014, the day after the demise of Sunanda? And were Alprax and other medicines seized only on Jan 19, 2014? Why the delay? Did Sunanda have a prescription for Alprax? Or did Shashi Tharoor?

10) Is it a fact the eatables in Sunanda’s Hotel Room were seized only in November 2014, i.e., after about 11 months?

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