Sunanda death case: Court warns Delhi Police against delays and lacunae. Directs to finish submission of documents by October 4

Are Shashi Tharoor's friends from Lutyens Delhi putting pressure on Delhi Police from doing their work in the Sunanda murder case?

Are Shashi Tharoor's friends from Lutyens Delhi putting pressure on Delhi Police from doing their work in the Sunanda murder case?
Are Shashi Tharoor's friends from Lutyens Delhi putting pressure on Delhi Police from doing their work in the Sunanda murder case?

The fast track court on Thursday cautioned the Delhi Police for lacunae in the copy charge sheet provided to Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, the main accused in the mysterious death of his wife Sunanda. Tharoor’s advocate Vikas Pahwa pointed out that the Delhi Police not yet provided many witness statements attached in the charge sheet. He submitted a list of items that he claimed the police have not yet provided. The Court ordered Delhi Police to rectify all the issues and provide documents sought by October 4, cautioning it to be careful in the future.

Responding to the accused Tharoor’s lawyer’ arguments, Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Samar Vishal expressed displeasure and told the Public Prosecutor and Delhi Police officers to be more careful. “These issues will create problems during the trial. Be clear by October 4,” said the Judicial Officer.

As per the charge sheet, there are about 56 witnesses in the Sunanda case. Tharoor’s complaint was he was not yet provided all the statements attached in the charge sheet by the police. The Court said that Subramanian Swamy’s reply and petitions will be considered after the verification of the copy of the charge sheet provided to the accused.

12 marks on the body of Sunanda

Delhi Police which promised to the trial court on further probe has not yet moved an inch on these aspects. Delhi Police informed the court that they are probing on the 12 injury marks on Sunanda’s body and other issues pointed out in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) postmortem report. At one point ACMM Samar Vishal asked police to speak on the 12 injury marks in Sunanda’s body and analysis of the AIIMS postmortem report about these dubious injury marks. At that time, which was about three months ago, the Delhi Police had told the Court that a probe was underway on this aspect.

Earlier in his petition, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy pointed out that Tharoor should be charged for trying to manipulate investigation, citing his emails to the doctors conducting the postmortem.  Swamy also demanded that the Delhi Police Vigilance Report exposing the dubious activities of the first probe team led by the then Joint Commissioner Vivek Gogia be produced before the court[1].

The Delhi Police has till now charged Shashi Tharoor only under Sec 306 of IPC (abetment to suicide) and provisions under Sec 498A related to domestic violence.  The question on everyone’s lips is why Delhi Police is still delaying the probe on the 12 injury marks on Sunanda’s body, which was clearly analysed by AIIMS, the premier medical institution in the country. Why is the Delhi Police shying away from producing its own Vigilance Report, exposing the frauds and illegalities committed by the first probe team led by the then Joint Commissioner Vivek Gogia to save Tharoor?

Are Tharoor’s partying friends from Lutyens Delhi still playing dirty games and pressurising the Delhi Police?


[1] Sunanda case – Delhi Police hush up Vigilance Report exposing sabotage of investigation by first probe team led by Jt. Commissioner Vivek GogiaJul 7, 2018,

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  1. Vishwanathji, You sound pessimistic, cynical & do not analyze events thoroughly before reaching a conclusion.

    Had Dr. Swami not taken the initiative, this Sunanda case would have been buried long back.

    Dr. Swami’s ceaseless efforts ensured the perpetrators are held up in tenterhooks. SASHI THAROOR IS IN A BAIL GADI, for your kind attention.

    There still are bright chances of obtaining a conviction of the accused – in spite of the best efforts (by UPA moles in Delhi Police & some Ministries) to defer or derail or delay the case.

    “””Dr Swamy despite his best effort is unable to close a single case..!!!!”

    How mercilessly you have belittled Dr. Swami’s achievements & efforts

    On the contrary, I assert Dr. Swami has scrupulously rescued our nation from the ill-effects of ALL the Scam cases he opted to fight

    What do you mean by CLOSING A CASE??!!

    The ‘priority obectives’ of a true, patriotic whistle-blower like Dr. Swami are – in order – (1) Bring the scam to surface & alert the nation (2) protect the nation from the ill-effects of the scam by reversing the ‘inequities & wrongs’ perpetrated by the Scamsters (3) Retribution for the culprits

    In ALL the cases handled by Dr. Swami, he has successfully & gratefully achieved the first two objectives. The third objective is for the various Courts to fulfill.

    Almost all the readers of these posts in PGurus are from the creamiest layer of the society. Tell me how many of us would have even imagined to fight injustice, the way Dr. Swami is doing!!

    I know you too are an admirer of Dr. Swami. But let us bubble with optimism & enthusiasm instead of getting mired by cynicism

  2. Courts should stop entertaining anything from the Delhi police i.e. ban them from filing cases in the court. Then public anger will run high & trash the polic like terrorists doing in J & K. with policemen – abduct / kidnap & kill them. IN Delhi the policemen will be lynched. thats the only way to go forward for the court. Else order rigorous jail term on all key policemen for 10-15 years

  3. Court cannot take action against a govt employee !! i.e. If court has power to dismiss a govt employee then only the police will fall in line, else they will delay & nothing will happen. Court can only give strictures which is like a barking dog which cannot bite.

  4. Nothing will come out of this effort from Dr Swamy too.. Unfortunate but true
    The judiciary is happy to play the delay tactics. The delhi police will never submit the details in original form and most evidences have since been destroyed..
    A repeat can be seen when Apollo hospital says that all CCTV during JJayalalitha stay has since been erased!!!
    The system is corrupt all across. Big money silences every conscience that is supposed to wield power and responsibilities.

    Dr Swamy despite his best effort is unable to close a single case.. A nationalist that he is, is trying to put brave efforts… The nation is under threat but sadly we are losing the game to the crooks in case after case

  5. Delhi Police is tied up from Higher-ups due to Tharoor’s partying friends in all parties. If Swamy is not in picture this case would have been hushed-up

  6. Historic parallell – Nagamani Case where Baboos and Ministers getaway with murder. A mere jujubee for The Judiciary who can swallow wholesale Hindu Murders by our Merciful Minorities and can pervert the Constitution at will.
    Should the people stage an apocalypse while the Murderers are playing for a Resurrection?

  7. It seems now, even the Delhi Police too is still in the clutches of UPA Mafia.

    But I am sure Dr. Swami is keenly watching the STAGE MANAGED SHADOW BOXING between Delhi Police & Shashi Tharoor- intended to delay the Trial proceedings.


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