Swami Paramatmananda explains Sanatana Dharma as the Supreme Truth

In this engrossing discussion, Swami Paramatmananda discusses the real meaning of Sanatana Dharma and what it stands for. Also discussed are the intolerance of some groups who wish to paint this Eternal Flow in a bad light and those who swallow their spiel hook, line and sinker. A must watch for politicians!

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  1. What Swamiji has said is true. But being truthful alone will not save Sanatana Dharma. Best example is the destruction of india under foreign invasions. In the present day world even if you want truth to survive one requires wealth and muscle power. See the fate of Dalailama.

    Swamijis and rishis cannot save a truthful nation. What was the need for rishis like Vihwamitra and Vasishta to take the help of Rama ? To uphold truth one has to be a mighty military power and judicially ruthless to eliminate evil forces. Have hindus not learned lessons from Mahabharata ?


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