Swamy urges PM to withdraw amendments diluting the Prevention of Corruption Act

Opposing amendments to weakening the Prevention of Corruption Act, Swamy urges the PM to withdraw them.

Opposing amendments to weakening the Prevention of Corruption Act, Swamy urges the PM to withdraw them.
Swamy opposes another UPA ploy escape Corruption

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to withdraw the amendments meant to dilute the Prevention of Corruption Act scheduled in the current session of Parliament. In his letter, Swamy said the “sinister move” behind these amendments is to delete the power vested in Section 13(1)(d)(iii) and totally dilute the Act.

Swamy has already moved a counter amendment against the Bill initiated by the Government in Rajya Sabha.

BJP leader pointed out that these amendments were first initiated by the UPA regime in 2013, when they were caught in several scams. This dubious move by UPA claimed that the powerful clauses in the Prevention of Corruption Act deter officers from taking decisions, he said.

Swamy said that if these powerful sections were deleted, no Minister can be prosecuted for corruption. This would totally collapse the CBI’s move against corruption and further investigations, he said.

“In the 2G Spectrum Scam Supreme Court judgment and other judgments on the corruption of public officials, this Section 13(1)(d)(iii) was heavily relied on. The UPA Government brought in this Amendment Bill in 2013 on the untenable pretext that fear of quick prosecution under this Section, civil servants delay decisions. But this is no reason for our Government, which has committed during 2014 elections to fight corruption vigorously. This Section makes it easier to prosecute Ministers who pass orders to enable their relatives and friends to benefit from illegal corrupt decisions.

Thus Mr. Chidambaram’s decisions as Minister has not benefitted actually Mr. Chidambaram directly, but his son has amassed huge wealth in almost all the decisions especially in FIPB approvals,” said Swamy.

Swamy has already moved a counter amendment against the Bill initiated by the Government in Rajya Sabha. He urged Prime Minister to give instructions to concerned Minister for to desist from moving diluting amendment provisions in the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Subramanian Swamy’s detailed letter to PM  is published below:

Subramanian Swamy's Letter to PM on Dilution of PC Act July 15, 2017 by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. Swamy stands upon a burning deck whence a Sharad Pawar worshiping Modi has fled.

    Till today, while bribe giving is defined as a crime to shelter Nehru’s Babus, bribe taking is yet to be defined as criminal extortion and treason with commensurate punishment as it is the man on Government pay roll who is vested with the power to deny the citizen their simple rights unless bribed.

    The Modi Sarkar is carrying out all the flawed Khangress policies from Resecravtions to Ectortion (i.e. Corruption) One of the first bills they passed after coming to power was to enable Neta-Babus to go abroad with family and friends for medical treatment at State expense instead of ensuring high quality and inexpensive health care for all citizens.

    Modi Sarkar is Khangressi in saffron clothing. Crypto Moslems, like their worship of Gandhi with the corrupt Constitution as a religion in Taliban uniforms and espousal of Devnagari Urdu (Hindi.) They have dropped the stalwarts who got them their votes from Godse, Golwalkar and Savarkar to Lal Krishna Advani.

  2. Strange that in this big country we don’t see a second Swamy to take on the corrupt.He is unfortunately a single man army. God bless him with health and tenacity.

  3. Swamy should make the authorities to introduce checks and balances in the system to make the system foolprrof and difficult for corruption whoever may be in the power .

  4. Amendment/exception in any law becomes counter-productive,defeats the very purpose. Instead of fighting corruption the law itself becomes CORRUPT.
    As in case of Preamble of Constitution assuring EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY 2 ALL INDIANS has lost its originality by large number of amendments& exceptions,has become dragging and quasi permanent measure, Caste based RESERVATIONS ramified to Promotions, all other public expenditure,discouraged talent/merit/eligibility, produced generations of GENERAL DEPRIVED through State motivated negative discrimination for 67 years.
    In both cases opportunistic politics plays major role whether to facilitate corruptions at high levels or killing talent akin to invaders’ conspiracy to keep enterprising Indians backward& subdued.

  5. A ‘powerful lobby’ is still doing the bid for the corrupt UPA with the sole aim of protecting the corrupt UPA Ministers from imminent prosecution & jail

    This lobby obviously consists of a dozen bureaucrats & possible one or two Ministers in the NDA Cabinet.

    Why was Manmohan not chargesheeted even though he had signed a large number of coal mines illegally?

    How come the criminal Chidambaram is roaming free & writing sermons in Newpapers?

    Why was the CORRUPTION KING of Maharashtra bestowed with honorary title instead of being prosecuted & sent to jail along with Bhujbal?

  6. Unlike Shri Swamy Mr Modi is not about corruptionless government. He is after power and teips around the world. He is authoritarian and has least respect for tax payers. He kisses the axx of rich, condone corrupt congees, convince the common public cunningly but do no real work and he is taking revenge on all Indians or most who shunned him and scolded him during Gujarat riots instead of hailing him as another avatar….. Mr Swamy will be lone wolf, could shout but cant do anything because majority of Indians are lame duck cattle herd who are cowards to the core wont support Mr Swamy because of their contrived confused cocky perspectives. Most of the human monkeys (majority) deserve only foreign born prostitutes and prestitudes..

  7. Dr.Subramanium Swami is one man army to fight against corruption, His view should be watched by every vigilent nationalist.I honestly pray God to protect Swami from evil cast, grant him batter official power.

  8. Dr Swamy is always right and he should be fully supported in all respects .Let us all prevail upon the Hon P.M to ensure the relevant section is not deleted and ensure that the corrupt do not go scott free.Thank you Dr Swamy for being ever vigilant


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