T G Mohandas, the Subramanian Swamy of Kerala makes startling revelations on who runs Kerala

More details tumble out from the closet from T G Mohandas on when Counterfeit currency entered Kerala. Another shocking fact - Dubai economically controls three directions of Kochi city with the South side being the only one open. Who runs Kerala? Watch this hangout to know!

Book Available at – Paperback version of Who painted my money white? is here!


  1. Do you know Malayalam? If yes please read my tweets on the church and don’t you go by Communist propaganda and subsequent case against me

  2. Sir, like one group doing missionary marketing, keeping holy book even in hotel toilets!, other doing Love Jihad, printing duplicate notes & buying properties, why cant you do some different tactics? Our constitution allows that. Instead of complaining about other religions doing this , that, you should also do soft conversions, planned conversion, or whatever…. i was told that there is a group focusing on HR courses, HR training programs, so that majority of the HR is held by that religion, So recruitment and priority will also be like that. Watch out HR recruiters of mid sized companies. Honestly, There is no religion and caste, all are doing aggressive marketing for money and power.

  3. Like Modi and Sha peddling hatred and intolerance. Yadha Raja Tadha Praja. This man T G Mohandas who wants centuries old church in Arthungal to be demolished and temple built there.

    • Arthungal church is actually giving hospitality to ayyappa devotees and to demolish it on what grounds ? Yours xtian saints are always a blessing to mallus, who treat people without asking them to go to hospitals

  4. TN is another hotspot for islamic groups – possibly with funding sources from Sri Lanka and Malaysia. It was very interesting to see the amount of facebook chatter before the loksabha elections… so many bots were putting all sorts of fake messages …very likely funded by PFI and other foreign outfits… even during the capture of Abhinandan, there were a ton of messages being injected into social media supporting Imran Khan… and dumb people on FB easily gobble up news – fake or not… so, there is a strong need to monitor social media (without needing collaboration with FB) to identify these sources.

    BTW, the jallikattu agitation was also hijacked by Islamic fanatic group PFI to make it an anti-Modi agitation…

  5. Given the strong ISIS support in Kerala, there is a need to de-radicalize. But this fake currency problem is a huge issue for all the tax payers of India. Make Kerala into a Union Territory so as to bring police directly under central control.


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