T R Ramesh President Indic Collective challenges TTD auction decision, to move the Court for a stay

T R Ramesh, President of Indic Collective and Temple Worshipers Society dissects the decision of the TTD on auctioning "unviable" property and also comes up with several suggestions on alternatives. He quotes a recent ruling in Tamil Nadu HC on a similar matter and asserts that this TTD move will be stayed. A must-watch!


  1. Namaste Ramani,
    Don’t you think we, you and me and everyday people should step up and do something about this? Are you close by the temple without pooja? Can you or someone you know do it? We can’t wait for the government to solve our problems.

  2. Another suggestion, can we start volunteering to cut back on the number of staff required? That will dramatically reduce the outlays for salary expenses.

  3. My Pranams to PGurus and Mr T R Ramesh. This is thought provoking discussion. My request is there are more than 30000 Temples across various villages in Tamilnadu where only a One Kala Puja is performed. Many main deities are without oil , Milk, water abishegams. This is one of the prime reasons for us not progressing. We must ensure these poojas are performed and the Sivachariars livelihood is taken care of so that they will continue with their duty with much more pride and Happiness. This will ward away all our evils. If each village temple is maintained then the village prospers and in turn the country prospers.
    Thank you


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