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A leader, by definition, doesn’t need a chance. He creates chances.

The world is a cruel, heartless place. It lets you succeed when it has no other alternative left. You may believe you deserved better. We...

The Kaushal Report – Priyanka Vadra compelled into Politics

A recent Supreme Court order compelled Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to enter into active politics. This Supreme Court order also compelled the opposition parties to...

पीढ़ियों से राज करते हुए शहज़ादे

पीढ़ियों से राज करते हुए शहज़ादे

Bells toll for Dynasty, Upstarts, and Media

Some elections become defining moments in history. The recent polls in five States, viz., Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa and Manipur, were simply scheduled...


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