A leader, by definition, doesn’t need a chance. He creates chances.

A leader chooses the opportunities to build his own path


The world is a cruel, heartless place. It lets you succeed when it has no other alternative left.

You may believe you deserved better. We all do. But deserved from whom? Who owed us anything?

In reality, you are exactly where you deserved to be. If you want to be in some other place, you need to walk/crawl/fight/blast your way to the place. Americans were teaching computers at IIT Kanpur in the 1960s. They tried to convince the government to launch a computerisation programme. The government point blank refused. How could “workers” be replaced with computers in a socialist economy. So Americans taught the graduates how to migrate to the US. The trend continues to this day.

So much for Rajiv Gandhi and computer.

The Lootian Dynasty

Lootian Dynasty not only put India behind in fifty years more than the Mughals and the British could do in 500 years. But they also created huge patronage racket. It started giving government accommodations to media persons and other “artistes.” They sing its praise in so loud a voice to this day, that you can never hear the true extent of the destruction it wrought.

In addition, these Luddites resisted change even more than the original Luddites! There was a gravy train, that everyone dipped into and there would be a few backstabbings here and there, to settle a score or two but by and large the Lootian system worked; nay thrived. But when a chaiwala, not educated from the Lootian approved list of institutions embraces change, it is sticking in their throats. Alas, they are not Nilakanthas – can’t keep it there – hence the vomit. Vomit of derision, vomit of hate, vomit of dissent.


The present government has to bring the cases it has opened to a logical conclusion. And not by meeting accused in public light nor clandestinely in the garb of a Christmas present. It is time that a common man showed Lootians their place, which for most is Tihar.

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  1. Rajiv Gandhi was not at the helm of affairs in 1960. Can pgurus team give us the name of American professors who taught in IITs in 1960? Why did these professors come to India in 1960? Can pgurus prove that the American professors told the Indian government to start using computers and the government said no just for the sake of continuing the socialist agenda?

    An US school got a time share computer machine around 1965 and Bill Gates (born in 1953) High School was the first to get a time share machine whose limited slots he had to book to do programming. The PC kit in US was introduced by a computer magazine around 1970. Rajiv invited Sam Pitroda from US to give him ideas on improving Telecom infrastructure in India. Computer networking of Asian Games village in 1982 is considered to be the beginning of computer revolution in India. Spread any hearsay to tarnish Nehru and his legacy seems to be the motive of pgurus.


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