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Be a thought leader

Recently I read a post on social media wherein an Indian writes that the Chinese in Hong Kong hate Indians because Indians as the soldiers...

A leader, by definition, doesn’t need a chance. He creates chances.

The world is a cruel, heartless place. It lets you succeed when it has no other alternative left. You may believe you deserved better. We...

Enslaved by East India Company or its violence?

The British East India Company ruled India for decades - if we decipher the company era, we get an indication that we were not...

Will they ever learn?

Imposing one language over the aspirations of other linguistic people can impact national unity and lead to disastrous consequences. It has now become clear that...

The Idea of India

Indian culture is humanistic and universal; it has no dichotomy of believer and non-believer, and it has the capacity to deal with the challenges of...

Of Mughal Riches And British Loot of India

Upper Gang canal originates in Haridwar, is 440 km long in main channel, and 6400 km long in smaller channels taking off from it....

SC dismisses frivolous petition questioning RaGa’s Dual Citizenship

The Ministry of Home Affairs had issued a notice to Congress Chief questioning his “Dual Citizenship” A frivolous Public Interest Litigation (PIL) petition to exclude...

Rahul Gandhi’s Citizenship – The Centre Must Decide

As noted earlier, Dr. Swamy has already written to the Home Ministry upon the subject. For reasons best known to it, the Central Government...

Pakistan stoops new low: Orchestrated outrage against Shami

Maximum tweets targeting Shami were from Pakistani agencies After India was defeated by 10 wickets in the Super 12 stage on October 24, it lost...
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