MHA query for Rahul Gandhi – Too little too late?

Amazing that it look so long for MHA to issue this query. Open and Shut case of multiple citizenships as he himself signed it


  1. This only shows how the politicians cut deals behind the scenes among themselves but fool the people all the time as if they are born enemies.. such a simple letter from HM could have been issued long back. LKA has proven again and again that he is a snake in the back yard.. nothing will stop Hein from cloning to Lutyens bungalow –
    And still Salivating for PM post..

  2. Too little, too late is correnct. It is obvious Modi sarkar has been trying to save Rahul for obvious reasons–he is d best bet for the bjp to cntinue..being a retard and a dullard he could ensure victory for BJP. this is okay but it stretches the thing too far. A nationalist govt can’t ignore fraudulant family. No, it can’t be done. Dr.Swamy, the real son of India did it in a superhuman way. instead of taking his advice he is kept far. This is not good, BJP, this is not good, RSS


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