Home Ministry’s notice for secret British Citizenship collapses the political dreams of Rahul Gandhi

The hubris filled family of Sonia and co. have thwarted all efforts to avoid getting caught on the multiple passport saga of Rahul Gandhi but now the end may be near

The hubris filled family of Sonia and co. have thwarted all efforts to avoid getting caught on the multiple passport saga of Rahul Gandhi but now the end may be near
The hubris filled family of Sonia and co. have thwarted all efforts to avoid getting caught on the multiple passport saga of Rahul Gandhi but now the end may be near

Probe expected on other two illegal passports too

After receiving a show cause notice from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for secret British Citizenship, the political career of Congress President Rahul Gandhi is in danger. He and his mother Sonia Gandhi were moving heaven and earth to avoid action from the Home Ministry, which is the custodian of citizenship-related issues. Rahul Gandhi is yet to utter a word on this subject, since the time the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy exposed his secret self-declared British citizenship from 2004 to 2009 to the United Kingdom (UK)’s Company Registry in mid-November 2015[1].

He also declared the two London addresses in the documents of the Company Registry in his secret firm Backops Limited. Rahul Gandhi was in fact cheating both the Indian and UK Governments as he was a Member of Parliament in India from May 2004, where he never declared this British firm’s details or his London based addresses. Apart from this, the grave error was holding the secret British Citizenship, which automatically cancels his Indian Citizenship.

Sonia moves with alacrity

Knowing the importance of the grave violation committed by her son, Sonia Gandhi rushed to meet the Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan on the same evening when Swamy conducted the press conference and disclosed Rahul’s hidden secret citizenship in mid-November 2015. Knowing Swamy very well, Sonia knew that Swamy would file a complaint with the Speaker of Lok Sabha for the cancellation of Rahul’s Membership.

Sumitra Mahajan, within hours, asked the Ethics Committee headed by Lal Krishna (Kumbhkaran?) Advani to probe the matter. The veteran leader was seen showing a marked reluctance to look into it. But due to the persistence of BJP’s  Arjun Meghwal, a senior member in the Ethics Committee, notice was served on Rahul Gandhi. RaGa evaded all the questions on the self-declaration of British Citizenship in the UK Company Registry and gave an evasive answer that “none can doubt his Indian Origin.”

Then Advani went silent. He was supposed to summon Rahul Gandhi and question him and refer the matter to the MHA. Due to the delay from Advani, Swamy directly complained to the MHA on September 2017 and now notice has finally been issued, after 19 months[2].

It is a known fact that several cross-party unholy relations were employed in this sensitive case and that is the reason for the 19-month delay from the MHA. PGurus have already reported that Rahul has four passports. Two Indian passports, this British passport, and an Italian passport.  In 1994, under Sonia Gandhi’s pressure, External Affairs Ministry was forced to issue an illegal passport under the name Raul Vinci and Rahul Gandhi used this passport to get admission in Cambridge University and that is why his certificate bears the curious name of Raul Vinci[3].

Barclay’s Bank account

Subramanian Swamy also revealed that Rahul Gandhi had opened an account in 1996 at UK’s Barclays Bank and this account was only closed in December 2014, six months after BJP Government came to power.

“With this letter, I am enclosing some bank records of the Barclays Bank which shows that on page 5, a Raul Vinci having the same date of birth as that of Rahul Gandhi has been maintaining a current account in Barclays Bank bearing No: 504664922071640796.

“The name ‘Raul Vinci’ is widely used by Rahul Gandhi while traveling abroad claiming that it was necessary for security purposes. In fact, he enrolled in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge in the UK under the same name,” said Swamy in his complaint to Home Ministry and the Enforcement Directorate.

This bank account was opened on July 18, 1996, and closed on December 10, 2014, six months after BJP came to power. As per the documents submitted by Subramanian Swamy, this Raul Vinci’s address is 2 Frognal Way in London – the same address as that of British citizen Rahul Gandhi in the British Company Register (Companies House). Moreover, this Raul Vinci and Rahul Gandhi have the exact same date of birth – June 19, 1970! These documents confirm that Rahul Gandhi is secretly holding multiple passports and his Indian citizenship should be mandatorily canceled.

These documents show that Rahul Gandhi is really fooling Indians and now he and his family’s dream of becoming the Prime Minister of India by hook or crook lay shattered. The coming days will see the saga of Rahul Gandhi and his secret British Citizenship and his other illegalities play out.


[1] #RaGaSaga: Dr. Swamy files complaint with the Speaker of Lok Sabha on Rahul Gandhi’s British CitizenshipNov 25, 2015, PGurus.com

[2] Subramanian Swamy urges Home Ministry to probe into Rahul Gandhi’s secret British citizenshipSep 21, 2017, PGurus.com

[3] Exposed: Why Rahul Gandhi used Raul Vinci name in Cambridge Certificate? Have two Indian passports with British & Italian citizenshipsApr 20, 2019, PGurus.com

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  1. If Indians are so stupid, they deserve to be fooled!
    Imagine what would happen if Dr Swamy were not pursuing this case vigorously.
    No media person ever asked this question.
    The same Dr swamy also complained to the then President of India Dr Kalam citing constitutional problem with swearing in Sonia Gandhi as the PM. This made sure she did not become PM (she has also been accused of having a dual citizenship). Her stepping down in alacrity was more to save her skin than a sacrifice as was made out.
    In all this, the Indian people come out as dumb. India is still not a mature democracy and people are not well informed here. This kind of thing should be nipped in the bud. There should be a process wherein the credentials of any political candidate (from local level to the central level) is checked and made sure everything is in place. This kind of ad-hoc behavior does India no credit.
    It remains to be seen if things will go as per rules. Congress will try to subvert everything but that is difficult in this era of social media.

  2. He should be treated like a foreign agent trying to cheat Indians. Should be prosecuted like a criminal and sent to Tihar jail, else he will run way .

  3. Sonia has the same issue of Italian citizenship due to which she couldn’t be made PM. Why her indian citizenship not cancelled and she’s still contesting elections?

  4. My honest view at this point of time that some Nathuram Godse like personality comes to the rescue of Mother India to eliminate the so called “Gandhis & co”.we cannot blame NDA govt as the co is capable of reversing the game to eradicate One man Modi n i am afraid any other person would come fwd to carry on his legacies to clean India’s dirt.million salutes to dr. Subramanyam Swamy for exposing these thugs single handedly. Hdr. Swamy is the next President of Swach Bharat.

  5. It’s definitely late but, if this is not just an election issue and persisted with full seriousness, could at least be not too late. I don’t like the traditional BJP attitude of talking these things during election and then sleeping on it for 5 years. Who likes it? If the Modi government comes back to power (which they should like a breeze) and nothing happens in the following areas, I would be the first person to vote for any dumb party (including but not limited to Congress) in 2024
    1. Raul Vinci’s identity
    2. Article 370
    3. Ram Temple
    4. Uniform Civil code
    5. Sending corrupt VIPs to jail

    It’s high time the Modi led government walks the talk!

    • In India, it is not so easy to prosecute anyone, especially the heavy weights. The perpetrators of Delhi riots and killings of Sikhs in 1984 are still at large.
      Article 370 should be easy to get rid off and I think BJP will do it.
      Ram temple issue in my opinion should be silently buried. If India has to progress in Science, Technology, Innovation, we need to think of building Harvard like institutions not a temple!
      Corrupt people should be sent to jail. Again the process is slow and tedious in India. At least India should be able to bring back Malya and Nirav Modi in the next year or so.

  6. On this why there is no shouts and counter shouts in the media? Why the then ministers in Modi Govt silent till date? Is Dr.S.Swamy wrong? Pgurus story line is a trash?

  7. Common literate people of India should start a movement on why Govt is keeping mum in such sensitive matters? It is such a national threat. It is a national shame too. A pukka chor and criminal is allowed to speak and fool the people of our country. A non citizen is allowed to walk into the house of biggest democracy. And we call this as democracy. Finally politicians have defined what is secularism? Parliament same to all citizens of the world.
    Waiting for a time for an ISIS terrorist based out of Syria / Middle east to walk into the house of parliament with a dubious indian passport and speak about national security. It is shame!!!
    Modi ji please wake up. You alone can stop this.

  8. Womaniser JL Nehru Khan dhan is a big Chor and they take cuts in every arms purchases for Indian armed forces and internal security establishment. The former Defence Minister & Ex President of India Shri R VENKATARAMAN has categorically started Congi party is getting funds from defence deals for a long period of time. All these are known facts.

    The question is what about you, BJP ? People chosen you with 282 LS MPs during 2014-2019 to punish these great chors. But, BJP indulged in adjustments and deal making with corrupt Congi. Naa Kavungaa, Naa Khana Devungaa is a mere rhetoric for fooling the public. All actions against corrupt Congi leaders be it 2-G, Coal Scam, National Herald, PC-KC gigantic loot & their 21 foreign bank accounts, Pappu Bombino’s MULTILE Passports-Indian & foreign, Pappu’s illegal foreign bank accounts etc, were unearthed out of the SOLE INITIATIVE of Dr SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY despite hurdles created by senior Ministers of BJP Govt.

    The Govt should recover the salary, perks and allowances of Pappu Rahul Gandhi availed by him since 2004 till 2019 alongwith 24% interest and impose a hefty penalty for his perfidy. Financial penalty should also be imposed on Shri LK Advani, Ethics Committee Chairman of 16th Lok Sabha 2014-2019, Fin Minister Arun Jaitely, Home Minister Rajnath Singh and respective Ministry Officials for their GROSS DERELICTION OF DUTY, despite submission of overwhelming evidences provided by Dr Swamy

  9. Sonia-Rahul-Vadra & Co [Ahmed Patel et al] as well as P. Chidambaram-Nalini C. and Karti Combo Cartel maintain STRONG TIES holding vibrant Connections, Contacts across the Party lines to influence the BJP Cabinet Caucus to stall their arrest and roam around freely going Scot Free, Maiming, Taunting, having great Fun transferring funds out of India. This will not happen elsewhere in the world be it in the democratic western or Asian nations, communist or any autocratic regime. Indian Common man gets a RAW Deal by the Elite Corrupt TOP.

  10. Lal Krishna Advani also might have to play a role as he did not take up the matter in Ethics committee. This is not expected of him but he has taken revenge for not being made a PM or he is pusillanimous.

  11. To call him immature is to be taken with a pinch, sorry, a kilo of salt. Ma Beta are criminals. There are many things which have been disclosed from time to time.

  12. I am mystified with the fact that it takes so long to verify the citizenship status given all the powers the government has to deal with these matters. If indeed he has dual citizenship he is ineligible to become a politician in India. I live in Australia and it takes only a month for the courts to intervene and disqualify a standing MP or senator if they are found to have any dual nationalities.
    Sooner someone tackles this issue it is better for India as we are heading for a disaster if we do see some of these thugs coming into power in India.

  13. raul is either cheating India or he is cheating britain (somebody in Britain needs to raise this issue there also to confirm if he indeed is a british citizen). Most likely, the mafiaman is cheating both countries. raul’s conduct shows immaturity at best. the skeptic in us must treat this as a serious criminal case, given the extreme sensitivity of the situation.


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