Exposed: Why Rahul Gandhi used Raul Vinci name in Cambridge Certificate? Have two Indian passports with British & Italian citizenships

The multiple passport issue of Rahul Gandhi comes to haunt him at the most inopportune moment as Amethi Returning Officer postpones scrutiny of his application

The multiple passport issue of Rahul Gandhi comes to haunt him at the most inopportune moment as Amethi Returning Officer postpones scrutiny of his application
The multiple passport issue of Rahul Gandhi comes to haunt him at the most inopportune moment as Amethi Returning Officer postpones scrutiny of his application

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is now in trouble over his self declared British Citizenship in the United Kingdom (UK) Company Registry in 2004 and his usage of curious name Raul Vinci in his Cambridge University Certificate. Based on the complaint by an Independent candidate Dhruv Lal, Amethi Returning Officer Ram Manohar Mishra on Sunday has ordered the postponement of scrutiny of Rahul Gandhi’s nomination papers to April 22[1].

The mystery behind using Raul Vinci solved

A retired diplomat, who now lives in Chennai, told PGurus that he was directed in early 1994 by the External Affairs Minister (obviously under the instructions of Sonia Gandhi) to issue a passport to Rahul Gandhi in the name of Raul Vinci. Those days Rahul was pursuing his studies abroad. The officers reminded that Rahul Gandhi already has an Indian passport in his original name, the issue of a second passport was illegal. “But we are asked to just OBEY the ORDERS,” said the retired diplomat, who was in charge of the issue of passports.

“The passport was issued in the name of Raul Vinci with the same date of birth of Rahul Gandhi in 48 hours and delivered to Sonia’s Gandhi’s home. As soon as after the passport was issued, we were asked to transfer all the files in this regard to the Intelligence Bureau (IB),” he said.

“We were told that Sonia is worried about Rahul Gandhi’s security in London and wanted a pseudo name. This was not an excuse and it is still a mystery,” added the diplomat who later became Ambassador in many countries.

He also disclosed to PGurus that in mid-2018, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and IB officers met him to know the reason behind the issue of illegal second passport to Rahul Gandhi in the name of Raul Vinci. “They told me that the discreet probe was due to BJP leader Subramanian Swamy’s complaint to Union Home Ministry. Being a good friend I alerted Dr. Swamy too about this development,” said the retired diplomat now living in Chennai.

According to the diplomat, Rahul Gandhi used illegal Raul Vinci passport for admission in Cambridge and other colleges abroad and that is why his certificate bears the name Raul Vinci. Rahul also used this illegal passport bearing name Raul Vinci to open bank accounts in London. Vinci is the surname of many relatives of Sonia Gandhi in Italy.

Subramanian Swamy had in November 2015 exposed that Rahul Gandhi had opened an account in 1996 at UK’s Barclays Bank and this account was only closed in December 2014, six months after BJP Government came to power.

“With this letter, I am enclosing some bank records of the Barclays Bank which shows that on page 5, a Raul Vinci having the same date of birth as that of Rahul Gandhi has been maintaining a current account in Barclays Bank bearing No: 504664922071640796.

“The name ‘Raul Vinci’ is widely used by Rahul Gandhi while traveling abroad claiming that it was necessary for security purposes. In fact, he enrolled in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge in the UK under the same name,” said Swamy in his complaint to Home Ministry and Enforcement Directorate.

This bank account was opened on July 18, 1996, and closed on December 10, 2014, six months after BJP came to power. As per the documents submitted by Subramanian Swamy, this Raul Vinci’s address is 2 Frognal Way in London – the same address as that of British citizen Rahul Gandhi in the British Company Register (Companies House). Moreover, this Raul Vinci and Rahul Gandhi have the exact same date of birth – June 19, 1970! These documents expose that Rahul Gandhi is secretly holding multiple passports and his Indian citizenship is mandated to be canceled.

British Citizenship exposed

In November 2015, Swamy exposed Rahul Gandhi’s self-declaration to a UK Company Registry, claiming himself as British Citizen from 2004 to 2008 with two British addresses. Rahul Gandhi was MP from 2004 and he was doing total fraud. Now agencies have found that Rahul Gandhi also filed Income Tax returns in London.

As per the documents produced by Swamy, Rahul himself declared to the British company registry Companies House that he is a British Citizen living at 51 Southgate Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 9EH. The records filed by Rahul shows he has 66 percent shares in Backops Limited. He declared another residential address in London, again claiming to be a British Citizen. The second address is 2, Frognal Way in London[2].

Many times Swamy alleged that Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra were keeping their Italian citizenship. This was granted to them by Italy as their mother Sonia Gandhi was an Italian citizen during their birth in 1970 and 1972 respectively. Though this was not illegal in Italy, it is a crime in India.

The Parliament’s Ethics panel headed by L K Advani is mum on this issue from November 2015. The panel was supposed to refer the matter to the Home Ministry. Swamy complained to Home Ministry in September 2017, urging to cancel Rahul Gandhi’s Indian citizenship and cancellation of Lok Sabha Membership. But due to mysterious reasons, the Home Ministry has not yet acted[3].


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  1. The absolute truth. Is there any chance of delivery from the self serving political animals? The odds seem very very long. Jai Hind.

  2. This is a dead issue that keeps coming up again and again. It is very easy to obtain proof from British government if he did have one. SC already dismissed the case.

  3. I am amazed that Modi knew and Rajnath Singh was sleeping on the complaint from Dr S Swamy on Rahul Gandhi’s Brtitish citizenship issue. Dr S Swamy was repeatedly reminding Modi for inquiring Rahul Ganghi’s status in UK but he kept mum.

  4. Ridiculous. Why u people don’t blame the courts which gives bail to all on the drop of a HAT. Our system is corrupted. It takes time to take action. Cheedu and his son is enjoying the bail even after massive evidences against them. Is Modi is responsible. First take the systems to task then write rubbish.

  5. Why Rahul is brave and bold in lying, abrasive and foul at the same time compromising on national security for over one year now? Rahul has been confident that Ethics panel in Parliament do not dare touch him, HM ducked while CEC is as dead as a dodo. So Rahul crossed the Rubicon with ease since 2014 May 26th till date under 282 seats BJP lead NDA majbooth sarkar and he will escape further! RG, SG,PV, Robert are ensured of royal treatment!!!

    PM Modi needs AJ to pin down and snub Dr.S. Swamy forever and make him retire. Modi needs AJ to lash out at opposition parties in English and Hindi day in and day out. AJ speaks on behalf of all ministries!! One should not be surprised if Tharoor, become minister in NDA!!! No matter how strong Dr.Swamy objects. PM Modi needed Dr.Swamy in 2014 the most and not now in 2019 elections!!Dr.Swamy is sidelined in 2019 elections!!

    AJ needs Modi to protect his Lutyen’s friends, corrupt journos, PC, and friends in Congress-I while Amit Shah interested in core issues pending in SC for decades! PM Modi also likes issues to be decided in SC/HC only!! Some of the BJP ministers’ /MPs/MLAs progenies may be dealing Cong-I and Dynasty cases with a big fat fee/ cheque…. life times earnings by their progenies running law firms/LLPs!

    In the instant case, it can be guessed that PM Modi kicks Rahul’s multiple passport issue into people’s court/on going elections and make Dr.S.Swamy’s unpopular due to long silence of LKA, Sushma and HM Rajnath . Truth on citizenship is known to Rahul and his family and PM Modi, Sushma, Shah, AJ. Dr.Swamy does not know! BJP’s ultimate objective aim is to make Dr.Swamy a liar and a fool on most of the corruption cases and black money. Dr.Swamy is a thorn in BJPs’ flesh.

    Late PM Chandrasekhar said its police constable’s work to look into Bofors and surveillance issue around late PM Rajiv’s residence!! PM Modi made us forget UPA 1&2 mega scams!! Arresting Nirav, Choksy, Mallya may be a storm in a teacup.

    Rahul is not perturbed holding multi passports for over a decade since, he knows his dozen powerful lawyers, money bags, friends in BJP and judiciary is at his command and BJP’s majbooth sarkar is a paper tiger.SG is the most powerful lady controlling everything even after the defeat of UPA.

    Pandit Raul Vinci knows that BJP’s majbooth sarkar will give him the best parliamentarian award too for the FY 2018 or 2019 or 2020 during BJP’s second term!!

    It’s better if PGURUS desist from praising Dr.Swamy, who is a born nationalist and a Statesman and he does not a certificate from us.

  6. The BJP with its silence on these matters surprised its followers. Is there any secrets of BJP with SG that they are not taking action? Why 3 different bungalows are allotted to this family? Why security cover to them? Why BJP is not withdrawing these special treatment? Do they really want to treat them royally?

  7. Is Raul Vinci above law in India? It appears so, going by the fact that his nomination papers have been accepted by the EC, despite his proven dual citizenship/multiple passports. Our system and people manning the same stand shamed.

  8. Where is Sri Subramanian Swamy while the nomination papers of Rahul Vinci Gandhi are accepted by the Returning Officer at Amethi? I thought he will appear for the Independent Candidate who raised objections on Rahul’s papers.

  9. The answer is simple … the indian privileged classes manipulated the system with the connivance of the netas and the pliant babus under security threat etc. that is how they got the SPG cover as well. You cannot just target the beneficiary without hauling up others who had connived.. also god only knows how many return favours LKA, SS AJs RS etc.. of the world got.. its ll quo’s pro quo..

  10. It is surprising that this mystery continues endlessly.Obviously Sonia Gandhi has far more deep roots in the bureaucracy as well as the political establishment than anyone has imagined.To me it appears that as of now nothing will happen to complaints lodged before the electoral officers in both Amethi and Wayanad.If at all it may take 5 or perhaps 10 more years for the roots of the ‘first family ‘of India to be pulled out .

    • Yes, and those deep roots are the Christians lumpens-the evil Church. this evilest breed of demons were in bed with Brits and Portuguese, in the genocide of 100 million Indians and untold atrocities of Goa Inquisition, and still Xavier the mass murderer is called Saint.
      ALL due to that illegally White fathered, Reverand pedophile Nehru, the MI6 pimp and a White sewer prd a hidden Xtian, idiot with Pandit in his name

  11. Sushma Swaraj is another stooge of sonia. She allowed that converted Muslim lady to get a passport in her maiden name. And transferred the honest official who made due enquiries.
    This lady worked against Modi before the election in 2014 and is still with sonia.
    Ditto Advani, Jaitley.

  12. Let the law take its own course, we, the people of India can give our verdict by casting our votes judiciously

  13. If Pappu has declared himself a British citizen and also is a Italian citizen, and declares to the contrary in his documents before the EC then he committed a crime. This should be investigated.

  14. Pappu will willingly go to Pakistan rather than Italy if at all he is asked to leave India for the frauds committed by him on India

  15. The problem is, even if the case in point is proved, the law never operates the same as in the case of a common accused. Also, this reflects the squandered opportunities on the part of the govt. to bring looters to book, in spite of the crusade against corruption by the One Man Army – Dr. Subramanian Swamy!

  16. This (if accurate) exposes the Chowkidar as much as it does the Gandhi family. Atleast, it is well acknowledged that the Gandhi family is a den of crooks. THe real sad part is that PM Modi, who will not do anything on this and many many other similar issues despite having been in power for 5 years, still manages to pretend that he is an honest Chowkidar.

  17. If Mr. Rahul Gandhi stands to be disqualified in filing papers in Amethi on serious allegations of seeking dual UK/Indian Citizenship, faking his name to secure a second Indian passport to study in Cambridge, doing business in UK etc, and could be disqualified, the same condition would apply for filing papers for election from Wyanaud constituency, Kerala. How come the Ethics Panel of Indian Parliament, the Election Commission, the Home Ministry of India could allow a citizen with such a dubious record / background to stand for election. India stinks and it is a reflection of poor state of Federal administration.

    • The answer to your query is simple. It takes just one call from S Swaraj to her counter part in UK to know details of RAGA. Similar is the case with Italy.Why then BJP did not act, because they wanted RAGA to be in limelight as PM candidate so they can compare him with Modi in elections.

      Advani is the most cunning and selfish politician in BJP and very good friend of SG.If wanted, he could have allowed US to put RAGA in jail in BOSTON episode, instead bailed out RAGA. Future will definitely unravel truth.

  18. One NRI in twitter was of the opinion that Rahul Gandhi had purposely filed this petition to get rejected. If it is so, the same has to be the case in Wayanad also. It is sad to note that the Grand Old Party is having such persons as their leader and the day robber Vadra now is trying to capture the party and positions. People also go behind Priyanka by saying that she looks like Indhira. Indhira was the root cause of corruption in politics even Nehru was not implicated in any corruptions charges though the name of Krishna Menon had cropped up. We need Congress to be around but not the entire Family.

  19. Frognal Way NW3 London is closely connected to INC and several of its stalwarts (both past and present, for many decades – maybe even during the time of Besant) have addressess there (this is posh Hampstead!).

  20. I have read about this story – Swamy has referenced it many times- and the parliament and the home ministry is aware- unexplained inaction and silence- seems like if kept quient and pushed under the rug, it will go away;

    what are they thinking?- only in Bharat can this happen- look- where did rajiv gandhi picked up this woman?- it continues- Swamy has referenced several possible woman’s family background scenarios- there is nothing certain- even Swamy has not been able to determine with certainty- and that woman has kept silent;
    she has been better off- living in Bharat- she knows- vs living in Italy or Russia.

    this government seems to be be nothing to resolve and state clearly state whether the son is legally to able to contest in any Bharat political elections let alone lead a political party.

    Advani – why is he keeping quiet- and the the government too? why?

    there is a cover up ? why this secrecy on this moron.

    I believe this is all masterminded and orchestrated by the Italian woman.

    this story only happens in Bharat- anywhere else it would have been resolved -at all levels-citizenship, political eligibility, eligibility to stand for a election on any platform and office.

    this is crazy- the political ecosystem is complicit- irrespective of party.

    common man ,woman child in Bharat- would have had to resolve it- at the time of passport application, and sworn under oath, subject to perjury and punishable as a criminal offence.

    the current government – election commission- has to come clean on the individual;

    we are a laughing object on the world stage- at different levels- on the status of citizenship of this MORON.








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