Mr. Rahul Gandhi, before dreaming of becoming India’s PM, explain your secret British citizenship & Bank account in the name of Raul Vinci

What is the relationship between Rahul Gandhi and Raul Vinci?

What is the relationship between Rahul Gandhi and Raul Vinci?
What is the relationship between Rahul Gandhi and Raul Vinci?

Now Congress President Rahul Gandhi has declared that he is ready to become Prime Minister of India. Any Indian citizen can dream for the topmost jobs – Prime Minister of India or the President. But Rahul Gandhi’s is an interesting case – he has not been cleared for holding a British Citizenship, which he himself declared in his hidden London firm Backops Limited. Rahul Gandhi’s secret British Citizenship was exposed by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy and the matter is currently pending with Lok Sabha’s Ethics Committee.

Rahul Gandhi never replied to Lok Sabha’s Ethics Committee that why he declared to British company registry that he is a British citizen till 2009.

As per the documents produced by Swamy, Rahul himself declared to the British company registry Companies House that he is a British Citizen living at 51 Southgate Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 9EH (see page 8 in the document attached in Reference[1]). In other records filed by Rahul, where he has 66 percent shares, he declared another residential address in London, again claiming to be a British Citizen. The second address is 2, Frognal way in London[2]. All these documents were filed by the major shareholder Rahul Gandhi, who was then a Member of Parliament (MP) in Lok Sabha.

Clearly, this shows that Rahul fooled both Lok Sabha and British company registry. This secret company was closed down in 2009.

In mid-2017, Swamy has also filed complained to Union Home Ministry to probe into Rahul Gandhi’s secret British Citizenship holding which is illegal for an Indian citizen[3]. As per Indian laws, if any foreign citizenship is acquired, from point forward, Indian citizenship is canceled. Now how can Rahul dream of becoming Indian Prime Minister?

Rahul Gandhi never replied to Lok Sabha’s Ethics Committee that why he declared to British company registry that he is a British citizen till 2009. He only gives an evasive reply that he is an Indian citizen and no one can doubt his Indian citizenship. That is not an answer. He has to reply why he declared himself as a British Citizen to British company registry while he was Lok Sabha MP, which only an Indian citizen can hold the post.

Moreover, Mr. Gandhi, you have to answer who is this Raul Vinci holding an account No: 504664922071640796 at Barclays Bank in London[4].

Are Rahul Gandhi and Raul Vinci one and the same?

“With this letter, I am enclosing some bank records of the Barclays Bank which shows that on page 5, a Raul Vinci having the same date of birth as that of Rahul Gandhi has been maintaining a current account in Barclays Bank bearing No: 504664922071640796.”

“The name ‘Raul Vinci’ is widely used by Rahul Gandhi while traveling abroad claiming that it was necessary for security purpose. In fact, he enrolled in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge in the UK under the same name,” said Swamy in his complaint to Home Ministry and Enforcement Directorate.

This bank account was opened in July 18, 1996 and closed on December 10, 2014, six months after BJP came to power. As per the documents submitted by Subramanian Swamy, this Raul Vinci’s address is 2 Frognal way in London – the same address as that of British citizen Rahul Gandhi in the British Company Register (Companies House). Moreover this Raul Vinci and Rahul Gandhi have the exact same date of birth – June 19, 1970!

So Mr. Rahul Gandhi, before dreaming of becoming India’s Prime Minister you have to answer your secret British Citizenship and why you operated a foreign bank account in the name of Raul Vinci.


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  1. Many people have Dual citizenship which is allowed by govt of,Shapoorji Palkonjis many more.This is to get university admissions easily.Some have 2 passports,one,saying person of Indian origin and other,mere travel document.although it will be british passport,nationality will read as citizen of india.people have to.understand differentiation

  2. Now BJP is ruling this country, if so called Pappu and his Italian mother is doing anything against national interest, whats stoppong the Govt. taking action against this family? Dont make unnecessary aligations. Why this family is treated as Very very VIP and spending crores for their safty. There is something fishy isnt?

  3. The present government is run by BJP.Then the case is pending in ethics committee.they can take action against him.This is fraud.

  4. Can someone list the cases won by Dr. Swamy. He seems to have filed lot of high profile cases but no one seems to take him seriously including courts..! Pgurus can you post information about Amit shah sons comapny information? Can swamy question BJP why Rafael deal given to Reliance instead of HAL?

    • Rafael deal refer to the supreme court judgement. Also Amit Shah and his son’s case is cleared in court there are no cases active against modi/shah/jaitley. Infact we have seen instances where bjp netas are involved but they are being charged and taken action on instantly. While in congress we are looking at kamalnath as a cm and Jagdish still roaming free. Gandhi family walking in India makes me feel bad they have the blood of 3000 Sikh on there hands.
      Wait a few day new scam of UPA will be out in the open from Italy.

  5. Frognal Way london NW3 is an address of interest. You will find connections going a long way back (pre-independence). Congress elite and their Indian orgin cabal have links in that particular part of London.

  6. Why this dump BJP govt is not fixing the Pappu’s nationality as seen in the British records ? It is very sick to hear that none in the govt are helping or shown interest in Sri Swamy’s untiring efforts to fix this Chinese DNA fake gandhis

  7. withdrawn Bit dot ly/2KDqhke WikiLeaks: Rahul Gandhi’ told US that Hindus are terrorists bit dot ly/RQqAew, Sonia and Rahul are not qualified to be MPs Bit dot ly/9ZgnsG, Rahul meet Dawood December 2008 to receive a kickback he sought the help of Dawood Bit dot ly/h9lgFD, bit dot ly/8X5qos, Mangalore,church destroy its own property to blame it on Hindus bit dot ly/2pHTRLM National Herald case, sonia rahul company IT fine of 249 crore, Congress-President Rahul Gandhi is not an Indian but an Italian citizen ,.

  8. Dr Swamy is fighting the Sonia-Raul Vinci combine and their misdeeds as a one man army. It is an enigma why others in the know of facts,particularly the govt. agencies are not that spirited in taking action against the duo to bring them to book. P Gurus is doing a wonderful service by bringing to light the minute aspects of the wrong doings and misdeeds of the corrupt politicians led by the mother son duo. Wish their reach gets expanded to cover maximum people to create an awareness that the main stream media brazenly fails to do.

  9. This clearly shows rules are applied selectively and action happens very slowly. If it is the situation with common man, anybody can imagine the action.

  10. Namaste. The most dishonest/shameless/hypocritical family in the history. I feel Britishers looted the country and left. But this family looting the country generation by generation and having assets all over the world.
    I wish Bhagawan will help India by waking up the Bharatiya Janata.

  11. I’m not sure when Pgurus started but why did it not start earlier or become more popular. I wish and pray you keep up the good work and service for the country. God bless!

  12. Well if we have incompetents in home, then we cannot expect anything. May be Swamy is the medicine for Chinese Gandhi’s , but pompous prad sevak has to prescribe it…he has not done it so far, and if at all he acts he must throw light on why it was shelved for so long,!,,,

  13. BJP is in full power at centre and can push for speedy inquiry etc. in this matter. However that they are not doing so, is raising many suspicions in the minds of the common people of this country.

    If a Common Man was of suspect citizenship, (or someone raised aspersions on the citizenship of a particular individual), all benefits extended to him by Government will be immediately withdrawn and the fellow taken to task. That this is not happening in this case raises pertinent questions on the sincerity of purpose.

    • I request Mr Swami ask, home minister to take this matter very seriously, and get the reply from British government and from Bank.

    • Hmm…yes… This is such an easy task for the all powerful government in the centre but what are they waiting for or why are they afraid to take actions…?
      Are they waiting for strong proofs or witnesses or documents so that they make no mistake in exposing congress …?

  14. Don’t pull all your cards at the same time. Keep it for the right moment. That might be the message.
    Again good article. I am not sure how many cases should Swamy alone fight in this country.

  15. Well, the entire machinery is with the government. So why is the government not doing the investigation? So Mr. Swamy and your group, if you have the courage ask the prime minister why he is not acting. Or is it too much of me to ask a group of one-sided zealots

  16. i do not understand why the ethic committee is sitting over the issue for such a long time. Are they expecting a change of Govt and using delaying tactic. As some one suggested let this issue be propagated to all rural voters so that they get properly educated about the family.

  17. Why doesn’t someone put an RTI query on this … if a common man without any backing puts an RTI, there could be threat to his/her life … so someone with clout should do this.

  18. How Rahul Gandhi has hidden his antecedents is an eye opener. Thank you Dr Swamy, if not for your persistent efforts Sonia would have been the Primeminister followed by Rahul. There is no fear of Rahul becoming a PM as long as Dr Swamy is there

  19. It is beyond right of India to question any family member of the corrupt amtinational looting family member of their dark faces and secrets

  20. politition of congress party should be thought proper lesson for playing with fate of indian public we hope thst pgurus should bring out to public notice all type of manupulation .but all thies type of news to remote rular villages .because voting is more in villages than cities .Congress party have over used Surname of gandhi .thies should be stop

  21. आपकी और डॉक्टर स्वामी साहब की मेहनत वह सत्य उजागर करने की क्षमता का में बन्दन करता हूं। नमस्कार

  22. I clearly sense that this ISSUE of BRITISH CITIZEN SHIP claimed by RG has been deliberately kept in the BACK-BURNER to be used at an appropriate stage later to thwart his attempts to BECOME PM or even FILING HIS NOMINATION FOR THE LS-2019.

    • Dr Swamy has been unceasingly proclaiming that Sonia will be behind bars soon; however we have seen that in all these years this has not happened. The court cases are getting inordinately delayed and also the Congress has further tried to delay everything as far as possible.

      Now Modi Govt is going into its 5th year and going to face elections next year. I believe if convictions don’t happen by then, it could cause major embarassment to the BJP Govt. There is no point delaying things to the 5th year of Govt to make it an election issue; it could go undecided thanks to the delayed start.

      • When you have judges (christian or convert) in supreme court… Favouring Sonia /Rahul because of their Italian origin nothing can be done, I suppose.
        When joseph name can be sent again by the panel, they can easily nullify all reports…with their influence.
        Media is also funded by missionaries…
        Only God should help.


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