My New Letter Series: Dear Gandhians (And M K Gandhi Fans), Some Questions That I’m Sure You Can Answer!

All of us have our researches with truth; some of us research on how to bend the truth, others on how to polish the truth, and Gandhi on how to “experiment with truth”

All of us have our researches with truth; some of us research on how to bend the truth, others on how to polish the truth, and Gandhi on how to “experiment with truth”
All of us have our researches with truth; some of us research on how to bend the truth, others on how to polish the truth, and Gandhi on how to “experiment with truth”

**My attempt at writing serious articles has not worked out quite the way I wanted it. I will, therefore, be putting The K-Files to rest for the foreseeable future. You could say, in a way, my attempt was/ is as good as Rahul baba’s attempt at being looked at as a serious politician! The only saving grace is I didn’t have a country following each and every move I made. I wish they did but, so be it!**

Dear Gandhians,

A stroll back in the history of India, especially the years of 1947-48, is always refreshing. It also brings about some questions that inquisitive minds (nosy people, maybe) ask. Some of these questions are easily explained, like where was M K Gandhi when all the mayhem was happening immediately following August-15, 1947, and the famous speech by Jawaharlal Nehru? He rushed to other sites where Hindus and Muslims were fighting, why not that time, was a question asked by some. He was busy; after all, with all the satyagraha and fast unto deaths, the man had absolutely no time whatsoever to experiment with truth.

That’s important too! All of us have our researches with truth; some of us research on how to bend the truth, others on how to polish the truth, and Gandhi on how to “experiment with truth” (not sure how Gandhi would have defined these experiments but, to inexperienced eyes like mine, the naked women in his bed had me wondering what truth the man was looking for!!) But, as I said, my eyes are inexperienced and probably missed the absolute truth that Gandhi did set out looking for.

The next question that came up was whether the big man (Gandhi) was aware of what was happening in the states of Punjab and Bengal (remember, this was still unpartitioned). This can easily be explained. I just want to make sure that this explanation works well with all of your thinking. I would explain this as a “time in the history of India where things were in transition. This transitory phase led people to act in ways that they normally wouldn’t; all the disharmony and unintelligible verbiage that was being uttered by people like the leaders from the various factions sowed outrage against each other.”

Thanks, Shashi Tharoor, for letting me know that when one doesn’t have much to say, one should use highly complex words and confuse the crap out of one’s audience, or mask the truth!!! Kinda reminds me of the Ex-Mayor of New York City, David Dinkens who once said, “I didn’t lie. I just didn’t tell the truth”. Why did I say that? Beats me! In my defence, after all the intellectual stuff I have been reading, my brain had to let out some steam, and this incident with Mayor Dinkens was one such emotional “unburdening”.

Anyways, getting back to the topic, one person went so far as to claim that Gandhi was probably participating in the euphoric celebrations of “Independence”. After all, it’s not every day that one gets to celebrate an event as big as gaining “Independence”. That reminds me, and this is just my question, I haven’t heard of any document being signed by the British saying they were leaving India and that India would now be an independent nation. All there is a document that says “Transfer of Power”. But that is not about independence. That could very well be transferring power between the British and the Islamists, or British and the Portuguese!! How do I answer this question, should someone ask me? I mean, if someone with the attention span of a squirrel, like myself, can ask this question, then I am sure highly intellectual people like The Crown Prince (Rahul baba) would probably ask the same question. I am sure people have told Rahul baba what the answer is, and it would be nice if someone could share this answer with the rest of us so we are all on the same page.

Now, onto the next question. January 30, 1948, roughly five and a half months after “Independence”, Gandhi was gunned down by a terrorist. I am not intelligent enough to draw conclusions so I will go with the conclusions that the INC would have me believe. After all, they have never lied to me about anything, so would they start with this? The name of that terrorist was Godse. I know I should ask the question but wanted to lay the foundation before asking the question, and that is: how did anyone think that Godse was a terrorist? Did he have a past history, like Bin Laden or the rest of the people hiding out in the country to the northwest of India (oh, for god’s sake, there’s no need for diplomacy so let’s name the country, Pakistan)? Did he kill anyone else, along with Gandhi? Did he cause any other sort of mayhem? Did he run away after the “murder of Gandhi”? From all my research, the answer to all of these questions, unfortunately, is NO. There must be some way of making this Godse look like an insane terrorist, rather than a nationalist like all the right-wing parties make him out to be!

Wait, let’s relook this whole “Godse is a terrorist” thing. Godse was an operative for a terror cell. How about he was an operative of the RSS? No? Why not? Oh, I see, the RSS would sue us and we can’t defend ourselves, even if we know, in our hearts, that NO ONE ELSE COULD DO THIS! Let’s keep thinking. What? Godse wrote a letter to his brother outlining why he killed Gandhi? In that letter, he claims, he would never have shot Gandhi had Gandhi opposed the creation of Pakistan? But Gandhi did say, “Pakistan would be created over my dead body”! What more proof did Godse need? We have to downplay the “letter to his brother” aspect. In fact, let’s make it sound like there was NO letter and that this is just a figment of the right wing’s imagination!!

Godse believed that the nearly 2.5 million people that were killed in Punjab and Bengal would have survived, had Gandhi asked the rioters to stop? Gandhi knew India’s population problems were going to be excessive. As a result, he didn’t oppose the killing of 2.5 million people. Too flimsy and makes Gandhi look like a vengeful human being? Oh, we need to make him look like the 11th avatar of Vishnu!! Gotcha! Gandhi believed that in the battle between “The Righteous and the Bad Guys”, even though The Righteous would win, they would need to sacrifice lives for this cause. Just like Krishna had said in the Geetha!! Oh, take those out of the Geetha and put those words as if they came from Gandhi!!

That’s true, not many people have actually read the Geetha and would rather believe Gandhi than Krishna anyways! After all, Krishna stole butter! How does one know he didn’t also lie? Oh, Krishna made people lie to further his agenda? When? Oh yeah, you’re right!! Ashwathama the elephant!! There you go, Gandhi’s more trustworthy than Krishna himself!! Now, let’s see what the Godse defenders say? Oh, they claim Gandhi’s still the biggest murderer? How? What is wrong with these people? For god’s sake, he believed in non-violence!!! Huh? Had he told the rioters to stop, they would have immediately done so? Oh, we are going around in circles here, aren’t we?

We could go on and on with answering more questions, but the bottom line is, no one should dare question the integrity of a person like Gandhi! Even if he had bouts of duplicity? How? Oh, he preached non-violence to the sheep, err people that followed him, but didn’t stop the British from killing Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, and Sukhdev! Especially when he could have influenced the British. Oh well, it’s not like those three lives made any difference to India. We still had stalwarts that are remembered even today! Like Nehru, Moulana Azad and John Mathai! I agree, we need to show all communities as stalwarts! After all, Patel was NOT a stalwart! He was just against anything Nehru did! Patel was just an old short-tempered guy!!

I think we have enough material in Making Gandhi Great Again! Hey, it sounds like Trump’s “Making America Great Again”! What do you know!

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