Will they ever learn?

Amit Shah may like to think over his statement that Hindi (imposition) is the only way to national unity in India.

Amit Shah may like to think over his statement that Hindi (imposition) is the only way to national unity in India.
Amit Shah may like to think over his statement that Hindi (imposition) is the only way to national unity in India.

Imposing one language over the aspirations of other linguistic people can impact national unity and lead to disastrous consequences.

It has now become clear that the Idea of India conjured up by the British is false, and mostly a fabrication to suit their needs of colonization. That is why they dismantled India’s educational system and created a new system of colleges and universities using English as the medium of research and instruction. In 1836, Macaulay said, “It is my belief that if our plans of education are followed up, there will not be a single idolater among the respectable classes in Bengal thirty years hence.” This they largely succeeded, but, more so that they did make Bengalis and other Indians forget their own culture and tradition in favour of English ethos and culture. There was however no negative impact on Indian unity because it was non-discriminatory among all Indian language speaking people.

Further, English Imperialism had impacted Indian languages in only a limited way mainly because it is not an Indian language and English was imposed by and large only on the sphere of official communication. But Hindi is an Indian language and it is being now used more and more in all spheres of communication, including commercial, educational and cultural. Hindi conferences are regularly organised in overseas countries and parliamentary delegations visit Indian embassies abroad to scrutinise the implementation of the Official Languages Act.

People with Hindi as mother tongue always have and will enjoy a very unfair advantage in the Hindi dominated system in the competition for recruitment and promotion for jobs.

Since post-partition/ post-independence days in India, there have been continuous attempts by the north-Indian lobby, with aid and abetment of GoI, to coronate Hindi as the only official language as also the only representative language of India and Indians. They are thinking like the Britishers. While crores have been spent to spread and propagate the use of Hindi particularly in the non-Hindi speaking states only meagre sums were made available for all other Indian languages. There has been open discrimination in favour of Hindi over other Indian languages. This has not helped the cause of unity and there have been innumerable protests. Yet the politicians, particularly from North and West, never seem to learn. Their eagerness to impose Hindi on non-Hindi speaking Indians is only to establish their absolute dominance in all aspects of living of Indian people including administration, education and culture.

How can one not see the gross inequity in all this? Take only the example of the job market. A child picks up its mother tongue as a fish takes to water. Effortless ease is the most important requirement for effective communication, and it comes with the communicator’s command over the medium of expression. So, if it is one’s own tongue, then the first step for effective communication is achieved. Therefore, people with Hindi as mother tongue always have and will enjoy a very unfair advantage in the Hindi dominated system in the competition for recruitment and promotion for jobs. Equality of opportunity assumes a level playing field where the odds are also shared equally by everybody.

We must not forget a very significant and poignant event for the recognition of Bangla Bhasa that took place on May 19, 1961, in Silchar, Assam, when 11 people became martyrs; also, that East Pakistan was liberated and Bangladesh got formed only on the issue of the language. In other words, imposing one language over the aspirations of other linguistic people can impact national unity and lead to disastrous consequences. Amit Shah may like to think over his statement that Hindi (imposition) is the only way to national unity in India.

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  1. The author is a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome. He seems to have swallowed hook line and sinker the crass invention called ‘Tamil Culture’ and the other lies of the Missionaries to disintegrate India. All Indian languages are regional Prakrits of Sanskrit which unites us in one culture. Reading the article reminds one of the last two lines of one of Rilke’s beautiful poems: ‘Forsakenness is the self loser’s doom – Those that are absent from their father’s cares and disentangled from their mother’s wombs’. Nehru found the truth of this when Chow En Lai kicked him on the face in 1962. Hope this blogger finds it out less painfully.

  2. Having this article on PGuru site is a shame.
    India is a diverse country with a great culture which all states can be proud of. We have regional languages which are rich in local literature and folk lores. But we all forget that most indian languages from both to south have the same alphabet and structure.And Sanskrit forms the basis and most of the regional language words have origin in Sanskrit. For this reason a folk song or Bhajan in Bengal may sound similar to those sung in Pune of Bangalore. People who oppose the multi language culture of India have no idea about the Indian culture or history.

    Knowing more languages only can improve the mental abilities of your children and make them smarter. what is wrong in learning multiple languages including mother tongue, Hindi, English and Sanskrit during till 8th standard. One great benefit would be that it will generate employment as more teachers will be needed all over India. I would propose that apart from your state language, the school should also teach the language of another far off state, like Tamil being taught in Punjab and Punjabi being taught in Karnataka.

    Now coming back to Hindi, the so called opponents should first try and study their own regional literature and try to find similarities of the language with Sanskrit, Hindi, or other Indian languages. They will be surprised with the similarities and can learn how the same alphabet is written in different ways in Hind and other regional language.

    If we make our children appreciate our vast culture and teaching them hindi or other regional languages will only make them more confident, generate more jobs, and allow the children to easily adopt to cultures across India.

    If the British can make us experts in English, the learning Hindi which is our own language is easier.It will only help national integration and create a better understanding of our own culture.

    • I wonder whether this article was penned by SB or Stalin.

      This Author should better understand :

      (1) Nobody (neither this Government nor previous Governments) is trying to impose Hindi on any State
      (2) Promotion of Hindi as a LINK LANGUAGE for the Indians & as an INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE (replacing the dirty English in 3 or 4 decades) is imperative.

    • Beautiful…
      From knowing nothing about a,b,c,d just 250 years ago, if our people have become great writers in a foreign language , why not we try to learn Hindi which can be a common language among Indians…
      Why should we have a slavery language like English to rule us even after we drove out England…
      Now England and missionaries are spending a lot to promote English even among kindergarten schools…
      This is not to learn the language but to adopt their religion and culture and to think of them as superior…

      Even USA wants to differ from British English n have their own American English which is only slightly different…
      They must be ashamed that they don’t have a unique language of their own …

      But we Indians have got so many languages with great grammar n literature…
      Why should we accept a foreign language to unite us when we have lots of other languages in our own soil…

      A mere protest against Stalin n DMK run schools and colleges to implement Tamil as the medium of instruction n to let children talk in Tamil without punishments and to abort teaching hindi in their schools is enough to let all the people of Tamilnadu know about the double role they play in preaching and practicing….

  3. India has different cultures and different languages.Every state is proud of their language and rightly so as it is a reflection of its culture.Instead of thrusting Hindi on others it should be made optional.We still have English for communication which is not likely to just go away.Popular actors should restrain from echoing anti Hindi sentiments as they have not shunned it while making money out of Hindi movies.

  4. Insist on local language everywhere and use technology to facilitate communication. Imposing Hindi will only widen existing chasm.

  5. Having a common National language like some other nations such as Japan, Germany, Arabia, China etc in India is a difficult task. This I say is because – Most of the Indian languages have evolved 10000 + years, beyond the Western years and are firmly rooted with scriptures and books which belong to the ancient times. Thus those people who speak such languages are having a high degree of respect and regard for their own language. It can be good to have Sanskrit instead of Hindi. We can induct Sanskrit in all schools and colleges as it is also the language useful for artificial intelligence.

    If not the center must post all its government department officials of south to north and north to south – this will compel them to learn Hindi and other Languages.

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  7. Can someone inform all these morons making a hue and cry about Hindi, that no one is trying to impose anything on anyone. Keep your mother tongue proudly, but when it comes to communication with others in different parts of the country or world, should we not have a common language? It could be English, Fresch or Spanish for the world and since more than 40% of India speaks Hindi, others too can attempt learning. If everyone is going to stick only to their mother tongues, they will stink like the Tamils when they go out of their state

    • You are on the other side of the line… Nobody cries here. If you are not imposing anything why are you commenting out here.. sit back and watch.. don’t you understand that ENGLISH never attempted to kill any other language in there respective states…. Why the government intention of second language comes now.. if there intention is to make people learn other language they should say that learn any other language not HINDI only.. We never stink and we are self sufficient within our state.. if we come out of our state we learn the language. by the way i learnt it when it was needed… you guys stink when you are in tamilnadu..

  8. Since Independence Hindi being the national language, why Hindi speaking belt are not developed compare to Southern States. In what way they are superior to others.

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