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ModiCare – not enough to modify years of neglect!

Proper planning along with fund allocation can bear fruits only if corruption is rooted out without which quality healthcare will remain an elusive dream....

Takeaway from the Union Budget for 2018-19

The announcement is significant given that the health insurance penetration in India is low The biggest takeaway from the Indian Union Budget for 2018-19,...

India keen to cater to Peru healthcare market

India is looking to Peru healthcare market with a business delegation set to explore the country's pharmaceutical and medical needs, a top Indian diplomat...

Climate change driving need for customised preventive healthcare in India

Kolkata Climate change is whipping up the perfect storm for India's healthcare sector. With projections of malaria and dengue intensifying in the future and a...

India urgently needs to restructure its health sector

India's health system needs an urgent course correction across several key challenges, if the country is to achieve the government's vision of assuring health...

Time to embrace smart phone-based apps to aid well-being: Experts

At a time when the world is witnessing a boom in smart phone-assisted technologies helping healthcare providers, India cannot be lagging behind to give...

Apple-shaped women more prone to binge eating

PerformanceGurus Staff New York, Nov 15 Ladies please take note! Women with greater fat stores in their trunk and abdominal areas may be less satisfied...

Smartphone can be your fitness tracker

PerformanceGurus Staff New York, Nov 15 UUncomfortable with your wristband fitness tracker? Now you can bury it somewhere in your closet as your smartphone would...

HeartBuds could mark end of stethoscope

New York, Nov 12 Two centuries after its invention, the ubiquitous stethoscope may be on the way out -- a smaller device connected through...


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