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NIA arrests suspected terrorist planning to join ISIS from Bengaluru

Internal Security Division, NIA arrest alleged terror suspect from Bengaluru In a joint operation conducted by the Internal Security Division (ISD) of Bengaluru and the...

The sinister alliance between the ISI & the Haqqani Network

ISI & Haqqani Network - Major players in power spectrum in Afghanistan The United States' botched-up troop withdrawal from Afghanistan after a bloody 20-decade old...

Two-faced Pakistan: The real culprit behind Afghanistan’s turmoil

A strategic analysis of Taliban takeover of Afghanistan August has been a terrible month for Afghanistan. It started with the lightning speed at which the...

The Art of Losing Wars

US war history and exit strategies After being in the war for almost 20 years, if a powerful army exits the battlefield in the pitch...

Secular India being exploited – Hindu politicians vote bank politics hurting...

The previous part 1 of the article can be accessed here. The previous part 2 of the article can be accessed here. This is the...

Can India Counter the Hydra Headed Hybrid War? Part 2

The previous part of the article can be accessed here. This is the second part. Why India’s Adversaries want to Engineer Internal Strife to Ravage...

Can India Counter the Hydra Headed Hybrid War? Part 1

The Delhi violence is a perfect example of what mayhem can be triggered within India without waging a war on India. Over the last few...

RVS Mani says arson incidents selectively targeted at the non-Muslim community

References - Delhi HC issues notice in pleas seeking FIRs against Swara Bhasker, Amanatullah Khan, Harsh Mander, RJ Sayema and Owaisi brothers - 28...

Abhijit Iyer-Mitra on the Rise and Fall of Al-Baghdadi

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