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Hindus should temporarily prefer a total social and economic distancing from the Muslims and their businesses because the onus of winning the trust of the Hindus lies with their behavior

How to deal with Novel Corona Jihad – Time for National crackdown

Novel Corona Virus – Origins Ever since the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) was detected in November 2019 in the province of Wuhan in China, it...
Sonia Gandhi should first give back the National Herald properties and back taxes before preaching austerity measures to the GOI

Sonia must surrender more than Rs.5000 crores-worth assets of National Herald grabbed by her...

Congress President Sonia Gandhi has come out with an obnoxious demand of a complete ban of Central Government’s advertisements in all media including Print,...
States see this as the opportunity to extort money from the Centre so that loot actually increases post-Corona.

States are demanding lockdown revenue loss from the Centre

States are demanding fantastic amounts from the Centre to tide over the revenue loss caused by the lockdown. Suppose they lose two months' revenue...